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The CABLE project

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The CABLE project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The CABLE project. C hange A cademy for B lended L earning E nhancement. Facilitators : Irene Anderson, Heather Thornton, Jon Alltree, Peter Bullen. The Process. The CABLE process. Ongoing BLU/LTI support. Expressions of interest. Bids selected. Team Leaders’ meeting.

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The CABLE project

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the cable project
The CABLE project


Academy for




Facilitators: Irene Anderson, Heather Thornton, Jon Alltree, Peter Bullen


The CABLE process

Ongoing BLU/LTI support

  • Expressions of interest.
  • Bids selected.
  • Team Leaders’ meeting.
  • Individual team meetings.
  • 2 Day residential.
  • Final awayday.



cable outputs

Significant Blended Learning enhancements embedded in 16 Schools since 200.6

Directly involved 100 staff and 20 students.

Substantial BLU/School partnerships developed.

Capacity developed in BLU and School teams.

Collaborative working.

Staff development.

Change Management.

Project Management.

Blended Learning Curriculum Design.


Blended Learning Enhancement

elearning in

staff induction

changing practice

in elearning

managing large


learning technology skills

The CABLE Process

virtual classrooms

workplace learning

flexible learning

distance learning

elearning for CPD

enhancing lab activity

managing change

managing risk

cable 1 project
CABLE 1 Project

Health and Emergency Professions

CPD flexible learning, workplace learning.


critical reading skills at M level, learning communities.

Accounting Finance and Economics

staff attitude and skill, large student groups.

Art and Design

online MA, overseas markets.

Computer Science

team working in blended learning delivery, repository of good practice.

Post Qualifying Nursing

CPD, flexible learning, distance learning.

cable 2 0 project
CABLE 2.0 Project
  • Business

induction in blended learning for new staff .

  • Law

curriculum redesign for Law modules delivered in the Business School.

  • Film Music & Media

enhancing studio work for colour on and off campus.

  • Aerospace, Automotive and Design Engineering

enhancing the laboratory experience.

  • Continuing Education Partnerships (Assoc Colleges)

collaborative working for Joint Programme Development.

cable 3 0 project
CABLE 3.0 Project
  • Interdisciplinary Studies

collaborative classrooms across 4 colleges.

  • Pre Qualifying Nursing

engaging students in biological sciences.

  • Life Sciences

engaging 1st year students in science.

  • Education (Primary)

enhancing the use of reusable learning objects.

  • Health and Emergency Professions–post graduate study skills development for international students.
cable primary themes
CABLE: Primary Themes

Developeffective teamsacross disciplines.

Achievetransformative and sustainable changein blended learning.

Developpartnershipbetween Schools and BLU.

Develop futurechange agents.

Developtoolkitfor futuresustainable changeprojects.

Developcurriculum designtoolkit.

cable transfer
CABLE Transfer

Oxford Brookes (evaluation).

Sunderland University (Phase 1 Pathfinder).

Reading University (Phase 1 Pathfinder).

St Mary’s University College (Phase 2 Benchmarking).

Worcester University (Phase 2 Benchmarking).

CABLE experience workshops for > 15 institutions: consultancy, support and participation opportunities.

cable key features of success
CABLE: Key Features of Success

Academic led process.

Student involvement.

Impact on institution.

Impact on HE sector.

BLU Outreach.



Establishing a shared vision.

Divergent thinking (reversals/ max/min/superheroes/systems).

Team structure, Needs analysis, Stakeholder analysis.

Action planning: Objectives, outputs,deadlines,reporting, reflection.


BLU support.


  • Establishing a shared vision.
  • Metaphor: relating one thing to a seemingly unrelated thing.
  • Non confrontational, stimulates discussion and “gives voice”.
  • Unorthodox thinking.
  • More fruitful in the early stages.
cable community resource
CABLE Community & Resource.