In memoriam members observers colleagues
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In Memoriam: Members, Observers, Colleagues - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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In Memoriam: Members, Observers, Colleagues. Richard Crowe, Ph.D. Astronomer and co-founder of astronomy program at the University of Hawai ’ i at Hilo Extensive involvement in science education Research in pulsating stars, stellar evolution, spectroscopy. Roy A. Mimna, Ph.D. (MMA)

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In memoriam members observers colleagues

In Memoriam:Members, Observers, Colleagues

Richard Crowe, Ph.D.

Astronomer and co-founder of astronomy program at the University of Hawai’i at Hilo

Extensive involvement in science education

Research in pulsating stars, stellar evolution, spectroscopy

Roy A. Mimna, Ph.D. (MMA)

AAVSO member/observer in 1980-84, contributed 664 observations to the AAVSO database

Comet hunter

Former president of the Mahoning Valley Astronomical Society

Vi Royer

Mother of AAVSO member/observer Msgr. Ron Royer (RR)

Frequent and cheerful AAVSO meeting attendee

Award-winning dancer, swimmer, and golfer

In memoriam members observers colleagues

In Memoriam:Members, Observers, Colleagues

Romano Vivaldi (VRM)

AAVSO observer since 2003

Owner of Astronomical Observatory Val Pellice (OAVP)

President of Italian amateur observers group OAVP Associazione Astrofili Urania

Carl E. Feehrer (solar initials FEEC)

AAVSO member and solar observer since 1998

Chair of the AAVSO Solar Division from 2000-06

In memoriam members observers colleagues

In Memoriam:Members, Observers, Colleagues

Dr. Frank Kameny (KFE)

Former astronomer fired for revealing sexual orientation

Gay rights activist

Ph.D. thesis housed in AAVSO’s MacAteer Library

Minor Planet 40463 discovered by Gary Billings (BGW) was named Frankkameny in his honor; citation written by AAVSO staff member Doc Kinne (KQR)

J. Robert Buchler

Astronomer and professor at the University of Florida

Contributions to research on supernovae, pulsating stars, and fluid dynamics

Existing grants
Existing Grants

  • Citizen Sky (DSLR workshop)

  • Sokoloski nova

  • MOST Orion YSOs no-cost extension

  • Miras no-cost extension

  • Chandra E/PO extended 2015

  • APASS Ayers operation funds, LCGOTN red extension

Upcoming grant submissions
Upcoming Grant submissions

  • November 15: APASS

  • January: CHOICE

  • January: Travis Rector/TUES (VPHOT, spectra)

  • January: 2GSS MRI

  • January: TUES AAVSOnet


887 Annual

128 Sustaining

  • Sponsored

    10 Lifetime (Argelander Society and Lifetime)

  • Honorary

    122 In arrears

    24 Complimentary

    1194 Total (1072 in good standing)

Membership director development officer

Donor relations

Donor accounting

Manage special funds: Astronomer Travel, Solar, Sponsored Members, misc. requests

Corporate sponsors

Support web pages

Grant Writing


Speakers Bureau

Writers Bureau

New member relations

Member/observer support

Develop, administer and teach CHOICE courses

Mentor Program

Annual Report

Membership web pages



Charts and sequences

Membership Director Development Officer

Volunteer- CV Section Leader,

LPV Section Leader

Development report
Development Report

FY 2009

$188,663.91 Total Contributions

$7,320.00 Sustaining Dues (3.87%)

Major Gifts

$91,455.00 Hendens (Building Fund)

$24,000.00 Doleman (Hoffleit Bequest)

$10,000.00 Michael Kran (Photometrica)

$9,000.00 Tom Williams (Archive plus other)

$8,000.00 Menkes (AAVSOnet)

$7,898.85 Hodgson Bequest

FY 2010

$125,100.29 Total Contributions

$7,495.00 Sustaining Dues (5.99%)

Major Gifts

$25,000.00 Garstang Bequest

$24,000.00 Doleman (Hoffleit bequest)

$14,000.00 Hodgson Estate

$5,563.81 W. Albrecht Trust

$5,000.00 Tom Williams (Archive)

FY 2011

$147,439.10* Total Contributions (*Does not include Dusa Bequest)

$7,575.00 Sustaining Dues (5.13%)

Major Gifts

$261,190.03* Eliazabeth Dusa Bequest

$35,000.00 Hendens (Building Fund)

$24,000.00 Doleman (Hoffleit Bequest)

$20,000.00 Ira Mogul(AAVSOnet)

$10,000.00 B. Staels (AAVSOnet)

$7,500.00 B. Stine (AAVSOnet BSM-CA)

$5,000.00 Tom Williams (Archive)

FY 2012

$81,699.33 Total Contributions

$5,775.00 Sustaining Dues (7.06%)

Major Gifts

$24,000.00 Doleman (Hoffleit bequest)

$10,000.00 Robert Ayers (APASS)

$5,000.00 Gordon Myers

Upcoming meetings
Upcoming Meetings

  • May 15-18,2013: Boone, NC (AppState)

  • November 1-3 (approx): Woburn, MA (short meeting?)

  • Spring 2014: AAVSO HQ

Appalachian state university boone nc
Appalachian State UniversityBoone, NC

Hosted by Lee Hawkins and Dan Caton

Staffing changes
Staffing changes

  • Aaron Price leaves June 30; contractor for 2E3D

  • Rebecca Turner assumes management duties (also SRO, meetings coord)

  • Ben Briggs works during summer, relieving Will McMain so he can work on 2E3D

  • Aaron Sliski summer student helping Arne with hardware

Director s report to council november 1 2012

Director’s Report to CouncilNovember 1, 2012

Arne Henden

Director, AAVSO

Apass data release 6
APASS Data Release 6

All-sky photometric calibration, Johnson B&V and Sloan gri

10<V<17, 42 million stars

Approx 98% sky coverage, 2x

Press release at June AAS meeting

Apass data release 61
APASS Data Release 6

Included in UCAC4 (52 million, including 10 million single-pass)

Many requests for entire catalog, so put on the Cloud for downloading

DR7 end of year

DR8 end of 2013 (reprocessing)

Ayers donated $10K for operations

Apass images
APASS Images

  • 194,158 images from south

  • 52,949 images from north

  • Doug Welch and JJ Kavelaars (CADC) archiving and making them accessible

  • About halfway through data-collection

  • Image access complex (optical distortion, clouds)

Apass m101 field sloan g
APASSM101 fieldSloan g

M101 october 2010
M101October 2010

Apass epoch photometry
APASS Epoch photometry

  • North and south, all photometric survey nights from 2009-2012

  • Approximately 861 million observations in database

  • Also available as Vstar plug-in; placing plug-in behind membership firewall

Bsm epoch photometry
BSM Epoch photometry

  • North system only for v1.0

  • Only fields where decent calibration is available (approx ½ of total)

  • 14 million BV or BVRI datasets

  • Membership required for access


Aavso 2 nd generation synoptic sky survey
AAVSO 2nd Generation Synoptic Sky Survey

  • Follow-on to APASS; prototype funded by Ayers

  • Simultaneous 2-color, 10<V<17

  • First telescope arrived at HQ over summer

  • 2nd telescope due Nov 23

  • Trip to Lowell after Tday to install and commission

  • MRI proposal due Jan24

4th janet mattei research fellowship
4th Janet Mattei Research Fellowship

  • Ulisse Munari

  • Aug 23 - Sept 24 at HQ

  • Working on:

    • RAVE-APASS paper

    • Landolt-APASS comparison

    • RR Lyrs in Aqr stream

    • ANS amateur consortium

    • Varese observatory

    • Expected to return next year

Virtual observatory
Virtual Observatory

AAS SRG 2 years ago to publish AID

NVAO grant to develop infrastructure

Matt, Doc met with programmers during summer to work out details

APASS catalog and AID will be made available through VO

Server components tested; databases being populated

Poster at AAS Winter Meeting

All sky cameras
All-Sky Cameras

CCD School attendees donate for all-sky cloud camera for CTIO

Sufficient funds to also purchase different all-sky camera for HQ (BSM-Berry) and 1 or 2 other locations

Will test before upgrading other sites

Hq all sky moonglow
HQ all-skyMoonglow

Construction update
Construction update

Condos across street completed

HQ parking lot repaved

New fence and landscaping at Rosebrough Residence

Ccd school
CCD School

July 30-August 3, 2012

Tufts University

Twenty 1.5hr lectures over 5 days

All aspects of CCD photometry, from basic sensors, calibration, astrophysics, statistics, observing practices

Will be given again 2013, but at HQ

New analysis computer occam 20tb disk space dual quad core
New analysis computer (occam)20TB disk spacedual quad-core

Schiaparelli observatory
Schiaparelli Observatory

Varese, Italy

Suggestion by Ulisse Munari that they were looking for a mirror

Contact with Mario Motta, who had spare 80cm mirror

Donation of mirror to AAVSO; delivery to Varese paid by Italians; we get time on the telescope


Astrokolkhoz 1
Astrokolkhoz - 1

W28 donated to AAVSO by heirs of Paul Wright; was at Astrokolkhoz

Tom takes delivery of W30; Josch Hambsch donates use of ST9

Tom requests, gets BSM

K28, K35 use donated by Tom; AAVSO donates STL1001E, filters, focuser, software

Astrokolkhoz 2
Astrokolkhoz - 2

Tom wants more control over research, observing queues, makes waves

TAC set up; procedures developed in collaboration with Tom

Before TAC has chance to operate, Tom blows stack, issues ultimatum

Refuses to communicate with Mike Simonsen or myself

Astrokolkhoz 3
Astrokolkhoz - 3

Tom turns telescopes off (affecting many projects), refuses to take more data for AAVSO, requests we remove our junk from his site

We write letter giving inventory, date on which we will pick up equipment (still no communication)

Mike Simonsen makes plans to travel to NM and then deliver telescopes to new sites

Astrokolkhoz 4
Astrokolkhoz - 4

Bill Stein offers to host BSM nearby

Bill Goff offers to host W30 in CA

Expecting Stephen Levine to host W28 at Lowell

K28, K35 lost to our use, as is likely WH46

Still plenty of telescopes

Astrokolkhoz 5
Astrokolkhoz - 5

Will require MoU for each new site (not much protection)

Diversify and automate to improve efficiency and prevent “hostage” situations

Volunteers are not contractors

Aavsonet news
AAVSOnet news

BSM-NM being relocated to Bill Stein (Stars End Estates)

BSM-CA nearing first light

BSM-Berry ready for HQ installation

W30 being relocated to Bill Goff (CA)

W28 possibly relocated to Lowell

Aavsonet news 2
AAVSOnet news - 2

Arne going to NZ mid-November to work on 24-inch

Matt working with Jon Holtzman to get NMSU 24-inch operational

Matt working with Ido Bareket to get Bareket operational

Decision regarding BSM-AR

Telescope allocation committee
Telescope Allocation Committee

Policy and Procedures manual developed by Krajci, Starkey, Bedient, Simonsen

Dirk Terrell (chair); Sebastian Otero, Tim Crawford, Doug Welch

Review science, both at submission time and annually

Work with telescope operators

Capital campaign
Capital Campaign

Suggestion by Matt

Many non-profits have annual campaign

Possible solution to budget shortfall

Problems: must be annual; need top of pyramid donations; if tie to staffing, then what happens if goal not reached

Matt can generate white paper