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GENERATION WORD Identification Generation Word is a local Bible teaching ministry that is internationally communicating the Word of God through books, cds and the internet. Purpose

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  1. GENERATION WORD Identification Generation Word is a local Bible teaching ministry that is internationally communicating the Word of God through books, cds and the internet. Purpose Generation Word is focused on communicating the Word of God to the people of this generation. Our goal is to stimulate spiritual growth and assist believers in attaining maturity in order that they might live fruitful lives in Jesus Christ. Ministry Generation Word teaches the Bible verse by verse in its historical setting and draws meaning out of the original languages. We categorically organize and compare each verse with the rest of scripture to form a unified theology that applies to our lives and our nation today. The Teacher Galyn Wiemers is the founder and teacher of Generation Word Bible Teaching Ministry. He began teaching the Bible in 1986, has served as a pastor for 14 years and has taught over 1,000 classes or sermons for Generation Word since it began in 2002. Galyn is a full-time public school teacher and coach. Online These are a few of the Generation Word online websites: • www.generationword.com • www.genword.blogspot.com • www.onlinebibleschool.net PO Box 399, Waukee, Iowa 50263 515-321-1960

  2. GENERATION WORD Who is Galyn Wiemers? Galyn and his wife Toni began Generation Word Bible Teaching Ministry in their living room in West Des Moines, Iowa in April of 2002. Galyn became a believer in Jesus Christ in 1976 at the age of 16. Galyn and Toni were married in 1981 and graduated from Northwest Missouri State University in 1983 with degrees in education. They have worked in public schools and coached since that time. Galyn coached his first varsity high school team in 1980 and began teaching high school shop in 1983. In 1985 they felt God calling them. Galyn wanted to attend a Bible College, but since they had already started a family this never happened. They began to attend Bible teaching churches. Galyn began to study at home and teach the Bible whenever and wherever he could. Over the years Galyn has served as a Sunday school teacher, a youth pastor, a head pastor, a Christian school chaplain, a Bible teacher and as a guest speaker at seminars and Bible college. In 2002 Galyn began Generation Word as a ministry to reach our nation with the Word of God. Galyn’s Bible teaching has now reached every state and is also requested, listened to, downloaded and read in over 60 other countries. Galyn and Toni have six sons: Justin, 25, is in the United States Marines, serving in Japan in broadcasting; Paul, 24, is a snowboard instructor at Steamboat in Colorado; Benjamin, 21, is training as an officer for the US Air Force and is in his third year at Iowa State University in computer engineering; Nathan (Hawkeye), 18, will study financing and jazz trumpet at the University of Northern Iowa. Zac, 16, is a junior at Valley in West Des Moines; Jacob, 14, is an eighth grader at Dallas Center-Grimes. Galyn is in his 9th year as a full-time shop teacher and cross country coach at the DCG middle school. He is also in his 6th year as the pastor/teacher at the Faith Evangelical Free in Audubon, Iowa. PO Box 399, Waukee, Iowa 50263 515-321-1960 www.generationword.comwww.genword.blogspot.comwww.onlinebibleschool.net

  3. GENERATION WORD Local Bible Studies Galyn teaches four times a week. Each of the classes is open to the public. No membership, enrollment, fees, donations or previous attendance is required to attend any or all of the Generation Word classes. Sunday, 10:30 AM, Faith E. Free Church Audubon, Iowa, 226 Chicago Street, 712-563-2327. Galyn teaches for about an hour from the scriptures. In the past Galyn has taught through the books of Galatians, First Samuel, Genesis, First Peter during these services. He has also taught on a variety of topics including the church, spiritual gifts, questions/answers, and more. Monday, 7:00 PM, Framework Bible School is taught at Connxions Bookstore & Event Center, 3901 121st Street, Urbandale, Iowa. Galyn teaches between 60-70 minutes from his Framework textbook. This is a classroom setting that covers a wide range of basic Christian knowledge, thought and information including apologetics, hermeneutics, history of the Bible, OT, Life of Christ, church history, NT, Greek and theology. Tuesday, 7:30 PM, Bible Study, 700 45th St., WDM at Galyn’s home. In the past we have taught through Revelation, Hebrews, Isaiah, Ephesians and more. Wednesday, 5:30 PM Bible Study/Bible School at the Faith E. Free church in Audubon. Galyn teaches for about an hour verse by verse (John, Zechariah, 1 Corinthians, etc.) or through the “Framework” book. PO Box 399, Waukee, Iowa 50263 515-321-1960 www.generationword.comwww.genword.blogspot.comwww.onlinebibleschool.net

  4. GENERATION WORD On the Internet Generation Word has one of the biggest Bible teaching websites in the world—160 giga bytes to handle over 2,000 pages of information and notes, 700 hours of audio teaching (mp3), 500 hours of video, 500 photos of Israel, 270 maps, 2 complete books (.pdf), 1 online Bible school and much more. It is hard to find a web site as large and as useful as the Generation Word web site at www.generationword.com. All the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) place Generation Wordon the first page of a search for “bible teaching”. A image of the home page for Generation Word’s website is on the next page. The bold, black letters have been added here to help identify some of the features: A - The Menu- use the mouse to roll the curser over these to open several links to information concerning: • ABOUT - this will tell you about the ministry, Galyn, what people are saying, statement of faith, etc. • FEATURES - links to podcast, blog, notes, mp3, etc. • MESSAGE ARCHIVES - this will show all the Bible books that have been taught. When a book is selected it will open up a page with audio, video, notes. • BIBLE SCHOOL - this will show the ten areas of study in the “Framework” Bible school. Selecting one will take you to a page to select chapters with notes, audio, video, maps, links and more • i-TUNES - reveals two areas to get audio on i-tunes • STUDY PAGE - this will show you the best online Bibles, study books, commentaries, maps that are available on the internet. One of the best collections. • LINKS - this a collection of Christian links categorized • CONTACT - Generation Word mail, e-mail, phone B- Most Recent Teaching- This week’s classes from Sunday, Monday and Tuesday are listed by title and date with links to listen and watch the audio or video online. C- Direct links - The blue boxes are links to Galyn’s blog, Galyn’s YouTube videos (video from Israel, PO Box 399, Waukee, Iowa 50263 515-321-1960 www.generationword.comwww.genword.blogspot.comwww.onlinebibleschool.net

  5. GENERATION WORD classes) Galyn’s podcasts, Galyn’s photos of Israel, teaching series’ online, teaching in mp3, online Bible school, online tests, 270 of Galyn’s OT maps D- Click this “Online Bible School” box to go to the entry page for the Online Bible School. You will find the Connxions Bible school classes archived with the notes. E- Message Archive - Click a box to open up a page of audio, video and notes from the previous classes taught. F - Galyn’s Photos of Israel - Click this box to open up the entry page with a map and the names of locations linked to Galyn’s photos and teaching from Israel. PO Box 399, Waukee, Iowa 50263 515-321-1960 www.generationword.comwww.genword.blogspot.comwww.onlinebibleschool.net

  6. GENERATION WORD Help for Using Website Downloading .mp3 audio messages - place mouse cursor over the .mp3 you want to download and right click. Select “save as” from the pop up menu. Select the location, file or mobile device where you want this .mp3 file saved to. Watching or downloading a video - The video of the classes is saved online as a RealPlayer file (.rv). Go to www.real.com to download RealPlayer to your computer. It is a free download. With RealPlayer you can watch the video right from the Generation Word website, but you can also save the video to your computer and download it to a mobile device. Once a video is saved to your computer select the make of your mobile phone or iPod from the menu. The video can also be shared through Twitter, Facebook or email. Online Bible School - to open the entry page go to www.generationword.com/school.html On this page are ten boxes titled “Apologetics,” “Hermeneutics,” etc. Click on a box to open up a page with the lessons for this area of study. To open a lesson click on the title. On this lesson page you will find three columns at the top with three categories: a) Written, b) Online Audio/Video, c) Take the Tests. The “Written” includes the notes for this lesson, the online audio/video provides you with a recording of the notes being taught and the test column takes you to a chapter test and an essay test. When you click on the chapter test a page will open asking for your first and last name in a blue box. You can leave that blank and just click the “start now” button in the blue box to open the online test for that chapter. When you are finished just click the “submit answers” button at the bottom of the test page and your test will be automatically scored. You may take the test as many times as you like. The question order will be altered each time. PO Box 399, Waukee, Iowa 50263 515-321-1960 www.generationword.comwww.genword.blogspot.comwww.onlinebibleschool.net

  7. GENERATION WORD History of Generation Word In March of 2002 Galyn and Toni Wiemers hung up some flyers in West Des Moines, Iowa and made a few phone calls to announce the first Bible study. It would meet in their home every Monday night in April at 7:30. Here are the memories recorded after that first Bible study :"Attendance was 18. People started arriving at 7:20.Class started about 7:55. Everyone was talking and having fun until then. Randomly set up chairs. Made a tape. Used the white board.Handed out notes and a flyer. Toni had snacks. Everyone stayed at least 30 minutes after class. Some stayed longer. Seven people stayed until 12:30. A lot of excitement. Should have more next week.“ • April 1, 2002 - Galyn and Toni start a Monday night Bible study in their home. 18 people come and the message is recorded on tape. • April 8, 2002 - The second Bible study meets with 36 people. • July 2002 - Generation Word's first news letter • Sept. 8, 2002 - Generation Word begins one year Bible school • October 9, 2002 - Galyn Wiemers is a guest on KWKY radio • April 2003 - The booklet "The Fourth Generation" is printed • June 2003 - Go online with www.generationword.com • July 2003 - first online request for tapes from India • September 7, 2003 - Bible School begins second year • September 2003 - Generation Word Church stops meeting • November 2003 - Galyn Wiemers speaks at Faith Evangelical Free Church in Audubon, Iowa for first time • March 7, 2004 - Begin a radio program on KWKY in Des Moines • April 2004 - Stops recording on tape and begins using CD • September 7, 2004 - Bible School begins to meet at Wellspring . • January 2005 - begin a daily broadcast in Chattanooga, Tenn. • April 2005 - has received orders from five continents • April 2005 - sending out about 300 messages a week. • June 2005 - distributed 12,000 messages on cd/tape in 12 mo. • June 2005 - Generation Word has a monthly budget of $3,800 for CDs, tapes, radio, printing, postage, web page PO Box 399, Waukee, Iowa 50263 515-321-1960 www.generationword.comwww.genword.blogspot.comwww.onlinebibleschool.net

  8. GENERATION WORD • December 2005 - Online audio messages were put on web site • December 2005 - Generation Word mailed out 750 requests in the year 2005 to eighteen countries on six continents • January 2006 - received 120 requests in the month of January • February 2006 - Generation Word receives orders from The Gambia and Tanzania. This makes a total of 20 countries that have requested GenWord messages. • February 25, 2006 - web page receives its first hit from Israel. • March 2006 - In the first four years of ministry Galyn Wiemers has preached over 700 messages and Generation Word has distributed 31,000 CDs or tapes. • April 3, 2006 - Generation Word will begin their 5th year of Bible teaching ministry. (Over 400 different people have visited the Monday night Bible study.) • November-December Galyn writes Hope for America's Last Generation • June-July 2007 - Galyn and Toni spend three weeks in Israel • August 2007 - release book Hope for America's Last Generation • October 2007 - Galyn is a guest on Steve Deace's afternoon drivetime talk show on WHO Des Moines 1040 AM. Over 350 books are requested from listeners. • June-August 2008 - Galyn writes Framework for Christian Faith • August-November 2008 - Galyn, Tim Vaniman, Clint Hansen and Jennifer Ruisch edit and work on images and setting the book Framework for Christian Faith • December 2008 - Framework for Christian Faith is at the printers • January 8, 2009 - Framework for Christian Faith is delivered • January 9, 2009 - The first copies of Framework for Christian Faith are put in bookstores in Urbandale, Iowa and sent around the United States in the mail • February 2, 2009 - Galyn begins teaching on Monday nights at Connxions Bookstore • April 6, 2009 - celebrates 7 complete years of ministry; begin 8th • April 10, 2009 - Galyn is on WHO with Deace in the Afternoon on Good Friday to discuss the “Framework” book. PO Box 399, Waukee, Iowa 50263 515-321-1960 www.generationword.comwww.genword.blogspot.comwww.onlinebibleschool.net

  9. GENERATION WORD The Ministry Generation Word provides the following at no charge: • Local Bible studies and Bible teaching • The book Hope for America’s Last Generation • The book Framework for Christian Faith • 700 online .mp3 audio messages (3 added weekly) • 500 online video (3 more added each week) • CD sets and individual messages • Access to an online Bible school with notes, Framework (.pdf), audio, video, online test and scoring • Blogs • Podcasts • YouTube Videos • Notes and Maps • Generation Word has shipped over 50,000 CDs around the United States and the world upon request at no charge. Over a thousand copies of Hope for America’s Last Generation and Framework for Christian Faith have been distributed at no charge. International Ministry Because of the internet and word of mouth, Generation Word’s local Bible teaching has gone world wide. Our website has been visited by over 60 countries. Over 40 countries have requested and received our CDs and books. A few of the countries are Philippines, India, Pakistan, Japan, Nigeria, Iran, Iraq, etc. Rev. Bernard Umezinwa is a teacher at West African Theology Seminary. He has requested and received CDs and books as have many other faculty members and students. Pastor Ojeland Olumuyiwa of Nigeria has formed a growing network of men he is training using our material. Here he presents our package of Bible School CDs and book. PO Box 399, Waukee, Iowa 50263 515-321-1960 www.generationword.comwww.genword.blogspot.comwww.onlinebibleschool.net

  10. GENERATION WORD Financial Policy Generation Word distributes their books, cds, online resources and teaching at no charge. Generation Word has never asked for money, taken an offering or solicited money. Generation Word has no debt; all of our supplies and equipment have been paid for. Generation Word is incorporated as a non-profit organization and is registered with the IRS as exempt from federal income tax as a 501c3 organization. Generation Word is supported by the generous donations of individuals who “give what they have decided in their heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion.” They “faithfully administer God’s grace in its various forms.” “We have different gifts, according to the grace given us . . . If it is teaching, let him teach; . . . If it is contributing to the needs of others, let him give generously.” In the three years, 2006-2008, Generation Word spent $16,400 on shipping, $22,250 on CDs and $36,700 printing two books. We are currently spending $170 a month to host one of the largest Bible teaching websites. All of our material is available online and most of the material is downloadable which helps communicate the teaching in a quicker and less expensive form. Books and CDs are still shipped at no cost, but on a more selective basis. This is a photo of CDs and sets of CDs produced and ready to be packaged. The photo to the left shows boxes of Generation Word CDs and books ready to be shipped around the world. PO Box 399, Waukee, Iowa 50263 515-321-1960 www.generationword.comwww.genword.blogspot.comwww.onlinebibleschool.net

  11. GENERATION WORD Framework for Christian Faith - 540 pages of notes and handouts from the Generation Word Bible School covering apologetics, hermeneutics, history of the English Bible, Old Testament, life of Christ, book of Acts, church history, Greek, New Testament and biblical theology. Steve Deace calls it “an extensive yet compact reference tool.” Mike Swaim says it is “an invaluable reference tool for both the teacher and the student.” Hope for America’s Last Generation - Galyn overviews the history of mankind from Genesis to Revelation and pinpoints where we are in the timeline of history. He speaks to our rapidly declining culture, explaining how we got here and describing the steps we can take to avoid God’s judgment. The four generation cycle of cultural decline is explained from scripture. Doctrine and Affiliation Generation Word is not affiliated with any denomination. We could be labeled correctly as: Conservative, Evangelical, Fundamental. The absolute foundational belief of Generation Word is in the inerrancy, authenticity and inspiration of the Old and New Testaments. We believe: 1) Bible is the Word of God, 2) Godhead exists as the Trinity, 3) Deity of Jesus Christ, 4) Man’s Sinfulness and need of Redemption, 5) Current Ministry of the Holy Spirit, 6) Resurrection of all Men to eternal life or eternal damnation, 7) Salvation by faith in Jesus , 8) Creation by God, 9) Unity of the universal church, 10) Local church PO Box 399, Waukee, Iowa 50263 515-321-1960 www.generationword.comwww.genword.blogspot.comwww.onlinebibleschool.net

  12. GENERATION WORD • Web Site Statistics • The chart above shows the number of website hits per month from October 2005 until May of 2009. Problems with a hacker from Turkey and a virus on our website in the summer of 2008 discouraged people from visiting. We have had several hackers from the Middle East • attempt to take over our website. This appears to have been corrected last fall. Now between 18-25% of visitors spend an hour or more on our website. There are about 25 various countries represented in every 1,000 visitors with a total of 60 different countries using our website including visitors from Israel. • Contact • To contact Generation Word using the following: • Email to Galyn: gw@generationword.com • Mail: Generation Word, PO Box 399, Waukee, Iowa 50263 • Cell Phone: 515-321-1960 • Home Phone: 515-440-6474 • Facebook: www.facebook.com/galyn • Twitter: www.twitter.com/galynwiemers • Blog: www.genword.blogspot.com • Shop Teacher Website: www.mrwiemersshop.com • Website: www.generationword.com • Online Bible School: www.onlinebibleschool.net PO Box 399, Waukee, Iowa 50263 515-321-1960 www.generationword.comwww.genword.blogspot.comwww.onlinebibleschool.net

  13. GENERATION WORD Recent Comments from Around the World “Thank you very much for the books and the CD you sent me. I have given out the CD for other pastors to download on their computers. Hope for America's Last Generation has really opened my eyes to many Bible truths and the reality of God’s intervention with peoples in history.” - Pastor Nandi, Nigeria “I am thankful to you for giving me permission of translating the precious book Framework for Christian Faith.” -Nosheet Gloria, Pakistan “I received the Framework for Christian Faith and it is already opening up a new world to me. I love it. I am studying in the UK but I am a lay pastor back home in Zambia, Africa.” - Orleans, Zambia, Africa “Thank you so much for the prompt reply. It helped me a lot to have a deeper understanding. I wish I could be trained and mentored by you. Indeed, your ministry is a blessing to me. God bless you and I do hope you will not stop answering my questions.” - Bong Nambio “I found you on the internet and found your faith right. I want to be a part of this organization to do the work of God in my country Pakistan.” - Derick Albert, Pakistan “This is in regards to our conversation today about the Galatians mp3. You were going to load them this evening. It was good to talk to you. You have a great website and I am going to enjoy it.” - Tallahassee, Florida “I found you through Steve Deace’s program. I have examined you website and listened to some of your sermons. They are like a five-course banquet compared to what we have been getting.” - Iowa “I am writing to you to inquire whether you are available to visit other countries? I would like to invite you to visit Myanmar, Burma in Asia to teach at the Shiloh Bible College in Mandalay City.” -Andrew Bawi Ceu, Prsident of Shiloh Bible College, Mandalay, Myanmar (Burma) “I received my package and I am so excited! I started the book on the last generation last night. It is amazing! Thank you so much.” - Church of the Highlands, Birmingham, Alabama PO Box 399, Waukee, Iowa 50263 515-321-1960 www.generationword.comwww.genword.blogspot.comwww.onlinebibleschool.net

  14. GENERATION WORD PO Box 399, Waukee, Iowa 50263 515-321-1960 www.generationword.comwww.genword.blogspot.comwww.onlinebibleschool.net

  15. GENERATION WORD PO Box 399, Waukee, Iowa 50263 515-321-1960 www.generationword.comwww.genword.blogspot.comwww.onlinebibleschool.net

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