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Scan Station 500 Sales Presentation Susan King, WW Marketing, Document Imaging Distributed Capture Products - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Scan Station 500 Sales Presentation Susan King, WW Marketing, Document Imaging Distributed Capture Products CONTENTS Network Scanning Overview ………. Introducing the Scan Station 500…… Key Features.………………………… Product Tour……….………………… Value and Benefits……………………

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Scan Station 500Sales PresentationSusan King, WW Marketing, Document Imaging Distributed Capture Products

Contents l.jpg

  • Network Scanning Overview ……….

  • Introducing the Scan Station 500……

  • Key Features.…………………………

  • Product Tour……….…………………

  • Value and Benefits……………………

  • Competitive Advantage……………….

  • Configurations and Specifications……

  • KODAKService and Support…………..

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Network scanning a primer l.jpg
Network Scanning – a primer

  • Network scanners are hybrid devices, combining a desktop scanner and a PC into a single standalone machine

  • The first network scanner was developed several years ago, primarily as a fax replacement

  • Driven by market acceptance, network scanner placements have grown substantially, and feature / functionality continues to expand

    • From fax replacement to multi-destination flexibility to backoffice integration

    • Vertical applications being written by ISVs

    • Flexible workflow design packages also being integrated

  • Ease of use is often the top reason customers choose network scanning

  • Network scanning moves into the mainstream l.jpg
    Network Scanning – Moves Into the Mainstream

    • Market Requirements Evolve

      • More than just a “sender”

      • Leverage corporate addressing

      • Leverage corporate security / authentication

      • Enable bridging of technologies


    Kodak Scan Station 100 continued to evolve and introduce new features and functionality to meet, exceed and set new levels of customer expectations.

    Network scanning moves into the mainstream5 l.jpg
    Network Scanning – Moves Into the Mainstream

    • Organizations move away from the MFP

      • Cost effective / scalability / security

      • True multi-tasking (simultaneous fax and email)

      • Higher image quality / OCR and PDF capability

      • More robust document feeding

      • Integration of document management and sophisticated user needs

    • Market Adoption

      • Fueled by growth in Distributed Capture

      • Adds value to document management

      • Improve customer service/communications

      • Remote network administration

      • Workflow Integration

    “While much is yet to be accomplished, the new (network scanner) models…are especially strong and will ultimately facilitate a more rapid evolution of this market”.

    Susan Moyse, 2008 Document Scanning Forecast

    The kodak scan station 500 l.jpg
    The KODAK Scan Station 500

    • …with an easy-to-use, multipurpose scan-send solution that enables users to share paper documents across your existing office network.

    You can deliver all kinds of documents quickly, wherever they’re needed…

    With the kodak scan station 500 l.jpg
    With The Kodak Scan Station 500….

    • It’s as Easy as 1 – 2 – 3 !

    • Scan once – for all destinations

    • Add optional Voice Attachment

    • Share globally – in seconds!

    Kodak scan station 500 l.jpg
    Kodak Scan Station 500


    • Send to network or desktop

    • Send to e-mail

    • Send to printer

    • Save to portable USB drives

    • Send to FTP locations

    • Send a FAX

    • Receive a FAX

    Scan station 500 key features l.jpg
    Scan Station 500 – Key Features

    All the same features as the Kodak Scan Station 100 Plus, and…

    • Improved paper handling, based on the Kodak i1200 platform

    • 20% Faster Throughput (30 ppm vs. 25)

    • Larger 8” 16:9 aspect ratio color LCD

    • 32% smaller footprint

    • Voice Attachment feature for easy personalized messaging

    • Ultrasonic Multi-feed Detection

    • Improved robust industrial design

    • A4 or A3 Flatbed scanner and tactile keyboard available

    • Internal FAX/Modem

    • Content-based blank Page Removal

    • Increased feeder capacity – 75 page!

    • Increased duty cycle - 1,500 / day

    • Whisper Quiet” operation

    Features galore l.jpg
    Features Galore!!


    • Remote Configuration – Simplifies Maintenance

    • Perfect Page – Eliminates need to sort documents

    • Voice Attachment – records and sends your message in a WAV file

    • Network Connectivity – No need for software, cables, PCs

    • Capture Both Sides of Doc in a Single Pass – Scan documents faster

    • USB Port – Easy to make custom configurations for users

    • Color, grayscale or Black and White Images – Scans documents and photos

    • A3 and A4 Flatbed Accessory – Scan fragile and large documents

    • High resolution touch screen Graphical User Interface – Simplifies user training

    • Image preview – positive confirmation that your documents were scanned correctly

    • Content based blank page removal – Eliminates post processing and document sorting

    • LDAP Address lookup – Compatible with corporate email address books

    • Transaction Logs – Track all usage

    • Scan Tasks – No need for users to manually change settings

    • Batch scanning – Add Pages to Job – Scan more pages than fit in the feeder

    • FAST scanning – ability to scan by pressing a single button

    • File Naming – users can name scanned files in a way that makes sense to them

    • On-screen keyboard – Eliminates the need for external keyboards

    • Tactile keyboard accessory – Users can choose the keyboard that fits their workflow

    • Custom Email subject – Users can enter meaningful email subject

    • Custom Email addresses – can enter email addresses just like at your workstation.

    • Custom FAX numbers – Use it just like a FAX machine

    • Disable scanning to flash drive – Prevents sensitive data from being taken off site

    • User Authentication – Use standard Windows authentication to allow access

    Kodak scan station 500 quick tour l.jpg

    4 USB ports

    Input tray extender

    Cover release


    Input tray

    Side guides

    Power button

    USB Port

    Stop button

    Touch screen

    Output tray panel


    Output tray extender

    Go button

    Kodak Scan Station 500 – Quick Tour

    Refreshed gui and display design l.jpg
    Refreshed GUI and Display Design

    New color scheme and increased brightness!

    Value propositions l.jpg
    Value Propositions

    • End Users

    • Intuitive and hassle-free way to confidently send information electronically

    •       Robust and reliable with best-in-class image quality and speed

    •       User-friendly interface with large colortouch screen and optional keyboard

    •       Voice Attachment feature to personalize messages

    • Program frequent job settings for time-saving convenience

    • IT / Office Managers / SMB Owners

    • Improve productivity by eliminating the need to fax, mail and file paper documents

    •      Shorten cycle time and improve cash flow through instant transfer of digital data

    • Meet / comply with regulations (i.e. HIPPA)

    • Easy to deploy and can be managed remotely

    •      Minimal end user training required and minimal need for local IT support

    •      A suite of security features designed to provide peace of mind

    Value propositions16 l.jpg
    Value Propositions

    • Resellers

      • Participate in the growing network scanner market with a best-in-class product

      • Newly designed duplex network scanner with popular end user features built in

      • Exceptional value over competitor offerings (HP, Fujitsu and Canon)

      • Accessories offer additional revenue (keyboard, A3 and A4 flatbed)

      • The Scan Station 520EX (‘White Box’ version) offers opportunity to sell customer solutions, potentially at higher margins

    • ISVs

      • The Scan Station 520EX allows ISVs to offer new scanning kiosk solutions tailored for specific vertical markets

      • Fulfill unique customer needs by partnering with a proven industry leader

    Benefits for your business l.jpg
    Benefits for your Business

    • Improve transaction time and cash flow

      • Walk-up easy, start scanning and sharing with minimal training

      • Improve workflow by sending time-critical information to multiple parties simultaneously

    • Reduce costs

      • Leverage existing network printers / copiers and reduce higher per-page consumables associated with low-volume MFP’s

      • Re-direct print jobs to available network printers/copiers and eliminate waiting

      • Eliminate copying, faxing, mailing and storage charges

    • Comply with regulations

      • Process documents faster to meet regulatory deadlines

        • HIPPA laws for medical record confidentiality

      • Provide required information prior to regulatory deadlines via electronic searches versus searching paper files

    Benefits for your business19 l.jpg
    Benefits for your Business:

    • Provide for disaster recovery

      • Archive documents electronically using your network folder structure

      • Rely on multiple or backup off-site servers rather than risking paper files stored in a single location

    • Save office space

      • Replace file cabinets with electronic file folders - free up office space

    Top three competitors l.jpg

    65 - 75% market share

    7-10% market share

    HP 9250c Digital Sender

    US List: $3,100

    Fujitsu fi-6010N

    US List: 2,995

    Canon ScanFront 220

    US List $1,999

    5-9% market share

    Top Three Competitors

    * Kodak Scan Station 100 / 100 Plus has 5-9% market share

    Scan station 500 520ex l.jpg
    Scan Station 500 / 520EX

    • Two configurations:

    Scan station 500 520 ex technical specifications l.jpg
    Scan Station 500/520 EXTechnical Specifications

    Scan station 500 520 ex technical specifications29 l.jpg
    Scan Station 500/520 EXTechnical Specifications

    Slide30 l.jpg

    • Protect your investment

      • Maximize your uptime

      • Fast response times

      • Unlimited phone support

      • Benchmark service from Kodak

      • Peace of mind

      • Global coverage