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  1. CARE & NURTURING The Chorus Director: One Precious Commodity!

  2. THE CHORUS DIRECTOR The Chorus Director is responsible for the planning and implementation of the music program. Like the heart pumps blood through our veins to keep us alive, she pumps and circulates the creative juices in each of us to give Life to the music.

  3. THE CHORUS DIRECTOR Sets the music program goals Determines musical and visual readiness of individuals for performances As creative leader, suspends permission to perform when the musical and/or visual standards of the chorus have not been met. Identifies circumstances that interfere with the music program THE CHORUS ADMINISTRATION Ensures the implementation of a strategic business plan to support the music program goals Enforces the suspension Addresses the interference and enforces correction action as necessary Music Is Her Focus!!


  5. HOW CAN YOU HELP?? Chorus Leadership Support (Team Leader/President; all Management Team/Board of Directors members; section leaders; music team; visual team) • Be role models / set a good example: • Be on the risers on time • Know your music; your choreo • Support her decisions • Shelter her from non-musical issues … don’t force her to be the bad guy • Establish a good committee structure • Enforce all standing rules and policies (attendance, performance readiness, etc) • Keep rehearsal night business meetings short / communicate via newsletter or fact hot sheet

  6. Pamper her! • Water supply for rehearsals/coaching days. • Start a tradition: buy her a charm bracelet and give her a new charm at holiday time, her birthday or chorus birthday • Have someone empty her mailbox for her. • Know your director! • What are her likes and dislikes ? • Give her space! (physical – table for her and her things alone) • Watch and observe (if she needs space, stop members from interrupting her before rehearsal – allow her to get in the zone!!) • Recognition and appreciation goes a long way!! • Guest nights: make a fuss over her • Coaching days: thank her too!! • Encourage birthday cards, thank you cards, tokens of appreciation

  7. Chorus Member Support • Leave your troubles at the door • Be focused and energized • Don’t make her ask you to put your face and performance on … she worked all day too! And guess what? It’s her hobby too!! • Quartet members: make the chorus your first priority – leave your problems at the door – do not drag the director into your quartet issues! • Disagree with the director? Keep it off the risers – address it one on one – don’t disrupt the rehearsal

  8. INVEST IN YOUR DIRECTOR!! • Fair Pay! (works many more than the 3 or 4 hours you see her on rehearsal night) • Supplement her income: • Pay for her costumes and shoes • Pay her expenses to Regional Competition • Pay her chorus dues and both regional and international assessments • Budget wisely for: • Music (arrangements, per copy fee, learning trax, etc) • Coaching • Her education: IES, International Convention, Regional Convention, Regional Music Schools and Leadership events