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Goal Setting and Establishing Performance Expectations PowerPoint Presentation
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Goal Setting and Establishing Performance Expectations

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Goal Setting and Establishing Performance Expectations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Goal Setting and Establishing Performance Expectations. A Success through Performance Management Workshop Organizational Learning & Development Department Pace University. Click to Replay Audio. Tutorial Objectives. At the end of this tutorial, you will be able to:

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Goal Setting and Establishing Performance Expectations

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Goal Setting and Establishing Performance Expectations A Success throughPerformance Management WorkshopOrganizational Learning & Development DepartmentPace University Click to Replay Audio

    2. Tutorial Objectives At the end of this tutorial, you will be able to: • Establish clear links between your performance goals and the Strategic Plan 2010-2015 of the University • Write SMART performance goals and expectations • Clearly identify performance measures • Clearly identify how goals will be achieved • Write an Individual Development Plan • Understand the difference between performance and development goals Click to Replay Audio

    3. Benefits to Goal Setting • Focuses your time and energy on actions that make a difference • Helps you decide between conflicting priorities • Ensures meaningful contributions • Ensures actions are aligned with the University’s Strategic Plan 2010-2015 Click to Replay Audio

    4. Performance Management Cycle Click to Replay Audio

    5. Establishing Performance Expectations • Align with Strategy Plan 2010-2015 • Clarify department goals • Focus on what is really important • Establish and gain mutual understanding of performance expectations and competencies • Establish accountability and measures for results Click to Replay Audio

    6. Setting Performance Expectations Vision Strategic Plan2010-2015 Alignment Clarity School/Division Goals Department Goals Individual Goals Click to Replay Audio

    7. Responsibilities • Individual Staff Member • The Manager • The Approver Click to Replay Audio

    8. Definition • A goal is, “a statement that describes an action or task with a measurableend result and timeframe for completion.” Click to Replay Audio

    9. SMART Goals • Specific • Measurable • Achievable • Realistic • Time-bound Click to Replay Audio

    10. Guidelines for Setting SMART Goals What: define expectations in action-oriented terms Who: who is accountable When: milestones and deadlines To what extent: what does success look like How: identify key behavioral expectations Click to Replay Audio

    11. Not “SMART” • Decrease time to process report • Simplify xyz form • Improve communications with other schools/divisions • Improve response time • Train Banner users Click to Replay Audio

    12. Examples • For the Fall 2011 academic semester, increase the number of enrolled international undergraduate students by 10% over the Fall 2010 semester. I will develop an advisory committee with representation from each school and the Provost’s office to develop and implement an outreach campaign to identify and communicate with potential international student applicant pools, by October 2011. • In collaboration with and assistance from ITS and the Technology Training Manager, develop training material and deliver training to all of the division’s non-manager staff in the use of the Banner student module, reducing input errors by 85% measured by a FY09 month over month comparison . Training will be completed by the end of the third quarter (March 2011). Click to Replay Audio

    13. Other Performance Expectations • Relate to the ongoing functions and tasks of your position. • Encompass many of the activities necessary to successfully perform in the position. • Include such activities as administration or delivery of ongoing programs & routine support of others. Click to Replay Audio

    14. Skill Practice-Performance Goals • Think about the job tasks you are responsible for. • Choose one area of focus or priority for the upcoming year. • Click here to access a form you can use to practice writing one performance expectation using SMART guidelines. (Click “OK” to any prompts when downloading form.) Click to Replay Audio

    15. Individual Development Plan (IDP) Goals • Focus on what can be done to increase effectiveness • Highlight areas for professional growth, including new skill or knowledge • Look to strengthen areas of current strength (making the strong, stronger) • IDP goals are not performance goals, but are based on the competencies your position requires for success. Click to Replay Audio

    16. Development Strategies • On the job • Coaching • Special assignments • Presentations to group • Cross-training in department • Temporary assignment in another department • Observation of “role model” • Courses, seminars, workshops • Professional group membership • Independent study/reading Click to Replay Audio

    17. IDP Examples Area of Opportunity Improvement/Development Action Steps to Goal Achieve Goal 1. Use of MS Excel Increase utility of Excel by Participate in PCLC Excel becoming proficient in writing Formula class, by 10/15/10 formulas 2. Budget development Learn how to prepare and In FY10-11, assist budget and monitoring monitor/track division budget director in monitoring the division’s FY10 budget and preparing the FY11 budget. Click to Replay Audio

    18. Writing Your IDP Exercise Click here to access a form that mimics the one pictured below. (Click “OK” to any prompts when downloading form. Exercise appears on Page 2.)Using the form as a guideline, write two development goals for yourself: Click to Replay Audio

    19. THANK YOU You have completed the LESSON titled: Goal Setting and Establishing Performance Expectations Restart Click to Replay Audio