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Two-Way Symmetrical Social Media Campaign PowerPoint Presentation
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Two-Way Symmetrical Social Media Campaign

Two-Way Symmetrical Social Media Campaign

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Two-Way Symmetrical Social Media Campaign

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  1. Two-Way Symmetrical Social Media Campaign By: Lissette Colón PUR 3000 Case Study: Domino’s Turn-Around Campaign

  2. Brief summary of Domino’s Hoax and response • Two employees of Domino’s post a YouTube video of themselves handling food inappropriately • The YouTube video got over a million hits within days • Domino’s President Patrick Doyle immediately responds with a YouTube video of his own, with a statement • The two employees were arrested and obviously lost their jobs! 

  3. MediaCurves – 243ppl believability

  4. Domino’s Tactical Research Domino’s incorporated a transactional Survey on their website, along with a Pizza Tracker that acts as a dashboard for your pizza delivery (Pretty Cool) Redesigned packaging/boxes to include feedback requests Kept a tally of feedback and public opinion found on social media channels such as Twitter, FaceBook and YouTube Held Focus Groups

  5. Customer feedback is mostly negative • Sauce has a ketchup-like taste and consistency • Crust taste like cardboard • Frozen pizza is superior

  6. Domino’s Launches its Pizza Turn-Around Campaign • The original TV Spots include unseen consumers making a series of highly negative statements about Domino's pizza while the same statements are summarized in large white type against black backgrounds. • Cut to Domino's President Patrick Doyle, who announces: "There comes a time when you know you've got to make a change." • The commercial closes with a link to

  7. Domino’s launches banner ads on • Domino’s places a banner ad on YouTube's home page -The ad includes an embedded 15-second TV spot and a link into the full docu-commercial and link to Domino’s Micro site

  8. The latest tweets with the #newpizza hashtag as sidebar widget • The Microsite has the full documentary • Featured live Twitter and FaceBook feeds with consumer comments about the new pizza • Links into recent Domino's appearances on The Colbert Report, The Early Show, Gayle King’s radio show (Oprah Radio) and press releases.

  9. Building on the New Pizza Theme • Created another Docu-Commercial on YouTube to highlight the pizza chain’s efforts to get everyone to try their new pizza • Taste Bud Bounty Hunter Game tied into FaceBook-winners get coupons, free pizza Pizza Holdout Ad campaign –Social media to compliment TV commercials, the game is to hunt down friends and place a bounty on them via the Taste Bud Bounty hunter game. The friend in question is gifted with a coupon for free pizza w/purchase of a second pizza.

  10. Campaigns are a Success!! • Domino’s sales shot up 14% in the first quarter of the campaign and have risen steadily since. • US stock prices jump over 50% in the months following the campaign launch.  • Currently The chain's stock is near a 52-week high

  11. Achievements • Domino's Pizza Becomes First Pizza Delivery Company to Win Back-To-Back Chain of the Year Honors from Pizza Today Magazine • The campaign was even nominated for the prestigious Cannes Lion Award.  • The campaign received publicity on The Colbert Report, Conan O’Brien, Mad Money, CBS’ The early Show, Gayle King on Oprah Radio, Fox news and others… • YouTube Videos Spoofed 10 + times

  12. Thank you!