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Cable Ties and Cable Glands PowerPoint Presentation
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Cable Ties and Cable Glands

Cable Ties and Cable Glands

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Cable Ties and Cable Glands

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  1. The Essentials of Cable Management It is certainly hectic to maintain organized set up while working with multiplicity of electronic or electrical appliances. Cables remain the connecting factors which need to be managed accurately to avoid potential risks and keep up with smooth working.

  2. Precise Fixing of Cables - The Primary Requirement in Cable Organization Fixing the cable or cord into the equipment in a secure and protected way is the most required aspect to avoid messy presentation of cables. Cable glands serve the purpose perfectly.

  3. Atex and Other Smart Cable Glands from Essentra Essentra Components Australia presents extensive variety of accessories and our range of gadgets provided for cable management includes glands, ties, cable gland banking plugs, etc. Atex cable gland can be applied in different temperature range from -40˚C to +75˚C. Our brass cable glands are designed with washer which makes them provide perfect sealing also.

  4. Protective Features for Cable Glands We not only focus on designing main accessories but have extended our intention to produce protective features for glands especially our cable gland covers made from heat-stabilized black nylon 6.6 covers holes for glands when they are not in use.

  5. Flexible Features Equipped in Glands for Cables Our high performing cable gland-metric thread is an innovative component designed to be applied between -20˚C to 100˚C of operating temperature. It can be fixed for cables with large diameters by removing the inner sealing gland.

  6. Cable Gland Suitable for -30ºC to +80Cº Operating Temperature Spiral cable glands made from nylon 6 is a suitable option to be applied in operation temperature ranging from -30ºC to +80Cº. It’s usability can be enhanced by adding locknut and sealing washer which are available separately.

  7. Sealing Glands - A Better Way to Protect form Impact Cable gland blanking plugs are exclusively designed to seal cable glands and they are resistant to impact. It can be assembled into the glands to obtain perfect sealing.

  8. Ties and Accessories to Systematize Cables There is variety of ties and accessories available at Essentra which can be chosen based on the cable thickness, multiplicity, durability, usage, compatibility of the cable material, easy mounting requirement, flexibility in locking and releasing, temperature resistant properties and for decorate features as well.

  9. Clamps and Adhesive Ties for Cables We present plethora of clamps in different materials like nylon, steel, aluminium and many more durable materials. Adhesive tie mounts, twist ties and wire saddles are flexible to clamp ribbon cables.

  10. Clamps - For Flexibility and Adjustability Our adjustable cable clamps are preferred for flexible clamping of variety of cables. The clamp model can be chosen based on the cable material, clamp material, temperature resistant properties, etc. Some models are preferred for their adjustability in adding on cable numbers and some are preferred for exclusive single cables.

  11. Conclusion Essentra Components Australia is certainly a one stop destination to find reliable, durable and extensive range of cable accessories which are provided in competitive materials. Find the best range of cable ties or clamps or mounts from us and find more flexible solution for cable management.

  12. Contact Us Click here - Essentra Components Australia32 Clyde Street RYDALMERE NSW 2116 Australia Phone:- +61-2-9638 0100 Email:

  13. Proudly Australian owned and made Thank You