north shore swimming strategic and business plan august 2009 2012 n.
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North Shore Swimming Strategic and Business Plan August 2009 - 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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North Shore Swimming Strategic and Business Plan August 2009 - 2012

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North Shore Swimming Strategic and Business Plan August 2009 - 2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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North Shore Swimming Strategic and Business Plan August 2009 - 2012. Introduction Strategic Overview Strategic Intent Outcome Map Key Risks General Conditions Organisation Structure Financial Comparison 2006 - 2009 Key Actions required Key Outcomes 2010 (update with draft score 0410)

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North Shore Swimming Strategic and Business Plan August 2009 - 2012

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Strategic Overview

Strategic Intent

Outcome Map

Key Risks

General Conditions

Organisation Structure

Financial Comparison 2006 - 2009

Key Actions required

Key Outcomes 2010 (update with draft score 0410)

Key Outcomes 2012


The North Shore Swimming Club (NSS) philosophy is to encourage all swimmers to achieve their full potential by creating and delivering effective training environments and through quality coaching.

Swimming has significant benefits for all who participate. It is a vehicle to achieve personal fitness and it creates a sense of self-pride and achievement. Swimming requires a high level of personal self-discipline and commitment, attributes, our club encourages and develops.

The club has excellent technical, tactical and core physical attributes necessary for achieving swimming excellence. This level of excellence is further enhanced with the support of the local community, extensive volunteer network, sponsorship partners, our affiliation with Auckland and Swimming NZ, SPARK, The Millennium Institute Of Sport and North Harbour Sports Inc.

However, while NSS has a clear pathway for its swimmers and provides a development framework so young people can achieve the best swimming experience possible within the North Shore and indeed global community, the club needs to strategically position itself for the next generation.

strategic overview


“to be the No 1 Swim Club in New Zealand”

Strategic Overview


Commitment Competitive Fair Play Pride


“provide a challenging environment that encourages all swimmers to achieve their potential without compromising our values with excellent member relations”


What we are going to do


What we need to do


Satisfied Swimmers Delighted Sponsors Governance & Systems Excellence Motivated & Enabled Members

strategic intent
Maintain National Club Dominance - Implement a long term Athlete development plan “LTAD”

Have 95% of eligible swimmers reach the national age group championships.

Increase contribution to NZ swimming - effectively delivering more highly trained swimmers capable of transitioning on to the world stage.

Placing 6 new NSS athletes on the New Zealand Commonwealth Games Team in 2010.

Placing 4 new NSS athletes on the New Zealand Olympic Team 2012.

Secure more Pool space thus increase talent pool and revenue = dominance of club

Increase professional and personal development and training camps for our coaching staff

Increase Club profile and Support wider community involving swimming initiatives

Establish a trademark event and or increased meet management

Establish Alumni and continue member participation for future generations

Maintain best practice governance and management practices

Strategic Intent
outcome map

Club Performance




Meets, Learn to swim, Marketing / Promotion




Pools space utilisation/ Desire to belong

Establish LTAD/ Sponsorship

Outcome Map

Operational Excellence

Member Value


Systems / Financial





OSH / Risk

Motivated People

Enabled People

Training / Succession / Recognition / Participation

key risks

Financial revenues not achieved

  • Loss of key People
  • Significant member(s) incident
  • Competition enters our area
  • MISH non alignment
  • Poor Results
Key Risks
general conditions

Pool space

Cost of pool hirerage

Revenue driven off swimmer numbers (inherent conflict, too many swimmers quality decreases and less people want to joining the club conversely too few swimmers then too costly to swim)

NZ Swimming strategic alignment

Economic environmnet


  • Sponsorship building on established brand.
  • Increase in Swimming Meets thus revenue
  • Centre of Excellence to attract members & build club momentum
  • Alumni
  • Celebrity linkage: NZ swimming team who have NSSC members and Ian Turner former National Head Swimming Coach and Head National Men’s Coach for Great Britain.
  • Leverage of Mish and its associates
  • Retail and trade incentives for the club through local identity association
  • Consider learn to swim initiatves through schools for revenue generation
General Conditions

Financial Comparison ($000’s)

Note: Staff Costs in 2006 were 68% of Tot Expenses. 66% in 2009

key actions required

Secure Strategic plan approval

  • Launch new Web site
  • Update Accounting systems and review costs and financial budgets
  • Review OSH / Risk Management policies and actions
  • Create a Communication Plan
  • Review HR and succession blueprint
  • Define a plan for major meet management and commit to such
  • Agree plan to apply for specific Grant aplications in excess of $50k.
  • Establish a Fund raising / Sponsorship sub Committee of willing members - get $50k plus
  • Establish an Alumini
  • Secure ASA approval to assess our own members for swimming qualifications
  • Regular promotion of Club for new pool space and with MISH, ASA, NZSA and NSCC.
Key Actions Required
key outcomes 2010


  • Organisational Structure established
  • Review and update accounting software, Payroll, OSH, Risk & HR.
  • Web site and Communication Plan running
  • Alumini established
  • Major Meet date agreed
  • Club Naming Sponsor, Grants & Fund raising >$100k
  • Exceed club/ swimmer results at major events
  • Sucessful camps internally and externally
  • Ensure NSS has local and national presence


  • Documented
  • New systems, Documentation and management of incidents
  • Documentation
  • Documentation
  • Planning and date agreed
  • Cash reserves
  • Documented results
  • Attendence numbers
  • Regular meetings with stakeholders


  • Yes but Evolving
  • Acctng /Payroll
  • Risk / HR
  • Web
  • Comms
  • No
  • Evolving
  • No
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes but not with members
Key Outcomes 2010
key outcomes 2012


  • More lane space secured
  • Major meet established
  • Suffice cash reserves to run greater than 6 months
  • Naming Sponsor
  • Best practice in OSH and Risk management
  • Excellence in Communication
  • Happy and motivated employees
  • Major Alumini event completed
  • No 1 swim club in NZ in major events
  • No 1 in public mind for success & learning e.g camps.


  • Increase in swimmers / revenues
  • Date established / profile
  • Cash at bank
  • Communication and revenue
  • Documentation and yearly review inclusive minimisation of incidents
  • Internal and external feedback. Club profile
  • Low turnover
  • Actual date
  • NZSA recognition, major meet recognition
  • Attendence / feeedback
Key Outcomes 2012