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SPANDEX: ACS Cable System Project

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SPANDEX: ACS Cable System Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SPANDEX: ACS Cable System Project Presented by: Steve Gebert, ACS Director for PMO Sherrie Greenshields, NHTI Marko Radonich, CH2MHILL Dale Patrick, ACS OSP Manager Purpose of Briefing Purpose:

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Presentation Transcript
spandex acs cable system project

SPANDEX: ACS Cable System Project

Presented by: Steve Gebert, ACS Director for PMO

Sherrie Greenshields, NHTI

Marko Radonich, CH2MHILL

Dale Patrick, ACS OSP Manager

purpose of briefing
Purpose of Briefing
  • Purpose:
    • Provide overview of project for permitting authorities and other interested agencies
    • Ensure all questions and requests for information are addressed so that project can proceed according to agencies’ satisfaction, and according to schedule
  • Overview:
    • SPANDEX highlights and route overview
    • Key objectives of route selection and installation techniques
    • List of primary construction activities
    • Route specifics by area (walkthrough of route)
    • Critical Contractual Deadlines
    • Permits roll call
    • Questions and answers
    • Points of Contact
spandex what it brings to alaska
SPANDEX: What it Brings to Alaska
  • $100M fiber-optic cable system linking Alaska to Lower 48
  • Unique route – high emphasis on diversity from existing cables
  • Landing in Oregon – highly diverse from other AK cables
  • Huge capacity (bandwidth)
    • Initial capacity: Over 500,000 simultaneous calls
    • Max capacity: Over 33,000,000 simultaneous calls
  • 25-year service life
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Target Service Date: December 31, 2008
key objectives of route selection
Key Objectives of Route Selection
  • Diversity from existing systems
  • Redundancy on terrestrial routes
  • Best marine and terrestrial conditions for landings
  • Maximum use of existing facilities, easements, RoW, developed areas
  • Maximum avoidance of heavy fishing, anchoring, and other sensitive areas
impact mitigation techniques
Impact Mitigation Techniques
  • Expertise and Experience
    • Extreme diligence in selecting contractors with extensive experience—including AK cable projects (drawing on all lessons learned)
  • Marine segment burial depth
    • Spec is 1.2m burial depth in all areas of water depth less than 1500m
    • Extensive sonar survey to find route that best supports burial
    • Very slow ship speed (1-2 kts when pulling plow)
  • Horizontal Direction Drilling (HDD)
    • Extremely expensive but minimizes/eliminates impact on coastal areas – ACS feels its well worth the cost
impact mitigation techniques cont
Impact Mitigation Techniques (cont.)
  • Construction Timing
    • Earliest possible construction where able to avoid impact on wetlands, bird nesting season, tourist season, etc.
    • Need your help with this—permits are critical path in schedule
primary ak construction activities
Primary AK Construction Activities
  • Marine segments
    • Anchorage to Nikiski
    • Homer to Oregon
  • Terrestrial segments (Outside Plant– OSP)
    • Anchorage
    • Nikiski to ACS N. Kenai Wire Center
    • Ninilchik to Homer
    • Homer
  • Landings – Bore (HDD) and Beach Manhole (BMH)
    • Anchorage
    • Nikiski
    • Homer (also Ocean Ground Bed – OGB)
  • Cable Stations
    • Homer
route specifics anchorage
Route Specifics -- Anchorage
  • HDD from ocean side of Coastal Wildlife Refuge to BMH
    • Minimal impact on wildlife
    • No closure of Coastal Trail
  • OSP route max use of easements/Row
    • Tesoro easement
    • Airport fence line
    • Along road in Kincaid
    • Rasp. Rd.
  • Cable Shelter at Rasp. and Sand Lake
    • Small hut
    • Collocated with ATT cell site
route specifics nikiski
Route Specifics -- Nikiski
  • HDD from BMH to 6m water depth
  • BMH in Marathon Oil easement area
  • New build from BMH to existing ACS Wire Center
  • Max use of RoW and easements
route specifics nikiski to homer
Route Specifics – Nikiski to Homer
  • New build from BMH to ACS N. Kenai Wire Center
  • Existing plant to Ninilchik
  • New build from Ninilchik to Homer
  • Max use of RoW, easements, aerial routes
route specifics homer
Route Specifics -- Homer
  • New Cable Station and Retail Store
  • OSP to BMH – RoW/Easements
  • HDD to beach headwall (buried) at high water mark
  • Trenched in to low water mark
  • OGB – located in Ohlson Ln.
critical contractual deadlines
Critical Contractual Deadlines
  • Anchorage and Nikiski build complete: 8/19/08
  • Nikiski to Homer build complete: 8/19/08
  • Homer build complete: 8/19/08
  • Homer to OR segment ready for testing: 9/18/08
  • System ready for customers: 12/31/08
  • Ready to start ASAP to minimize seasonal impacts
  • Permits are currently driving timeline
  • Greatly appreciate your support!
permits roll call
Permits Roll Call
  • Any required permits that we have not yet applied for?
  • Any additional agencies that we should contact?
points of contact
Points of Contact
  • Steve Gebert, ACS
    • 907.564.1244
  • Sherrie Greenshields, NHTI
    • 907.761.6057
  • Marko Radonich, CH2MHILL
    • 907.646.0332
  • Dale Patrick, ACS
    • 907.564.1582