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Advanced Google AdWords

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Advanced Google AdWords Frederick Vallaeys – AdWords Product Evangelist Agenda - Keys to Better Results Advertising with Google AdWords Target your audience Pay the right price Improve your site’s ability to convert Manage your account more effectively Expand your reach

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advanced google adwords

Advanced Google AdWords

Frederick Vallaeys – AdWords Product Evangelist

agenda keys to better results
Agenda - Keys to Better Results
  • Advertising with Google AdWords
  • Target your audience
  • Pay the right price
  • Improve your site’s ability to convert
  • Manage your account more effectively
  • Expand your reach
reaching customers online
Reaching Customers Online
  • Reach customers via three advertising touch points:

Connect with Consumers

When They Pursue Interests


Site Targeting

Connect with Consumers

When They Search


Search Solutions

Connect with Consumers

When They Research


Content Network

google content network
Google Content Network

Google Content Network

GoogleAdvertising Network*

  • Reaches 548 million worldwide Internet users, more than any other property or network
  • Tens of thousands of advertising auctions occur every second to select and serve relevant ads
  • Hundreds of thousands of worldwide advertisers and publishers

GoogleContent Network

Hundreds of thousands of worldwide content partners

*Google Advertising Network = Google properties + syndicated search + Google content network

Sources: comScore Media Metrix (August 2007); Google internal analysis

advantages of the google content network
Advantages of the Google Content Network
  • Precision & Scale
  • Reaches 548 million worldwide Internet users, more than any other property or network
  • Target by categories, keywords, demographics, interests, geography, and time


  • Site by site placement performance report, conversion tracking, and Google Analytics
  • Measure reach, ad effectiveness, and frequency

Broad Range ofEnvironments

VariousCreative Options

  • Reach every conceivable audience in a broad range of online environments – from moms reading recipes to business professionals reading trade articles
  • Text ads, display ads, interactive gadget ads, in-video ads, and click-to-play video ads

Sources: comScore Media Metrix (August 2007)

contextually relevant ads
Contextually Relevant Ads
  • Google’s flexible, content-targeted advertising program
  • Reach & Precision: Place ads on the largest global ad network (Google Content Network) alongside relevant content in real-time to reach an interested and engaged audience
  • Effective Pricing: Set your maximum CPCs or leave the bidding to Google. Minimum bids start at $0.01, offering full control of ROI
  • Creative: Easily test and re-test creative assets. Use text, image, Flash, or video ads to reach your audience
advertise on sites where your target users are
Advertise on Sites Where Your Target Users Are
  • Run ads on specific sites based on psychographic & demographic audience criteria
  • Select specific sites, category, affinity,or demographic to advertise within the Google Content Network
  • Choose CPC or CPM-based pricing; minimum CPM bid is $0.25
  • Promote your brand and message to broad or niche audiences
  • Run text, image, Flash, and video ads
agenda keys to better results9
Agenda - Keys to Better Results
  • Advertising with Google AdWords
  • Target your audience
    • Keywords
    • Sites
  • Pay the right price
  • Improve your site’s ability to convert
  • Manage your account more effectively
  • Expand your reach
keyword tool
Keyword Tool
  • Generates potential keywords for advertiser campaigns and reports their AdWords statistics – including search performance and search volume trends – to help you select keywords most likely to return quality leads within your budget
  • View estimated advertiser competition, search volume, cost, ad position, and search volume trends
  • Easy to generate, select, and add keywords, keyword match type and keyword negatives directly into your ad group
  • Generate keywords based on related search terms, highest click-through rate, webpage content, and text from your website
keyword match types
Keyword Match Types
  • Ads are continuously matched to Internet users’ interests based on your keywords
  • Use keyword match types to your advantage
    • Broad Match
    • Phrase Match
    • Exact Match
    • Negative keyword
  • Ads are placed as buying decisions are made

The Result:Businesses reach their audience at the right time, with the right message

broad match keywords
Broad Match Keywords
  • Broad match
    • Keyword:
      • buy flowers
    • May show for these queries:
      • buy flower
      • buy red flowers
      • flowers buy
      • new york buy flowers
      • buy tulips
phrase match keywords
Phrase Match Keywords
  • Phrase match
    • Keyword:
      • “buy flowers”
    • May show for these queries:
      • where can I buy flowers
      • buy flowers in new york
    • But not for these queries:
      • buy red flowers (there is an extra word in between)
      • flowers buy (the words are reversed)
      • buy flower (this is the singular)
      • Buy tulips (the words are different)
exact match
Exact Match
  • Exact match
    • Keyword:
      • [buy flowers]
    • May only show for the query:
      • buy flowers
      • Buy Flowers (capitalization doesn’t matter)
negative keywords
Negative Keywords
  • Negative match
    • Keyword:
      • -cheap
    • Your ad will never show for these queries:
      • Buy cheap flowers
      • Cheap flowers in New York
advanced match types
Advanced Match Types
  • Single word phrase match
    • Only show my ad when the query contains my keyword
    • E.g. “flowers” may show for “buy flowers” but NOT “floral arrangements” or “tulips”
  • Negative exact match + Broad match
    • Only show the ad for variations of my keyword
    • E.g. “flowers” and –[flowers] may show for “flowers delivered” but not “flowers”
dynamic keyword insertion
Dynamic Keyword Insertion
  • Improve the CTR of your ads by making the ad text more relevant to the keyword


      • ‘flower delivery new york’

Ad Text:

      • {keyword:flowers} -> flower delivery new york
      • {Keyword:flowers} -> Flower delivery new york
      • {KeyWord:flowers} -> Flower Delivery New York
  • Flowers is the default inserted keyword
  • Keyword is inserted but NOT the query
  • Can also be used in the destination URL
search query performance report example
Search Query Performance Report Example

The Search Query column shows the queries that triggered your ads.

agenda keys to better results20
Agenda - Keys to Better Results
  • Advertising with Google AdWords
  • Target your audience
    • Keywords
    • Sites
  • Pay the right price
  • Improve your site’s ability to convert
  • Manage your account more effectively
  • Expand your reach
site targeting
Site Targeting
  • Use the site tool to find sites where your target users are.

Placement Performance Reports

The Placement Performance report provides increased transparency and control to help you meet your ROI objectives on the Google content network.

Domain and URL level reporting

  • See the sites where your ads appeared, at the domain or URL level

Site-by-site* performance metrics

  • Understand how your ads are performing on each site through click, impression, cost and conversion metrics

Special category reporting

  • See performance metrics broken out by categories such as Domain ads or Error page ads

*At this time, site-by-site metrics are only available for content pages. Sites participating in the AdSense for domains (AFD) and AdSense for error pages (AFE) programs are reported in aggregate until site-level reporting is available in the future.

sample report new columns
Sample Report: New Columns

The ‘Domain’ column shows you the domain of the site where your ad appeared.

placement performance report best practices
Placement Performance Report Best Practices
  • Optimize for success
  • 1. Re-evaluate keyword lists and ad text
    • Are your ads appearing on irrelevant pages? Take steps to optimize keyword lists and ads.
    • Consider creating content-only campaigns to tailor ad groups specifically for content.
  • 2. Utilize the site targeting feature
    • Site targeting may be used to directly target well-performing sites
      • Please note that site targeting utilizes CPM bidding
  • 3. Consider the site exclusion feature
    • Use the site exclusion tool to exclude sites which are not converting well
    • Avoid excluding sites based on subjective judgments on content or site quality
      • Page content is dynamic and may change from the time users viewed it to the time you viewed the report
      • Sites or pages you don’t find to be relevant, users may find to be useful
agenda keys to better results25
Agenda - Keys to Better Results
  • Advertising with Google AdWords
  • Target your audience
  • Pay the right price
  • Improve your site’s ability to convert
  • Manage your account more effectively
  • Expand your reach
how much should you bid
How much should you bid
  • If you want your AdWords ads to be profitable, you should aim for an ROI of more than 100%
conversion tracking
Conversion Tracking

Track ROI and make smarter decisions, for free

  • Correlate ad clicks to custom conversion metrics
  • Easily set up tracking for sales, sign-ups, leads, and page-views
  • Measure conversion value of campaigns, ad groups, and/or keywords and optimize bids accordingly
  • TrackGoogle and non-Google ads
ad scheduling what is dayparting






Average Conversion Rate






Ad Scheduling: What is Dayparting?
  • Dayparting is a broadcasting term used to describe the practice of running different ads at different rates during different times of day.
    • Internet dayparting usually involves increasing your bids during times when conversion rates are typically above average, and decreasing them when rates are typically below average
  • AdWords advertisers can engage in dayparting by leveraging Ad Scheduling “Bid Multipliers”

Increase bids during above average periods

Decrease bids during below average periods

Historical Conversion Rates by Time of Day

pay per action
Pay Per Action

Publisher chooses your PPA ad and places it on his site

Set cost-per-action (CPA) value for a specific action on your site

Ad shows on publisher’s site

Pay for completed action(s)

User completes action

User clicks on ad

conversion optimizer32
Conversion Optimizer

The Conversion Optimizer allows you to specify your maximum cost-per-acquisition (CPA) bid and Google automatically adjusts your CPC bids to achieve those CPAs.

Requires the use of conversion tracking and at least 300 conversions in the previous 30 days.

agenda keys to better results33
Agenda - Keys to Better Results
  • Advertising with Google AdWords
  • Target your audience
  • Pay the right price
  • Improve your site’s ability to convert
  • Manage your account more effectively
  • Expand your reach

AdWords connects you with prospects at the precise moment when they're looking for your products or services

Google Analytics increases conversion by understanding prospects better through web analytics

Google Analytics

  • Keyword AnalysisCompare conversion metrics per keyword, per site
  • Website OptimizationOptimize your web site for certain browsers, software platforms, search
  • Site Overlay Visual representations of customer click path and conversions
  • Geo-targeting Find out where your visitors come from
  • Complete Conversion MetricsSee ROI, revenue per click, average visit value and
  • and much more…
google analytics measure everything
Google Analytics: Measure Everything

Google Analytics – Improve your site and increase marketing ROI

  • Free, hosted web analytics service
  • View over 80+ reports – online & for download
  • Key Benefits
    • Measure and evaluate ROI on your marketing efforts
    • Evaluate visitor navigation to identify site improvements
    • Track e-commerce metrics such as revenue, cost, and conversion rates
    • Utilize assistance from our Professional Services team

Some of our customers:

website optimizer beta
Website Optimizer (Beta)
  • Free site content optimization application that helps advertisers test and compare effectiveness of content on their web pages
  • Use A/B testing or Multivariate testing
  • Increase site effectiveness, visitor conversion rates and satisfaction
  • Detailed reports on combinationof content and components ofsites that drive highestconversion rate
  • Works with all analyticssolutions and all site traffic,not just AdWords traffic
  • Tests up to 10,000 combinations
multivariate test multiple sections and combinations39
Multivariate: Test Multiple Sections and Combinations

2 different headlines

x 3 different images

= 6 possible combinations

detailed graphical reporting
Detailed Graphical Reporting
  • Reports are available in two formats
    • Combinations Tab shows how each combination affects overall conversions
    • Page Sections Tab rates how each section contributes to overall conversions as well as how each individual creative performs
agenda keys to better results42
Agenda - Keys to Better Results
  • Advertising with Google AdWords
  • Target your audience
  • Pay the right price
  • Improve your site’s ability to convert
  • Manage your account more effectively
  • Expand your reach
my client center mcc
My Client Center (MCC)
  • A dashboard overview of all linked account statistics for advertisers and agencies to easily manage multiple accounts from a single login
  • Returns a unified reportacross multiple client accounts
  • Offers a single login toaccess all AdWords accounts
  • Displays up to 1,000linked AdWords accounts
  • Provides a relevant dashboard of information for all linked accounts
adwords editor
AdWords Editor
  • Manage AdWords right from the desktop with Google’s
  • free downloadable account management application
  • Navigatelarge accounts quickly and easily
  • Locate and edit budget, keywords, CPCs, and more
  • Make bulk changes to keywords and ad text
  • Share comments and work collaboratively with other users
  • Work offline, then upload changes directly to the account
adwords api beta
AdWords API(Beta)
  • A service enabling developers to create computer programs that directly interact with the AdWords platform
  • More efficient control and creative management of large accounts
  • Generate automatic keyword, ad text, URL, and custom reports
  • Integrate AdWords data with databases, such as inventory systems
  • Manage campaignoperations, bids, and update creative
  • Track trafficestimates for individual keywords to optimizecampaigns
agenda keys to better results46
Agenda - Keys to Better Results
  • Advertising with Google AdWords
  • Target your audience
  • Pay the right price
  • Improve your site’s ability to convert
  • Manage your account more effectively
  • Expand your reach
marketer s objective effective advertising
Marketer’s Objective: Effective Advertising

The Right Consumer

At the Right Time

With the Right Message

Through the Right Medium





9:00 pm

Prime Time TV

7:00 am

Morning Paper

5:00 pm

Search for Dinner Recipes Online

8:00 am

Drive-Time Radio

3:00 pm

Chat with

Colleague about Latest Movie

10:00 am

Check News Online

12:00 pm

Send a Text Message

google print ads overview
Google Print Ads: Overview

Key Benefits

At Scale: Nationwide Coverage

Over 400 major US newspapers


Print Ads

Targeted: Geography and Section Specific

Choose sections or even special-interest papers

Currently addingSpanish-languageand collegenewspapersto network


Efficient: Marketplace-Driven PricingYou offer what the ad is worth to you


Simple: Centralized BuyingOne interface and one invoice for multi-paper buys


Bringing the simplicityand scale of a web-enabled marketplace tonewspaper advertising

Easier scale I Better targetingFewer touch-points IIncreased efficiency

google print ads newspaper partners

Over 31M in total circulation 60% of total US paid circulation1

Google Print Ads: Newspaper Partners

Google’s network includes over 450 daily newspapers, including the primary newspaper in 32 of the top 35 DMA’s.

1 Editor & Publisher (2005) newspaper fact book


Measurable: Near Real Time Reporting

Second-by-second viewership data within 24 hours


Accountable: No Make Goods, No BundlingAdvertisers pay only for impressions delivered


Flexible: Better OptimizationAdjust campaigns on the fly with a few clicks of the mouse


Efficient: All-Digital WorkflowAccess 100 channels through a single interface


Strong National Footprint13 million households via EchoStar partnership


Google TV Ads: Overview

Key Benefits

TV Ads

A fully integrated,end-to-end digitalsystem for buying,selling, measuring, and delivering TV ads

google tv ads initial inventory

Inventory Status

  • 13 mm households dish TV footprint
  • Reaching all markets
  • 100 channels andall dayparts
  • Echostar inventory will triple in Fall
  • Inventory expansion plan underway
Google TV Ads Initial Inventory
google audio ads overview
Google Audio Ads: Overview

Key Benefits

  • Efficient Web-based Transactions
    • – Single interface for complex media buys


  • Targeted
    • –Select demographics, markets, station formats and dayparts

Audio Ads


  • Accountable Real-time Reporting
    • –Track spots and impression deliveries in real-time– Listen to real recordings of your ads


  • Measurability
    • –Track direct response– Monitor online activity metrics


  • Optimization
    • –Evaluate progress and adjust ad copy, station formats, markets, etc.

A fully integrated,end-to-end digitalsystem for buying,selling, measuring, and delivering radio ads


google audio ads national footprint

Over1,600AM and FM radio stations

  • Includes “Top 10”stations inall top 25US markets
  • 49% weekly reach of all people 12+ 1
Google Audio Ads National Footprint

1 Weekly reach figure from Arbitron

google grants beta
Google Grants Beta
  • Grantees use Google Grants ads to increase awareness, solicit donations, recruit volunteers, promote events, etc.
  • Questions:
more about google grants
More About Google Grants
  • Visit for eligibility criteria, grant details, application and more


Frederick Vallaeys, Google AdWords Evangelist

Email your questions to