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NCDC’s Station Metadata Activities

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NCDC’s Station Metadata Activities - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NCDC’s Station Metadata Activities. Ingest, Archive, Access and Issues. Jeff Arnfield, Station History Program Manager Karon Mathews, NCDC Coop Administrator NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center Asheville, NC. NCDC’s Station Metadata Activities. NCDC Station Metadata Personnel

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ncdc s station metadata activities

NCDC’s Station Metadata Activities

Ingest, Archive, Access and Issues

Jeff Arnfield, Station History Program Manager

Karon Mathews, NCDC Coop Administrator

NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center

Asheville, NC

ncdc s station metadata activities1
NCDC’s Station Metadata Activities
  • NCDC Station Metadata Personnel
  • CSSA Document Processing
  • MI3: NCDC’s Station Archive
  • Additional Resources
  • Issues For Discussion
ncdc station metadata personnel
NCDC Station Metadata Personnel
  • Henry Ray
    • Metadata Team Leader; Coordination, planning & oversight
  • Jeff Arnfield
    • Station History Program Manager; design, operations; NESDIS ITAT Metadata Team
  • Karon Mathews
    • Interface with NWS; CSSA QC/entry; COOP & WBAN ID assignments
  • Kristy Carver (STG)
    • US CRN QC/entry, COOP QC/entry, non-Coop entry
  • Mary Slagle (STG)
    • Entry and correction of station details
  • Charles Philips
    • Inventory integration with MI3; FGDC Dataset documentation
  • Chris Fenimore (STG)
    • FGDC Dataset documentation; Web standards
  • Jeff Alleman(on-site IMC contract programmer)
    • MI3 operational support, development & enhancement
  • Information Manufacturing Corporation (IMC )
    • CSSA QC/Entry, MI3 design and development
noaa processing of cooperative station service accountability cssa station history documents

NOAA Processing of Cooperative Station Service Accountability (CSSA) Station History Documents

Karon Mathews, NCDC Coop Administrator

NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center

Asheville, NC

cssa documents additional sources of information
CSSA DocumentsAdditional Sources of Information
  • CSSA Manual
  • CSSA Report forms
  • NCDC MI3 Metadata Database
  • WSSRD – station history document images
  • Pre-1948 Coop station database
  • External geospatial resources
    • Mapquest, Rand McNally Atlas, Acme Mapper, USGS Geographic Names Information System
cssa documents common errors
CSSA DocumentsCommon Errors
  • Station Name Error
  • Pull down tabs
    • Climate division, County, Time zone
  • Latitude/Longitude and Source or Method
    • Degrees and Minutes vs. Degrees, Minutes, Seconds
    • Initial Database Load vs. GPS
    • Latitude/longitude will usually not end in “00” with GPS
    • Once GPS is in place, cannot go back to Initial Load
cssa documents common errors cont
CSSA DocumentsCommon Errors (cont)
  • Observer information
    • Observer’s Name/Focal Point
    • Observer Type
      • Individual, Institution, Government
  • Missing required equipment serial numbers
    • F&P, MMTS, Antenna and Binary-Decimal Transmitter
  • Obstructions
    • Corresponding entries in Azimuth, Distance/Range and Angle
    • Azimuth range exceeds 90 degrees total
cssa documents common errors cont1
CSSA DocumentsCommon Errors (cont)
  • Relocation
    • Report Distance and Direction of station relocation or equipment move not noted in REMARKS
  • Observation Time
    • Automated recording precipitation gauges should be entered as MID for hourly precipitation element. Observations taken at midnight should be entered as 2400 for elements to be published in Climatological Data (CD) publication
cssa documents things to question
CSSA DocumentsThings to Question
  • Difference in Lat/Lon over 20 seconds without a change in Source or Remarks
  • Difference in Elevation over 10 –15 feet
  • Lack of explanation in remarks section
    • Each change being made must be listed in this section leaving nothing to question
  • Changes in Azimuth/Distance for pieces of equipment without an explanation
    • Localized equipment move?
cssa documents things to question cont
CSSA DocumentsThings to Question (cont)
  • Publication data and ob info observed element screen do not agree
    • If observed element/publication stops or is added, corresponding remark should be included
  • Obstructions have not changed when a station has moved
  • Major change such as removal of obstructions without explanation.
    • Buildings, trees, houses
cssa documents soils
CSSA DocumentsSoils
  • Soils
    • Information required under equipment description for Soil Equipment (Palmer, Frontier)
      • Probe Depth e.g. 4”
      • Probe Cover e.g. Bare
      • Soil Type e.g. Loam
      • Slope Dir e.g. 2 degrees NNW
    • Observation Time(s)
      • If observation taken more than once a day, each observation time must be reported separately under Ob Time
cssa documents asos stations
CSSA DocumentsASOS Stations
  • Station name must conform to name in FAA Location Identifiers publication
  • Must have 3 observed elements
    • ATEMP/Temp (Ob Time 2400)
    • AHTB/Hourly Precipitation (Ob Time MID)
    • PCPNX/Precipitation (Ob Time 2400)
  • Some questions about how Ob Time should be reported for this equipment
    • MID vs. 2400 (To be addressed in revised CSSA manual)
cssa support
CSSA Support

NCDC strives to provide the best support / assistance possible for the CSSA Processing within our scope, as we receive many calls/emails concerning different issues, especially rejected documents, or problems within the CSSA.


NCDC does not have access to view a document once it has been rejected.

NCDC cannot make changes to submitted documents

We need to verify and make known to NWS personnel who call us:

Who to contact for corrections in the CSSA?

Who provides technical support to end-users?

mi 3 ncdc s station metadata archive

MI3:NCDC’s Station Metadata Archive

Features, Content and Direction

Jeff Arnfield, Station History Program Manager

NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center

Asheville, NC

mi 3 ncdc s station archive
MI3: NCDC’s Station Archive
  • Metadata Integration & Improvement Initiative
  • Background and goals
  • Contents
  • Integration with NWS
  • Capabilities and features
  • A quick look:
  • Other Resources
mi 3 background and goals
MI3: Background and Goals
  • Integrate, enhance & increase access
  • Initial focus: manage NCDC’s station histories
    • Handle NOAA and non-NOAA stations
    • Accommodate broad variety of station details
    • Adapt to new observing systems, data programs and phenomena without recoding
    • Track information source and log all changes
    • Extensible to incorporate data inventories, other details
mi 3 current contents
MI3: Current Contents
  • Initial content ported from SHIPS system
  • More than 33,000 stations, including:
    • 26,067 Cooperative stations (includes historical stations)
    • 890 ASOS
    • 71 CRN stations (Currently location/identity)
    • 161 RADAR sites
    • 514 AWOS sites (remainder in process)
    • About 5500 other stations (mostly surface, includes historical)
mi 3 content expansion plans
MI3Content Expansion plans
  • HADS stations (Hydrological Automated Data System)
  • Canadian RADAR stations
  • USCRN instrumentation details
  • Update all commissioned ASOS stations
  • Current data inventories
  • WMO MCDW / GCOS stations
  • Pre-1948 Coop station merge & integration
  • Backfill station historical details
  • AWS MSC stations
mi 3 adding a new station network
MI3: Adding a new station network
  • Identify information source(s)
  • Identify affected NCDC systems and processes
  • Quantify volume of information
    • Station count
    • Volume per station
    • Map information to MI3, identify gaps
  • Identify overlap with current stations
  • Define QC requirements/ develop QC processes
  • Develop ingest processes
    • Manual
    • Automated (if warranted/feasible)
  • Identify QC / data entry personnel
  • Develop critical reports & extracts
  • For operational networks
    • Ensure ongoing refresh from source agency(s)
    • Identify anticipated update frequency & volume
    • Define QA/QC rules, workflow and personnel
mi 3 integration with nws
MI3: Integration with NWS






























mi 3 capabilities and features
MI3: Capabilities and Features
  • Flexible search options
  • One interface for query and maintenance (privilege-based)
  • Tabbed interface by subject area
  • Overview grids showing all time periods
  • Drill-down capability to an integrated form view
  • Further drilldown to individual “fact” level
  • Generates critical production reports
  • Date management functions simplify views/reports
  • Oracle database permits direct query-level access
  • Web-based interface supports direct CGI access
mi 3 a quick look
MI3: A Quick Look

mi 3 search for stations
MI3: Search for stations

mi 3 sample station details grid
MI3: Sample Station Details Grid

mi 3 sample station details form
MI3: Sample Station Details Form

mi 3 sample details drill down
MI3: Sample Details Drill-down

ncdc metadata contacts
NCDC Metadata Contacts
  • MI3 home page –
  • Henry Ray
    •, 828-271-4011
  • Jeff Arnfield
    •, 828-271-4444
  • Karon Mathews
    •, 828-271-4325
  • Corena Douthitt
    •, 304-726-4809 x4473
ncdc nws issues and contacts
NCDC/NWS: Issues and Contacts
  • Technical and business issues
    • CSSA: Source of ASOS station information
    • CSSA: observing time reporting standards
    • CSSA: soil reporting standards / detail
    • CD publication: Handling of Snow Water Equivalency (SND)
    • COOP IDs for Pacific Region stations
    • COOP station name changes vs. Coop ID
    • Diverging reporting standards for the same “station”
    • MI3: Further integration with NWS systems
  • Contacts needed
    • CSSA: support contact for NWS end-users
    • CSSA: contact for NWS end-user request for database changes
    • NWS station system/database access authorization for NCDC
      • NWSLI, MIRS, EMRS, SIS, etc
    • CSSA/SMS: development plans

NCDC’s Station Metadata Activities