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CVG Land Re-Use Program

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CVG Land Re-Use Program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CVG Land Re-Use Program. Ms. Debbie Conrad Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport Noise Abatement Programs Coordinator Kenton County Airport Board P.O. Box 752000 Cincinnati, OH 75275-2000 Ph: (859) 767-7021 Fax: (859) 767-4818 Completed Product.

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CVG Land Re-Use Program

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Presentation Transcript
cvg land re use program

CVG Land Re-Use Program

Ms. Debbie Conrad

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport

Noise Abatement Programs Coordinator

Kenton County Airport Board

P.O. Box 752000

Cincinnati, OH 75275-2000

Ph: (859) 767-7021

Fax: (859) 767-4818

  • Original Land Re-Use Plan submitted in 1999
  • CVG was one of eleven airports included in the OIG Audit (Sept 2005)
  • Request from FAA ADO (June 2006) to submit:
    • Parcel Map detailing AIP funded land with noise contour overlay
  • Additional request from FAA ADO (August 2006) to also submit:
    • Detailed Parcel Cost Reports
  • Completed Land Re-Use Program Report was submitted to the FAA ADO in January 2007.
land re use report
Land Re-Use Report
  • Written Report provides Purpose and Background of Noise Programs and Re-Use Plan explanations.
  • Land Re-Use Property Map includes;
    • All properties purchased by the Board as part of noise mitigation or airport development program
    • Parcels with avigation easements (exception sound insulation parcels in subdivisions)
    • Parcels purchased by the Board and then later re-sold for compatible use
    • 2011 Noise Compatibility Plan Contour
    • 2025 Future Airport Layout Plan
land re use plan
Land Re-Use Plan
  • Detailed Spreadsheets include 379 parcels (approx. 710 acres) of property acquired for noise mitigation using AIP dollars
  • Parcels were color coded for each proposed re-use plan
    • Purple – parcels have been re-designated as future airport development land (151 parcels totaling 401.462 acres)
    • Green – parcels have been designated for continued use as noise compatibility (225 parcels totaling 303.3081 acres)
    • Blue – parcels have been re-sold or partially re-sold to a third party for a compatible use (3 parcels totaling 5.4502 acres)
      • CVG has correctly accounted for revenues from the sales of noise land.
report challenges
Report Challenges
  • Gathering the data from multiple sources is a very time consuming process.
    • Used CVG’s Exhibit A Map (Auto CAD)
      • Determine which parcels were purchased using AIP monies
      • Added color coding to AIP parcels
      • Added noise contour overlay (Part 150 Update)
      • Added future potential development (Master Plan Update)
    • Combine parcel data from multiple program databases
    • Incorporate detailed list of all costs incurred for each parcel
      • Eligible costs versus total costs
      • Grant numbers (multiple grants per parcel)
unanswered questions
Unanswered Questions
  • Which Noise Exposure Map should be used (existing NEM or future NCP) for noise compatibility?
  • Do we use 65 DNL or 75 DNL for retaining land needed for noise compatibility?
    • FAA Policy & Guidance specifically defines the areas of “Significant Noise Exposure” to be those areas within the 65 DNL.
  • Can CVG retain land for Potential Future Aviation Development?

2025 Master Plan Study

  • North-South Runway
    • 1996 Airport Layout Plan

Concourse D

  • East-West Runway
    • Alternate Location

2025 Master Plan Study

challenges of land disposal specific to cvg
Challenges of Land Disposal specific to CVG
  • Most parcels are less than an acre in size
  • Many parcels are not contiguous
  • Current zoning is agricultural and/or residential
  • CVG has no zoning authority
  • Lack of infrastructure to support commercial and/or industrial (compatible uses)
  • Volatile Real Estate market (currently a down market)
other issues
Other Issues
  • The FAA cannot treat all airports the same.
  • Airports have an investment of at least 20% of the costs of each parcel and therefore should have input in the re-use plan.
  • Selling unimproved / raw land could go for much less than what has been invested into it. Should the FAA and CVG take that big of a loss on our investment?
  • Other geographic and legal constraints
    • Subdivision restrictions
    • Potential law suits by neighboring property owners for the blighting of their property.
    • What to do with land in rural areas with no future potential for industrial or commercial use?
  • Need to streamline the process of creating future plan updates (GIS based system with linked database)