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Marketing and Public Relations

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Marketing and Public Relations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Marketing and Public Relations. Designing a Blueprint with the Club Marketing/PR Kit. Marketing. Defined in Webster’s Dictionary as: the process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service Four P’s Product – what you are “selling” or promoting

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Marketing and Public Relations

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marketing and public relations

Marketing and Public Relations

Designing a Blueprint with the

Club Marketing/PR Kit

  • Defined in Webster’s Dictionary as:

the process or technique of promoting, selling,

and distributing a product or service

  • Four P’s
    • Product – what you are “selling” or promoting
    • Price – the cost
    • Place or Distribution – how it gets to the audience
    • Promotion or PR – is only a part of marketing
public relations
Public Relations
  • Defined in Webster’s Dictionary as:

the business of inducing the public to have understanding for and goodwill toward a person, firm, or institution

  • How to Do Public Relations:
    • News Releases
    • Public Service Announcements (PSAs)
    • Word of Mouth
how it s all connected
How It’s All Connected
  • Marketing/public relations, service and growth are important to every Optimist Club.
  • Clubs provide service, which they promote to the media and local community.
  • This marketing generates interest in Club activities and helps the Club gain new Members.
  • New Members allow the Club to provide more service!
the secret s out
The Secret’s Out…
  • Marketing can seem like a daunting task, but it is easier than you think!
  • Every Optimist Club and Member can do marketing.
an exciting new resource
An Exciting New Resource
  • There are many marketing tools already available to Clubs.
  • The important thing was making sure Clubs were aware of the resources and how to use them.
  • The Club Marketing/PR Kit was developed to introduce these materials and provide simple how-to instruction guides.
the nuts and bolts of the kit
The Nuts and Bolts of the Kit
  • Each of you has been given a kit.
  • We will go through the kit and discuss the uses of each of the materials.
  • Please let me know if you have questions as we go along.
left side of the kit
Left Side of the Kit
  • Welcome Letter – commending you for deciding to market your Club and its activities
  • Optimist Background Information:
    • Fact Sheet about Optimist International
    • Organization description, mission and vision statements, Optimist Creed and purposes
just the facts
Just the Facts
  • Information on the organization, such as the number of Clubs and Members
  • Major Service Programs
  • Scope of Service
  • Officers
  • History
why background information can be important
Why Background Information Can Be Important
  • All of these items would be useful when introducing someone to Optimism
  • A newspaper will not run an article about an event unless they know who is sponsoring it
  • The reporter may want to include information about what the mission of the Club is and what other activities you run
  • A potential new Member would want to know the Creed and about the International organization
the optimist mission and vision
The Optimist Mission and Vision
  • Mission Statement – By providing hope and positive vision, Optimists bring out the best in kids.
  • Vision Statement – Optimist International will be recognized worldwide as the premier volunteer organization that values all children and helps them develop their full potential.
  • How can these statements be used to market your Club and the Optimist organization?
express your club s optimism
Express Your Club’s Optimism
  • Motto: a phrase the expresses the ideals of a group or organization
    • Friend of Youth
  • Branding: a name, logo or slogan associated with an organization that tells people who you are and what you do
    • Bringing Out the Best in Kids
table of contents
Table of Contents
  • This is the 1st page in the right pocket of your folder.
  • It details all of the materials you can find in the kit and also what is on each of the CDs and the DVD.
  • It also provides details on each of the useful tools.
i am an optimist dvd
I Am An Optimist DVD
  • Show this to prospective Members to explain what Optimist Clubs do and what being an Optimist means.
  • This is great for use at NOW events!
  • Share it with potential Members at every opportunity.
  • Show Optimists in Action and encourage others to get involved!
radio public service announcements psas
Radio Public Service Announcements (PSAs)
  • Included in the kit is a CD of radio PSAs and a “how-to” guide on how to use them.
  • Research your local radio station to find our the name of the Program Director and News Director.
  • Review your Optimist International background information and take Club flyers or brochures to the station with the CD.
how to use the radio psa cd
How to Use the Radio PSA CD
  • Introduce yourself to the appropriate people and share the information with them.
  • Thank them for taking the time to meet with you and learn about Optimism.
  • Invite a representative from the station to an upcoming meeting. Just Ask!
  • Make sure to follow up with your new contact.
more how to s
More How-to’s
  • Add the station representative to the Club’s list of contacts and send them future news releases and stories about your Club.
  • The PSAs are also available on the Optimist website.
and in conclusion
And In Conclusion…
  • If you have space at the end of a radio public service announcement, sum up with a tagline specially designed for your Optimist Club!
  • Taglines are typically 10 seconds at the end of a public service announcement.
  • Typical taglines for Optimist public service announcements should include the name of the event, time, date and phone number for more information.
television psas
Television PSAs
  • Optimist PSAs have been distributed to more than 1,100 TV and cable stations throughout North America!
  • Three 30-second and two 15-second messages show Members working with children and the narration explains what Clubs do.
what clubs can do
What Clubs Can Do
  • Members can find out what stations in the area have received the PSAs by following the link on the Optimist website.
  • If a station in your area has received the PSAs, encourage them to air them.
  • Clubs can add local contact information to a PSA in their area can do so for $85 through the company handling the distribution.
coming soon
Coming Soon…
  • Distribution to Canada and Jamaica will be done as soon as the necessary government approval is received.
read all about optimist clubs
Read All About Optimist Clubs
  • Sample press releases are available on a variety of topics:
    • All the International programs and activities
    • Honor Club
    • Naming New Officers
    • Optimist in Action
    • CPA Winners
make sure your club is in the news
Make Sure Your Club is in the News!
  • The news releases are available on the Optimist website and on the CD enclosed in your kit.
  • Just fill in the blanks and print it out on Club letterhead.
  • Make sure to complete a news release before and after the event.
  • News releases can be sent to all the local media outlets: newspapers, TV stations and radio stations.
did you know
Did you know…?
  • Optimist International will reimburse your Club up to $100 for the purchase and installation of a road sign.
  • You must purchase the sign through Shumsky or Corall.
  • Send a copy of the receipt and a photo of the installed sign to the International office by September 30th of the Optimist year the sign was purchased.
road sign tips
Road Sign Tips
  • Select a site with good visibility that will not interfere with traffic safety.
  • Place the sign approximately 6 feet high for maximum visibility.
  • Contact local authorities to make sure you have permission to install the sign.
  • Ensure you are installing the sign in a safe location (far from underground pipes and wires).
make your sign stand out
Make Your Sign Stand Out
  • Add an additional sign below the traditional road sign that denotes Club name, meeting time and location.
  • Add seasonal signs below the traditional sign and the meeting place sign to promote special Club events, wish children a safe summer vacation, welcome students back to school, etc.
  • Finish installation by placing a waterproof label on the back of the sign that lists a Club contact in case of future problems with the sign.
spice up your club materials
Spice Up Your Club Materials
  • Logo – a signature symbol or icon used by an organization
  • A wide variety of Optimist logos are available for Club use (in high-resolution and low-resolution versions.)
  • Clubs can use them on their websites, in their newsletters and in promotional materials.
  • All the Optimist logos can be found on the Optimist website and on the CD in your kit.
logo information
Logo Information
  • To request special file formats for printing banners or apparel, contact
  • Permission is required to use logos in certain situations. Read the trademark policy on the website for information.
the optimist magazine
The Optimist Magazine
  • If one of your Club Members receives multiple copies:
    • Pass them on! Ask businesses with waiting rooms if you can display the magazine for their clients.
    • Hand them out! Pass them out to attendees at events and make sure to include membership information.
    • Gather them up! Display them at a NOW meeting
need extra copies
Need Extra Copies?
  • Contact the International office at:


or via e-mail at

optimist annual events
Optimist Annual Events
  • Clubs and Members should take every opportunity to get the Club’s name out to the public.
  • Optimist International sponsors a few events that may help Clubs attract media attention.
optimist in action day
Optimist in Action Day
  • Optimist in Action Day is the third Saturday in October and is a single unified day to promote the mission and values of Optimism to the public.
  • Clubs can participate in any way they choose. Sponsor a community service event or a fundraiser.
  • The idea is for every Club to spread the word of Optimism in a way that best suits their Members and their goals.
  • Invite the media to your event! Send press releases!
childhood cancer awareness month
Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
  • June is Optimist International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.
  • Clubs are encouraged to start a program that creates awareness in their community or they may conduct a fundraiser to support the CCC and donate the funds to support the Optimist International research initiative and the matching grants program.
  • Funds can also be used to support local cancer initiatives, hospitals or families dealing with childhood cancer.
optimist earth day
Optimist Earth Day
  • Optimist International has proclaimed the first Saturday in June as Optimist Earth Day in connection with World Environmental Awareness Week.
  • The International Board of Directors has approved the event through 2010.
how can my club participate in optimist earth day
How Can My Club Participate in Optimist Earth Day?
  • Plant a tree, flowers or bulbs
  • Clean up a park, playground or stretch of road
  • Take recyclables to a local drop-off point
  • Develop an educational program for local children to teach
  • Clean up a building that has become a victim to graffiti
  • Pledge to walk, bicycle or use mass transit for a day
jooi of reading month
JOOI of Reading Month
  • In connection with the JOOI of Reading, JOOI Clubs can designate a month to promote reading for fun to the students in their schools.
  • Contact your local JOOI Club to see how you can help with their plans for JOOI Reading Month.
club marketing pr kit cd
Club Marketing/PR Kit CD
  • The enclosed CD contains a wide variety of resources:
    • How-to Guides
    • Fill in the Blank News Releases
    • Logos
    • Proclamations – CCC Month, Youth Appreciation
    • And much much more!
top ten easy marketing ideas for your community
Top Ten Easy Marketing Ideas for Your Community
  • 1. Newspapers – allow you to communicate more information than radio and TV stations. Send those news releases!
  • 2. Radio PSAs – these announcements cover specific Optimist programs as well as general information about what Optimist Clubs do. Make sure to give the CD in your kit to a local radio station.
top ten easy marketing ideas for your community1
Top Ten Easy Marketing Ideas for Your Community
  • 3. Cable TV – if your community has a local cable TV company, contact them about putting your message on their local access channel.
  • 4. Libraries – Give extra copies of The Optimist magazine to your local library. Attach a sticker with contact information for your Club.
top ten easy marketing ideas for your community2
Top Ten Easy Marketing Ideas for Your Community
  • 5. “Welcome” kits – many communities have kits that are given to new residents with promotional materials from local businesses and organizations.
  • 6. Colleges – many colleges and universities have internal cable TV and radio stations and publications that reach students, staff and faculty.
top ten easy marketing ideas for your community3
Top Ten Easy Marketing Ideas for Your Community
  • 7. Community Events – participate in local parades, fairs, sports tournaments and holiday celebrations. Wear your pins, display your banner and give out handouts.
  • 8. Official Proclamations – local, state and even federal officials issue a proclamation for a special event or anniversary. Included in on the kit CD are proclamations for CCC Month and Youth Appreciation.
top ten easy marketing ideas for your community4
Top Ten Easy Marketing Ideas for Your Community
  • 9. Billboards – billboard companies frequently carry messages by nonprofit organizations as a public service. Clubs will have to pay for the cost of printing.
  • 10. Club Business Cards – print up special cards with your meeting time and place and a contact name and number. Distribute them to friends, co-workers and at community events.
  • Please share the ways your Club markets themselves.
  • Has your Club utilized any of the news releases on the Optimist website?
  • How many Clubs have shown “I Am An Optimist” DVD to potential Members?
  • Any there any public relations strategies that have worked well for your Club?