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Bobsleigh is AMAZING! By:Tiia

All About Bobsleigh Bobsleigh is AMAZING! By:Tiia The history of Bobsleigh

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Bobsleigh is AMAZING! By:Tiia

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  1. All About Bobsleigh Bobsleigh is AMAZING! By:Tiia

  2. The history of Bobsleigh This is the history of bobsleigh.700 years ago, traveling on a sled was for having fun. The main part of sledding down steep hills is that 150 years ago, British tourists used to start tobogganing, on the snowy roads on the mountains. That is all the history of bobsleigh.

  3. How Bobsleigh Works • Run about 50 metres • Then jump into the bobsleigh • Steer down the race track • At the end, the brakemen stops the sled and the race is finished.

  4. Sub - Events • Ladies bobsleigh • Two – men bobsleigh • Four – men bobsleigh

  5. Where It Takes Place Do you want to know where bobsleigh takes place? It takes place at the Whistler Sliding Centre. The bobsleigh and skeleton race track is 1,450 metres long. The sport bobsleigh right now is built to be fast. The track is concrete refrigerated. The men’s luge track length is 1,374 metres. The doubles and women’s luge track length is 1,198 metres. Now you know where bobsleigh takes place, and interesting facts.

  6. Brian Shimmer Brian Shimmer is an amazing athlete, born in U.S.A. Brian Shimmer’s first Winter Olympic Games were in Calgary in 1988. His Winter Games in Nagano, he was 10th place in two – man, and 5th place in four – man At the end of a race he got 1st place by just 2/100 of a second. Some of the special skills that Brian Shimmer preformed was, he got 3rd place by moving quickly into 3rd place. He completed his 14th year quest for a bronze medal. Some of his special accomplishments and medals he got are, bronze medal and silver medal, and he came 2nd place and 3rd place. That is why I think Brian Shimmer is amazing!!

  7. Miga The mascot Miga is amazing and interesting. Miga’s home is the Coast of Vancouver Island. Some of her hobbies are surfing, snowboarding and anything exciting. Miga’s favourite food is wild salmon, salmon jerky, BC rolls, smoked salmon etc. Her dream is to land a corked 720 half – pipe, and finally her favourite colour is forest green. She is a small sea bear that lives on Vancouver Island. She is part Kermode bear, a rare white bear, but only lives in BC. Miga is very adventurous. Surfing is her favourite summer sport, and snowboarding is her favourite winter sport. That’s why I think Miga is amazing!!!!

  8. Conclusion I am really looking forward to seeing the athletes!! The athletes need to work hard for the Olympics. They also need to know what to do for the sport, and finally, they need to stay on the track and pay attention on what they are doing. I know all of this because, I know I need to study for tests, I need to know the answers and not to be silly while I take the test. Also I need to read the whole sentence. That is why I am looking forward to seeing the athletes, because they will have a great performance!!

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