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Jericho Sailing Centre Annual General Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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Jericho Sailing Centre Annual General Meeting

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Jericho Sailing Centre Annual General Meeting
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Jericho Sailing Centre Annual General Meeting

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  1. Jericho Sailing Centre Annual General Meeting

  2. President’s Report

  3. President’s Report

  4. Board MembersBrian Key, President, Alan Johnson; Vice-president; Mina Fung, Treasurer; Deirdre Webster, Secretary; Dan Wallace, Ray Douthwaite, Richard Spencer, Gail Owen, David Loutit, Ian Upright, Norm Eldridge, Chris Stairs, Ashley Ford, Jim Quinn, Michael Souster.

  5. 2006/07 Board SummaryApproved in principle the renewal of the Windsurfing School Agreement with Windsure Adventure Sports.Approved UBC Old Boys Rugby Club Agreement.Approved Disabled Sailing Association Agreement.Struck an Ad hoc Marginal Wharf Planning Committee to consider the JSCA’s position regarding the future of the Marginal Wharf.Approved monthly budget reports.Approved 2006 Audited Financial Statements.Approved 2007 unaudited Financial Statements.Approved 2008 JSCA operating budget.

  6. Treasurer’s Report

  7. Programmes Committee

  8. MembersChair: Andy Hunt, Chris Stairs, Richard Spencer, Brian Key

  9. 2006/07 Programmes SummaryPlanned, organized and conducted Jericho Racing Programs and Regattas including:Annual Fleet Planning MeetingPenguin Cup Fall and Spring SeriesSunday Racing and Tuesday Night Racing SeriesJericho Classic RegattaRookie Racing ProgramJericho Race Management Training Program JSCA Marketing Sub-committee:Explored funding and sponsorship opportunities.Explored possibility of JSCA hosting BC 2010 Legacy events-Jericho Sailing Centre added to the available space inventory for Olympic support.Developed JSCA wish list from each committee.

  10. In addition, the J.S.C.A. provided resources and support to the following events and groups at Jericho:JOCC Winter Solo RaceJericho Hobie Classic RegattaD.S.A. Integration Regatta Tasar BC’s Flights of Spring RegattaSwift Solo North American ChampionshipsCanadian Laser Masters ChampionshipsJericho Outrigger Iron Race B.C. Marine Trail/Ecomarine Ocean Kayak MarathonEcomarine Thursday Night Paddling RacesJericho OceanmanVancouver International Half Iron TriathlonVancouver Open Water Swim Association Race Series

  11. Celebration of Light FireworksBig Brothers Discovery SailU.B.C. Intramural Sports “Day of the Longboat”Jericho Folk ClubVancouver Boat Show Display.DSA Kid’s Day Reflexion Fun RunMacSailing Jr. Team RacingDSA Cascadia RegattaMobility Cup RegattaJericho Park Stewardship GroupJericho Boat Show Open House & Sailpastthe website development

  12. Operations Committee

  13. MembersChair: Norm Eldridge, Brian Key, Deirdre Webster, Andy Hunt, Gail Owen, Ian Upright, Richard Spencer, Mark Scott, Randy Clarke. Honourable Mention: Mark Daigle

  14. 2006/07 Operations SummaryRecommended changes to the Late Payment policy intended to induce late payers to pay on time.Improved compound water drainage.Approved Memorial Bench for Syd Butler.Completed emergency and regular launch ramp repairs.Replaced old Laser racks and built new ones.Added new specialty kayak storage rack.Volunteer workparties including beach & compound cleanup, gardening and landscaping.

  15. Re-keyed member and other locks for improved security.Planned for second floor flooring replacement.Joint Planning & Operations Meeting to consider the implementation of longer term planning into annual action plans.Installation of new grass in rigging area.New rigging and rinsing area at SW corner of building.Commissioned the construction of new design launch dollies.Commissioned an energy audit to seek more efficient and alternative energy sources for the Jericho Sailing Centre.

  16. Safety/Boat Committee

  17. MembersChair, Ray Douthwaite, Gail Owen, Jim Quinn, Ashley Ford, Andrei Bredin, Stephen Chessor, Chris Stairs, Fred Wu, Andy Hunt, David Loutit, Josee Menard, Mark Daigle.

  18. 2006/07 Safety/Boat SummaryMonitored and coordinated volunteer Jericho Rescue Team program.Monitored and coordinated volunteer and professional maintenance for Jericho craft and equipment including annual refit.Organized and conducted the Jericho Rescue Team Training Courses and ongoing training and drills.New Rescue Team Equipment purchased.Planning for Marks Boat replacement.

  19. Thanks for the assist!2006/2007 Jericho Rescue Team MembersAndrei Bredin • Ray Douthwaite • Jim Quinn • Fred Wu • Gail Owen • Stephen Chessor • Ashley Ford • Philip McIlvenna• Elizabeth Buxbaum • Tegan Peacock • Josee Menard • Michael SousterChris Stairs • Tony Wood • Mark Daigle • David Loutit • David Evans • David Pazlawski • Waldek Trafidlo • Anne Tichbourne • Tim Collins • Cindy Kampmeinert • Mike Parks • Arash Masbough • Tim Wright • Liz Spence • Jennifer Weterling • Nadine Soukoreff • Alan Spence • Nigel Cornwall • Mike Harris • John Wyndham • Jonas Abersbach • Lucas Kott • Sabrina Schwanebeck • Andy HuntGary Parsons • Elisha Bandal • Marion Lewandowski • James Lewandowski368 mariners rescued.Many more assisted by instructing self rescue techniques and preventative safety measures.90 on water event days supported by the Jericho Rescue Team.

  20. Planning Committee

  21. MembersChair: Dan Wallace, Brian Key, Mark Scott, Chris Stairs, Gail Owen, Andy Hunt, Deirdre Webster, Sanja Bacon, Michael Souster, Dave Thomas.

  22. 2006/07 Planning SummaryDiscussed a 20 year phased building development plan. Completed installation of a new sewer mainline.Sailing Centre Compound Development Plan including:South side building additions: locker storage units, a new cold storage unit plan for the JSCA’s food and beverage service. Developing new deck space. Better organizing storage by craft. Improved compound drainage. Concepts for an expanded Compound.

  23. Initial discussion of the Jericho Sailing Centre Phase 6 Building Renovation and what that might include. Initial discussion of the future of the Marginal Wharf with regard to the Jericho Sailing Centre prior to the Board forming a dedicated Marginal Wharf Planning Committee.Met with the Operations Committee to facilitate Planning goals to: Maximize Space; Improve Efficiency of Storage; Improve Security; Improve Ocean Access; Improve Traffic Flow Within Compound and Improve Aesthetics.

  24. Marginal Wharf Planning Committee

  25. MembersCo-Chairs: David Loutit & Richard Spencer; Dan Wallace, Brian Key, Mark Scott, Gail Owen, Chris Stairs, Duane Geddes, Kirk Duncan, Peter Wall, Andy Hunt.

  26. 2006/07 SummaryThe Committee developed the following 3 key objectives and supporting objectives:I. Increase the beach area available for small, naturally powered craft.a.) Increase launching capacity to accommodate a growing user base.b.) Reduce congestion to improve safety near the shoreline.c.) Remove all or most of the existing structure.II. Increase the Jericho Sailing Centre compound to the east with a gate to access the “Marginal” area.a.) Increase arc of compound to accommodate growing demand for small, naturally powered craft storage.b.) Provide compound access to new shoreline launch area.III. A more effective facility to support the Disabled Sailing Association and other JSCA groups.a.) Develop a low impact, environmentally sensitive structure which includes a minimum of 200 lineal feet of dock space with a minimum of 6’ of depth at 0 foot tide level.b.) Develop a new building within the expanded compound area to provide public washrooms and space for the DSA, schools and other user groups.

  27. Conceptual Drawing: Peter Wall

  28. Conceptual Drawing: Peter Wall

  29. Conceptual Drawing: Peter Wall

  30. General Manager’s Report

  31. Finite Resources VS. Infinite Opportunities

  32. 2007 J.S.C.A Memberships2006 2007Family 568 606Single 1416 1479Juniors 96106Total 2080 2191

  33. Dinghy Sailing School Participants2006 2007Adults 359 314Juniors 15191342Total 1878 1656

  34. Windsurfing/Standpaddling/skimboarding School Participants2006 2007Adults 517 458Juniors 13431677Total 1860 2135

  35. Kayaking School Participants2006 2007Adults 1199 967Juniors 8181023Total 2017 1990

  36. Web Site Traffic2006 Total Hits - 1205512007 Total Hits YTD - 169569

  37. Other Business

  38. Jericho Sailing Centre Annual General Meeting