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  1. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 12th September 2011 WELCOME!

  2. AGENDA (1/2) Welcome by the President Association activities & progress report Approval of 2010 Financial report EC election results Diaverum Abstract Winners Association objectives 2011/2012 Volunteers acknowledgement Motions

  3. AGENDA (2/2) Life time member EDTNA/ERCA Manuscript and Scholarship award EDTNA/ERCA Best Poster award EDTNA/ERCA Accreditation & Endorsement of Education programmes Future Conference Any other business Date and venue for next AGM Close of the meeting

  4. Association activities & Progress report Anastasia Laskari EDTNA/ERCA President

  5. Did we achieve our objectives in 2010/2011?

  6. Collaboration with industry EDTNA/ERCA enhanced and maintained thecontinuity ofthe good collaborationwithindustry partners and corporate members thanks to hard work of Jitka Pancirova, the Executive Director

  7. Collaboration with industry Collaboration with industry includes: • Continuous partnership with corporate members • Ongoing project partnership – Go Green in Dialysis & Vascular Access Project • Launch of new project - IQD & Clinical Guidelines for Dialysis • Launch of new project – IV Iron Resourse Utilisation Project • 6th Operational Industry Advisory Board (IABM) planned for December • Support of educational publications • 5th Fresenius Middle East (FME) Renal Education Project was held in Romania • Fresenius Middle East and Diaverum courses have been successfullyendorsed

  8. EDTNA/ERCA Publications Five new Publications are being launched: • Enviromental Guidelines for Dialysis, A Practical Guide to Reduce the Environmental Burden of Dialysis: Saturday, EDTNA/ERCA Projects with Industry Partners, Gallus Hall, 13:30 • Conservative Management in Advanced Kidney Disease, A Guide to Clinical Practice: Sunday, Conservative Care Session, Linhart Hall,14:00 • The Diabetic Patient and Chronic Kidney Disease, A Guide to Clinical Practice: Tuesday, Caring for the Diabetic Patient with CKD Session, Linhart Hall, 8:30 • Fármacos en Terapia Renal Sustitutiva, Guía de Práctica Clínica: Registration desk • Caring for the Eldery Renal Patient, A Guide to Clinical Practice: Sunday, EDTNA/ERCA Session, Linhart hall, 12:45

  9. EDTNA/ERCA Newsletter Lithuanian – PDF Polish – PDF Portuguese – PDF Serbian – PDF Spanish * Slovenian - PDF Production in 13 languages: • Dutch - PDF • English * • French * • Greek * • German * • Hebrew – PDF • Italian* *PDF and hardcopy • PDFs are available for members and non-members at • Besides the International Conference website, it is the most visited website • THANK YOU to all translators

  10. Journal of Renal Care Increased distributionglobally through Wiley–Blackwell&EDTNA/ERCA channels Indexed/Abstracts in the British Nursing Index,CINAHL,EMBASE, MEDLINE, SCOPUS Requested Impact Factor for 2011 Change of JoRC Editor by end of the year: THANK YOU to Dr. Cordelia Ashwanden WELCOME to Dr. Nicola Thomas

  11. Membership Brochure & Annual Report • Tool to be used to promote the Association • Available in English and Italian • Hard copies to be distributed at events • Available also on the web • Annual Report 2010 – Summary of activities, projects, achievements • Limited Edition of hard copies - Available on the website

  12. Quality Management System The EDTNA/ERCA further develops the QualityManagement Systemthroughout the Association and will apply for ISO9001:2008 certification Our entire management system is based on interrelated processes which are consistently linked to each other and to the overall balanced scorecard objectives. We agreed to use an analytical approach to identify and categorize our processes. This means that all our processes, associated documents and forms are cataloged into one of the key process categories.

  13. Cooperation with other Associations Establish closer links withrenal/non-renalinternational Associations: Signed level 1 collaboration agreement with: • PCNA (Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association) • EPA/UNEPSA (European Paediatric Association/Union of National European Paediatric Societies and Associations) • EDTNA/ERCA signed an agreement with EfCCNa and HENNA for a mutual project

  14. Cooperation with other Associations “Attitudes of European Renal Nurses towards OlderPeople“ AnEuropean Network of Renal Care Association (ENRCA) project Results were presented at the session: EDTNA/ERCA projects with NationalAssociations, Linhart Hall, Sunday September 11, 12:45-13:45 Participating National associationsin this survey: SOBEN (Brazil) SNDTN (Slovenia) CNMA (Cyprus) FS Nefro (Denmark) OANPT (Austria) BASW – SIG (UK) HENNA (Greece) APEDT (Portugal) FNB (Germany) INNA (Israel) AG Nephro of SBK (Switzerland) RSA (Australia, New Zealand) EDTNA/ERCA Italian Branch

  15. Sponsors Diamond sponsors Silver sponsors Sponsors

  16. Exhibitors Media partners

  17. Corporate Members

  18. Presentation and approval of Financial Report 2010 Alessandra Zampieron Treasurer

  19. It was consolidated the financial status after many years of changes in finance management and service providers. Negative trend in financial results has been fully stopped. Membership services and educational offerings were maintained at the same good levels. Budget for expenses was respected and income goals were mostly reached. The main reserve remained stable and the capital was increased. FinancialConclusions 2010

  20. The result of the year 2010 shows a surplus of CHF 230.398 due to: good participation to the conference by delegates, excellent support from industry, prudent management of services and expenses, successful management of publications. FinancialConclusions 2010

  21. As the Association has most of the flexible assets in EURO and the EURO lost value in comparison to the CHF in 2010, the annual result is partially influenced by the correction of the assets in Euro in the bank expressed in CHF in the books. FinancialConclusions 2010

  22. Financial Aspectsand Results 2010 Total Assets CHF 767,012 Total Budget CHF 1.696.076 Result of the year CHF 230,398 Project Reserves CHF 350,000 New Capital CHF 321,156

  23. Legal and Final Audit on 18 March 2010 Recommendations of the Auditors Financial Audit 2010

  24. BalanceSheet 2010 vs 2009

  25. BalanceSheet 2010 vs 2009

  26. Operating statement 2010 vs 2009

  27. Operating statement 2010 vs 2009

  28. The future Safeguard of the financial independence and viability of the Association remains a challenge for the near future, in a period of worldwideeconomicalinstability.

  29. I would like to thank: all my colleagues in the Executive Committee the Past Treasurer Iris Romach the Finance Coordinator Alois Gorke other professional providers for their support during the year 2010

  30. EC election results Maria Saraiva EC Secretary

  31. EC election results Executive Committee elections 2011 with effect as per 1st September 2011 • Candidates: •                                               Yes Votes           NoVotes                   Abstain • Edita Noruisiene: 98                               1                                 0 • (To be elected as Executive Committee member as per 1 September 2011) • A total of 99 ballots counted, 0 of which were invalid • 1669 members with voting right (24th June 2011) • A quorum for a postal ballot shall be 7% of the voting Members = > minimum117 votes • Due to the ballots receivedwe must consider this election not valid to appoint this candidate as EC member

  32. EC Elections Proposal from EDTNA/ERCA EC Members To use this AGMto vote on the candidate Edita Noruisiene as a new EC member According to Article 8 of our Constitution ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING A Quorum at any General Meeting shall be 2% of the voting Members (2074) of the Association. Decisions taken at the Annual General Meeting shall be carried by simple majority of those voting Members present.

  33. EC Elections Candidates:                                               Yes Votes           NoVotes                   Abstain Edita Noruisiene: To be elected as Executive Committee member as per 1 September 2011

  34. Diaverum Abstract Winners Paula Ormandy SPC Chair

  35. Diaverum Abstract Winners Best Research and Innovation Abstract Polyhexanide reduces infection of the exit site of peritoneal catheter, Randomized clinical trial M. Nunez Moral, I. Gonzalez Diaz, B. Pelaez Requejo, A. Fernandez-Vija Fernandez, A. Quintana Fernandez, E. Sanchez Alvarez, C. Rodriguez Suarez Hospital Universitario Central de Asturias, Nephrology, Oviedo, Spain

  36. Diaverum Abstract Winners Best Education Initiative Abstract Cyberspace: An Interesting Opportunity for Recruitment and Retention - an Australian Experience Y. White Charles Darwin University, Graduate School of Health Practice, Darwin, Australia

  37. Diaverum Abstract Winners Best Quality Improvement Abstract Ferric carboxymaltose versus iron sucrose: patient preferences in relation to intravenous iron therapy K. Pugh-Clarke University Hospital of North Staffordshire, Renal Medicine, Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom

  38. Associations Objectives 2011/2012Michel RodenEDTNA/ERCA President Elect

  39. EC Responsibilities 2011/2012

  40. Objectives 2011/2012 Enhance and maintain the continuity of the effective collaboration with industry partners and corporate members In 2009 the EDTNA/ERCA established the post of Executive Director to directly liaise with industry partners and keep continuity for projects and international conferences. Currently, the EDTNA/ERCA provides a platform to allow international industry partners to take active part in educational and research activities in order to improve the global quality of renal care and disseminate scientific results among renal care professionals.

  41. Objectives 2011/2012 • Further develop the QualityManagement Systemthroughout • the Associationto obtain the quality management • certification ISO 9001:2008 • Review of existing policies and procedures • Ongoing definition of new policies • Conference Manual and Finance Handbook update in progress • Document matrix harmonization • New responsibility matrix implemented • Finalize implementation of Balanced Score Card (BSC)

  42. Objectives 2011/2012 Furtherfocus on Publications • The English version of “Drugs in Renal Replacement Therapy – A Guide to Clinical Practice” will be available at the 41st EDTNA/ERCA International Conference in Athens, 2012 • JoRC Supplement on “Diabetes and renal disease: two diseases one person” will be launched early 2012

  43. Objectives 2011/2012 EDTNA/ERCA projects in collaboration with other associations • New ENRCA Project: “Exploring the Challenges & Opportunities for Renal Care Across Europe, A survey of National Presidents of Renal Nursing Associations” coordinated by John Sedgewick • Acute Kidney Injury (AKI)publication in collaboration with: European Federation of Critical Care Nursing Association - EfCCNa and HellenicNephrology Nurses Association – HENNA to be launched in 2012 at the41st EDTNA/ERCA Conference in Athens

  44. Objectives 2011/2012 • To motivate members to become volunteers and to take part in the Association's activity and growth • Develop new contact lines with members (social Media) • Promote peer networking in order to widen and promote associations’ activities • Liaise with members in countries and promote volunteers’ post

  45. Objectives 2011/2012 • To set up enhanced tools and develop activities to increase membership • Define membership needs and wants and develop activities, services and products • Improve communication channels with members (social Media) • Promote peer networking in order to widen and promote associations’ activities

  46. Volunteers acknowledgement Maria Saraiva EC Secretary

  47. Leaving volunteers Anastasia Laskari EDTNA/ERCA President Mumtaz Goolam EC member Kai Schmieder EC member Carsten Rye Gregersen KMM Ana María Gómez Romero KM for Spain Mary Clare O’Gara   KM for Ireland Silvia Brenna KM for Italy Zehra Aydin KM for Turkey Jenny Rovner Journal Club Manager

  48. Volunteers changing post Michel Roden EDTNA/ERCA President Anastasia Laskari EDTNA/ERCA IPP Marianna Eleftheroudi KMM Mary Clare O’Gara  ILM for China

  49. New EDTNA/ERCA volunteers Helen Noble SPC Chair Frank Alexander Kelly KM for Ireland Maria Patrizia Fiorito KM for Italy Carlota Hidalgo Lopez KM for Spain Şenay Özer Özkan KM for Turkey Philippe Montillier KM for Switzerland

  50. Motions Maria Saraiva EC Secretary