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Establishing Classroom Expectations

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Establishing Classroom Expectations. Evertson Chapter 2. Definition of Terms. Goals Target aspirations, not necessarily attained every day Discuss them with the students Break goal down into activities (task analysis) Expectations

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definition of terms
Definition of Terms
  • Goals
    • Target aspirations, not necessarily attained every day
    • Discuss them with the students
    • Break goal down into activities (task analysis)
  • Expectations
    • Are desired behaviors or outcomes for both teachers and students
    • Classroom rules – involve students
    • Students should practice the desired behavior (simulations)
    • Students expect of teachers certain performances
  • Rules
    • General expectations for standards for behavior
  • Procedures
    • Are rules for specific performance in classroom activities
identifying school rules and procedures
Identifying SchoolRules and Procedures

Behaviors that are






Planning Classroom Rules

Respect and

be polite

Be prompt

and prepared

Listen quietly

Obey school


Involve Students to promote ownership –> menu of consequences

planning classroom procedures
Planning Classroom Procedures

Teachers desk and

Storage areas =


Students desks =


Other common

storage =


Water, sink, etc.

= one at a time

Centers and

Equipment = at

particular times

Restrooms =

depend on the


  • Computer Stations =
  • Assign students to specific computers
  • Getting materials from common area
  • Students should be seen at all times
  • Time the amount allowed
procedures for individual work and teacher led activities
Procedures for Individual Work andTeacher Led Activities
  • Student attention during presentations
    • Face the presenter and listen attentively to the teacher or other students asking questions
  • Student participation
    • Raise hand or call on other students
    • Undesirable consequences if students don’t follow through
    • Signals for “quiet” and “chorus responses”
  • Talk among students
    • Sharing in class is important – volume should be taught
  • Obtaining help
    • Raise their hands when students need help
    • Peer help is advisable
  • Completed individual work
    • Go to the next schedule activity
    • Raise your hand
    • Put work in folder
transition into and out of the room
Transition Into and Out of the Room

Beginning the

school day

Leaving the


Returning to

the room

Ending the


  • Establish
  • routines, i.e.
  • Greet e/child,
  • Attendance,
  • Collect homework,
  • permission slips,
  • etc.
  • Cross word
  • puzzles
  • Establish
  • Routines, i.e.
  • Quietly
  • Seating down
  • Remember
  • students’
  • attention is
  • better after
  • routines
  • Establish
  • Routines, i.e.
  • Clean desks
  • Work areas
  • clear off
  • Feed pets
  • Review what
  • Is due
  • tomorrow
  • Establish
  • Routines, ie.
  • Form a line
  • (specify how)
  • Silence?
small group instruction while other students are working on their own
Small Group InstructionWhile Other Students areWorking on their Own
  • Getting the class readypost assignments and discuss task and materials
  • Student movement into and out of the groupraise hand, listen, take turns
  • Expected behaviors of those outside of the group give clear instructions,such as peer help, skip the part that they need help
  • Use of materials and supplieshave students help within and outside the group, explain where these materials and supplies are far in advance
procedures for cooperative group activities
Procedures for Cooperative Group Activities


For e/


Then repeated

Routines are introduced

at the beginning of year

General Procedures