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August 20th 4:30-7:30 pm Grantsburg High School Auditorium 480 East James Avenue Grantsburg, WI 54840 August 21st 4:30-7 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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August 20th 4:30-7:30 pm Grantsburg High School Auditorium 480 East James Avenue Grantsburg, WI 54840 August 21st 4:30-7:30 pm Superior Best Western 415 Hammond Avenue Superior WI 54880 August 22nd 4:30-7:30 pm Green Bay Public Library (lower level) 515 Pine Street Green Bay, WI 54301

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Presentation Transcript
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August 20th 4:30-7:30 pm

Grantsburg High School Auditorium

480 East James AvenueGrantsburg, WI 54840

August 21st 4:30-7:30 pm

Superior Best Western

415 Hammond Avenue

Superior WI 54880

August 22nd 4:30-7:30 pm

Green Bay Public Library (lower level)

515 Pine Street

Green Bay, WI 54301

August 23rd 4:30-7:30 pm

Wausau- Marathon County Public Library (3rd floor)(Wausau Room)

300 1st Street

Wausau, WI 54403

August 24th 4:30-7:30 pm

Chippewa Valley Technical College

620 West Clairemont Avenue

Eau Claire WI 54701-6162

Insight School of Wisconsin

Slide3 l.jpg

August 27th 4:30-7:30 pm

Milwaukee Public Library

814 W Wisconsin Ave

Milwaukee, WI 53233

August 28th 5:00-8:00 pm

Beloit Public Library

409 Pleasant Street

Beloit, WI 53511

August 29th 4:30-7:30 pm

Madison Public Library

2707 E Washington Avenue

Madison, WI 53717

August 30th 4:30-7:30 pm

LaCrosse Public Library Side B of Auditorium

800 Main Street

LaCrosse, WI 54601

Insight School of Wisconsin

Welcome l.jpg

  • Thank you for choosing Insight School of Wisconsin

    • We are a school of CHOICE

    • First Class of Insight School Wisconsin

    • You are a PIONEER

      • Commitment, Determination, and Drive

Insight School of Wisconsin

Educational philosophy l.jpg
Educational Philosophy

“ISWi’s mission is to serve students whose needs are not being well-met in a traditional high school setting. Insight Schools is devoted to making quality public education accessible for all high-school-age students. Insight School of Wisconsin will provide online education alternatives for thousands of high-school-age students in Wisconsin who, for reasons that are as unique as the students themselves, do not attend school or may benefit from a non-traditional school setting.”

Insight School of Wisconsin

About iswi l.jpg
About ISWi

  • Partnered with Grantsburg School District

    • Charter School Governed by the State of WI

    • Innovative and Progressive

Insight School of Wisconsin

As a student you will benefit from l.jpg
As a student you will benefit from…

  • Choices. Choose courses covering core subjects and requirements, plus electives such as foreign languages, technology, and business—we also offer advanced placement and honors courses.

  • Tools. School issued laptop computer with wireless card, a printer, a stipend for Internet service, and all course materials you’ll need for independent study, for as long as you are an Insight student.

  • Guidance. Interact with iMentors and certified teachers who focus their time on teaching, mentoring, and engaging with students, primarily on a one-to-one basis.

Insight School of Wisconsin

Advantages for students l.jpg
Advantages for Students

  • Will receive a high school diploma like any traditional high school

  • You will meet all state requirements for graduation and post high school education

  • 130+ courses to choose from

    • emphasizes “active learning,” or applying concepts rather than simply retaining information. You can study on your own time

  • You have flexibility in your education

  • You will be able to learn and gain an education in a positive environment where you feel comfortable

Insight School of Wisconsin

Advantages insight provides l.jpg
Advantages Insight Provides

  • Knowledgeable/Experienced Support System

  • Alternative and Flexible Education

  • Broad and Challenging Curriculum

  • Pathway/Tools for to Success

    • High School Diploma

    • Lifelong knowledge and skills

    • Connection with University of Phoenix (online university)

  • Outstanding Educational Experience

Insight School of Wisconsin

What we need from you l.jpg
What We Need From You

  • A High Level of Commitment

  • Patience and Understanding of our Newness

    • As we implement new processes to make our complete education experience more beneficial to our Students and Families

  • Feedback

  • Communication

  • High Level of Effort

Insight School of Wisconsin

Iswi principal billy beesley l.jpg
ISWI Principal Billy Beesley

  • Proud to be the Principal of ISWI

  • Background

  • Online Educational Experience

  • Our Team of Administrators & Vision (next)

Please raise your hand at any time during the presentation if you have questions.

Insight School of Wisconsin

Slide12 l.jpg

Insight School of Wisconsin

John Jacobs * Jeff Bush * Billy Beesley

Cassidy Bettendorf * Dana Maney Janell Stevens * Stacy McNight

ISWI Distinguished Faculty

Faith McNally*Kayla McLean*Vivian BrotenOliver Burrows*William Johnston

James Anghilante * Steve Beach * Becky Crowe * Kimberly Dion

Dawn DeMarco * Kiala Givehand * Tama Ihde * Jennifer Jaworski

Mark Johnson * Peggy Klein * Kirsten Koetje * Luke Konrath

Dawn Nibbelink * Michael O’Connor * Melissa Palmer *

Ann Pearson * Ruth Regent-Smith * Barbara Schulz *

Michael Seyller * Ray Speryl * Barbara Starikoff * Shannon Urban

Janel Woodhouse * Heather Young

What brings student success l.jpg
What Brings Student Success?

  • Commitment (To yourself & your future)

  • Hard Work (Online learning is challenging)

  • Determination (When the going gets tough, the tough gets going!)

  • Weekly Study Expectations (Six Credits)

    • 30 hours per week (Easy & Hard to Understand Courses)

    • 6 hours per day (alternatives & chunking)

Insight School of Wisconsin

Ways to succeed that work l.jpg
Ways to Succeed – that WORK!!

  • #1 is Organization

  • Build Folders & Folders & Folders

    • CASE Put everything relevant into your folders

  • Good Notes (Using MSFT Word)

  • Questions – Prepare to ask teachers, online Tutors

Insight School of Wisconsin

Organization is your best friend l.jpg
Organization is your “Best Friend”

  • Develop a routine

  • Have schedules and reminders visible each and every day where you will see them!

  • Use some sort of assignment notebook

    • MSFT Word & Excel

    • Daily Planner (Paper or Electronic)

    • Apex & eCollege

Insight School of Wisconsin

Understand your learning style l.jpg
Understand Your Learning Style

  • #2 Time Management

  • A schedule that works for YOU

  • Study in a quiet place – the same place each day

    • Private but yet public

  • What time of day are you able to focus the best?

  • What type of environment & conditions do you learn best in? (Jeter)

Insight School of Wisconsin

Set goals and benchmarks l.jpg
Set Goals and Benchmarks

  • Set Short Term Goals & Long Term Goals that you are able to or want to accomplish

  • Set Benchmarks (mini goals) for each goal

  • Give yourself rewards for accomplishing your goals in a successful manner

  • Be sure to be REALISTIC

Insight School of Wisconsin

Attendance l.jpg

  • Attendance must be documented and tracked to meet State and Federal requirements and reporting

  • We believe attendance directly correlates with the level of success obtainable for each student

Insight School of Wisconsin

Attendance20 l.jpg

  • Two types of ISWI Attendance

    • Synchronous

    • Asynchronous

    • Elluminate Synchronous Sessions & Asynchronous Recordings

Insight School of Wisconsin

Attendance reporting l.jpg
Attendance Reporting

  • Insight’s State reporting requirements will be reported as days since last login.

  • Attendance Guidelines used for Absentees:

  • Attendance Policy:

    • Calls from your Student Advisor after 3 missed days

    • Warning letters, e-mails generated weekly for:

      • 3-10 days with no login

      • 11-15 days with no login

      • 16-19 days with no login (Certified letter sent)

      • 20+ days with no login (withdrawn from school)

Insight School of Wisconsin

Attendance recap l.jpg
Attendance Recap

  • No login or communication of any sort for 3 consecutive days or more will be considered an unexcused absentee

  • If a student receives 20 days of consecutive unexcused absences this will be considered a sufficient indicator of lack of progress and the student may be withdrawn from Insight School of WI and sent back to their home school district

Insight School of Wisconsin

Educational leave l.jpg
Educational Leave

  • Educational Leave

    • Up to 5 days

    • Pre-approved by the Principal

      “Insight School of Wisconsin is a school of choice that requires a commitment to excellence! Attendance is a crucial component to the success of each student!”

Insight School of Wisconsin

Grading policy l.jpg
Grading Policy

  • Grading policies are established by individual instructors and are in compliance with State and School guidelines.

  • Grading information and other course-specific information are provided online within each course.

Insight School of Wisconsin

Assignment late policy l.jpg
Assignment Late Policy

  • Teachers shall have initial authority to grant exceptions on an individual basis. Completed according to schedule = No penalty

    • Completed between 1 – 7 calendar days late = No penalty, if previous arrangements made with the teacher.

    • Completed between 8 – 14 calendar days late = 75% of earned points

    • Over 14 calendar days late = Zero credit unless previous arrangements have been made with the teacher.

  • The Principal is the first level of appeal.

Insight School of Wisconsin

Turn it in com l.jpg

Turn it in is a software application that ISWI uses to guarantee the originality of a student’s work.

Gettysburg Address example

Plagiarism checks and teacher and parent notifications.

Insight School of Wisconsin

Weekly progress reports l.jpg
Weekly Progress Reports

  • Student will receive a progress report via…

    • Email

    • Standard USPS mail

Insight School of Wisconsin

Parent guardian roles l.jpg
Parent/Guardian Roles

  • Support to organize their students to study

  • Support to develop student time management

  • Oversight on completion of course work

  • Catch your student before they fall behind

  • Communicate with the School, Teachers, iMentors, and Academic Counselor

Insight School of Wisconsin

Iswi teaching staff l.jpg
ISWI Teaching Staff

  • 27 Teachers and 5 iMentors (170 applicants)

  • Average of over 11 years of teaching experience

  • 2/3 have advanced degrees of Masters, Double Masters and Specialist, several close to Ph.D.

  • Some teachers had extensive online teaching experience

  • The best from around the Nation

Insight School of Wisconsin

Insight opportunities l.jpg
Insight Opportunities

  • Academic Letters

  • Clubs & Groups

  • Face to Face Events

  • Yearbook

  • Student Council

  • Forum/Discussion Board

Insight School of Wisconsin

Slide31 l.jpg

Clubs & Groups

ISWI Clubs Offered include:

Academic Decathlon, Animal, Art, Book, Chess, Dance, FBLA, Foreign Music, French, Journalism, NASA, Newspaper, Parenting, Pen pal, Pep, Photography, Spanish, Stock Market Club, Student Council, Wisconsin Pride, Yearbook & More.

Do you have ideas for a club?

Slide32 l.jpg

Please Review the ISWI Student/Parent Handbook

Key Components

Student Online Safety & Security

Code of Ethics & Behavior

Expectation of Course Work & Study

School Involvement in Clubs & Groups

Social Interactions Among All Students & Staff

Principal s office hours l.jpg
Principal’s Office Hours

  • Students and Parents will be able to reach Mr. Beesley Monday through Fridays (most days) from 10:00-11:00 AM in my virtual office through Elluminate.

  • Phone calls to Principal’s Office 715-463-3753

  • Specific Email to be announced

Insight School of Wisconsin

Slide34 l.jpg


Insight School of Wisconsin

Tech check l.jpg
Tech Check

  • Laptop and Power Cable

  • Printer and Power Cable

  • Microphone/Headset

  • USB cable and Phone/Modem Cable

  • Laptop Case

  • 1-866-800-0027 will provide you with 24 hour technical support

Insight School of Wisconsin

Online orientation l.jpg
Online Orientation

  • Overview of online learning

  • Mandatory

  • Located in eCollege

  • .25 credit

  • Will be facilitated by your iMentor

Insight School of Wisconsin

Webmail l.jpg

Insight School of Wisconsin

Webmail cont d l.jpg
Webmail Cont’d

Insight School of Wisconsin

Document management l.jpg
Document Management

  • Creating a folder

Insight School of Wisconsin

Document management cont d l.jpg
Document Management Cont’d

  • After selecting to create a folder, the system will want you to name your new folder.

  • Type a new name here and press enter

Insight School of Wisconsin

Document management cont d41 l.jpg
Document Management Cont’d

  • If you miss out on naming your folder, or decide you want to change the name, you can Right-Click on the folder and select Rename.

Insight School of Wisconsin

Document management cont d42 l.jpg
Document Management Cont’d

  • Notice what I have done above. Inside of My Documents, I’ve created a folder called My Courses. Inside of My Courses I’ve set up a folder for each class that I am taking. That way, I can save my work separately for each class, and stay better organized.

Insight School of Wisconsin

Document management cont d43 l.jpg
Document Management Cont’d

  • Inside the World History folder, notice how neatly things are arranged. Staying organized is a key skill for success in online school!

Insight School of Wisconsin

Lms sis l.jpg

  • Student Information Systems

    • Power School

  • Learning Management Systems

    • eCollege

    • Apex

    • Digital Learning Commons (DLC)

Insight School of Wisconsin

Power school l.jpg
Power School

  • Power School holds all of our school information –

    • your grades

    • transcripts

    • teacher’s comments

    • contact information

  • Power School is tracked and documented

    • Make sure to login in several times a week or you will be counted as Absent.

Insight School of Wisconsin

Power school login l.jpg
Power School Login

  • To login to PowerSchool, first open the Go To Class link from your desktop.

  • Next, choose your school from the page that loads.

Insight School of Wisconsin

Power school cont d l.jpg
Power School Cont’d

  • You will be taken to the PowerSchool login page.

  • Use the PowerSchool Username/Password from your Password Sheet which you received in the mail. If you have a password, but it is not working, please call your school and press 1 for technical support.

    Wisconsin – (866) 800-0027

Insight School of Wisconsin

Power school cont d48 l.jpg
Power School Cont’d

  • Once you have logged in to the system, you will see your start page, along with links running across the top of the page.

Insight School of Wisconsin

Parent login l.jpg
Parent Login

Insight School of Wisconsin

Power school cont d50 l.jpg
Power School Cont’d

  • Select Grades and Attendance to see final grades for a course, along with e-mail links to contact your teachers. If you have any absences recorded, they will show up here.

Insight School of Wisconsin

Power school cont d51 l.jpg
Power School Cont’d

  • Select Grade History to see your up-to-date grades. This will change each week as new weekly grade reports are produced. Use Grade History to see an up-to-date look at your grade in a class.

Insight School of Wisconsin

Power school cont d52 l.jpg
Power School Cont’d

  • The School Bulletin item will give you important information about school happenings – check here often!

Insight School of Wisconsin

Ecollege l.jpg

  • After logging into PowerSchool select Go to eCollege from your Resources page and use the same login for eCollege.

Insight School of Wisconsin

Ecollege cont d l.jpg
eCollege Cont’d

  • After logging on, click the Academics PSH tab across the top of your screen. Additionally, from this Home PSH tab, you can see important school-wide announcements.

Insight School of Wisconsin

Ecollege cont d55 l.jpg
eCollege Cont’d

  • On the Academics PSH tab, your courses will be located in the Fall 2007 term.

  • If the Fall 2007 term is collapsed, press the plus arrow (+) to expand it. Notice how the Training term is minimized in the picture below.

Insight School of Wisconsin

Ecollege cont d56 l.jpg
eCollege Cont’d

  • After clicking to open a course, you will see a left-hand navigation bar available, as well as a main area to the right which holds course contents. Additionally, along the top of the screen you will see other tools such as the Gradebook and Dropbox, where you go to turn in written assignments.

Insight School of Wisconsin

Ecollege cont d57 l.jpg
eCollege Cont’d

Insight School of Wisconsin

Slide58 l.jpg

  • After logging into PowerSchool select Go to Apex from your Resources page.

  • Enter your Apex username and password then click Go to Class. This information is found on your Password Sheet. After entering your login information, click Login Now.

Insight School of Wisconsin

Apex cont d l.jpg
Apex Cont’d

  • The first time you login to Apex, you will get a pop-up window which contains Apex’s own Orientation. You can close this for right now, and return to this orientation later on.

  • You will then be taken to the main page.

Insight School of Wisconsin

Apex cont d60 l.jpg
Apex Cont’d

  • Selecting a course will pop-open a new window. Inside sits your course material, along with a left-hand navigation bar.

Insight School of Wisconsin

Apex cont d61 l.jpg
Apex Cont’d

  • The left-hand navigation bar expands

  • Each unit has sub-units attached.

Insight School of Wisconsin

Apex cont d62 l.jpg
Apex Cont’d

  • Also contained in many units will be assignments, handouts and other attachments available via links on the far right side of the page.

  • Also notice in the top-right hand corner, there is a small fax-machine icon. This is used to print a cover-sheet, which can be used to fax your assignments in to your teacher.

Insight School of Wisconsin

Digital learning commons dlc l.jpg
Digital Learning Commons (DLC)

  • Digitial Learning Commons

    • Online educational based resource

    • Used for

      • Researching

      • Building Projects

      • Storing data, portfolios, folders, etc

    • Online Library

      • Used ONLY for educational purposes

        (Will learn more about the DLC in your online orientation)

Insight School of Wisconsin

Smart thinking l.jpg
Smart Thinking

1.  From the resources page in Power School click on Smart Thinking or go to and enter your password from your password sheet.

Insight School of Wisconsin

Smart thinking cont d l.jpg
Smart Thinking Cont’d

  • This will take you to your personal homepage where you can:

    • Connect with an e-structor NOW!

    • Schedule a personal session (48 hours)

    • Submit your writing

    • Submit a question

Insight School of Wisconsin

Elluminate l.jpg

  • Elluminate Live! is a world-class, real-time training, demonstration collaboration environment

  • Used for real-time, remote teaching, training, meeting, and much more.

  • Engages Participants with the ability to talk over the Internet (with full duplex audio),

  • Chat online, share video, whiteboards, multimedia files and applications-all in one

Insight School of Wisconsin

Computer insurance l.jpg
Computer Insurance

  • Covered for all occurrences EXCEPT

    • Fire

    • Theft

  • Contact your personal Insurance company

    • May be able to fall under your Home/Renter policy

Insight School of Wisconsin

Forms l.jpg

  • WKCE – Sophomore sign up


  • Handbook Confirmation Form

  • Statement of Income Form

  • Parent Sign Up Sheet

Insight School of Wisconsin

Internet reimbursement l.jpg
Internet Reimbursement

  • Only families/students who meet the guidelines for the Federal Free and Reduced Priced Meal program may receive their Internet Service Reimbursement on a monthly basis by providing their monthly bill.

  • Copies of your Internet Service Provider bills can be mailed, faxed or scanned and e-mailed as follows:

  • E-Fax: 1.866.800.0027

  • Mail:

    • Insight Schools

      Attn: Accounts Payable

      309 SW 6th Ave Ste 820

      Portland, OR 97204

  • Scan and e-mailed to:

Insight School of Wisconsin

Slide71 l.jpg

Q & A

Insight School of Wisconsin

School mascot activity l.jpg
School MascotActivity

Insight School of Wisconsin

Slide74 l.jpg

Student Services

  • Structure:

  • Student Planning

  • Responsive Services and Crisis Intervention

  • Guidance Curriculum

  • System and Student Academic Support

Slide75 l.jpg

Student Services

  • Philosophy:

  • Preventive in design

  • Developmental in nature

  • Integrated with academics

  • Systematic and intentional

  • Comprehensive in scope, including:

    • Personal domain

    • Social domain

    • Academic domain

Slide76 l.jpg

Student Services

  • Help students grow socially

    • Help students to develop relationship skills

    • Assist in conflict resolution

    • Train students to make effective choices

    • Improve student decision making skills

    • Developing pupil self knowledge

Insight School of Wisconsin

Slide77 l.jpg

Student Services

  • Career and Educational Planning

    • Help students set and reach academic goals

    • Assist students to develop a positive attitude toward school

    • Make an education plan in collaboration with student

    • Help each person recognize and use their personal strengths

Insight School of Wisconsin

Slide78 l.jpg

Student Services

  • Career and Educational Planning Cont…

    • Guide students in creating a professional portfolio

    • Collaborate with students and their families to create a post high school plan that fits their abilities and interests

    • Plan and implement WKCE, ACT, and other testing

    • Acts as an intermediary and resource for communicating with higher education and arranging visits

    • Aids families in financial planning for post high school education (I.E. federal assistance forms)

Insight School of Wisconsin

Slide79 l.jpg

Student Services

  • Virtual Conferences

    • 9th grade (All Year)

      • High school planning and how it relates to future plans

    • 10th grade (All Year)

      • Continue tracking student progress and how it relates to future plans

    • 11th grade (Spring)

      • Post high school planning

    • 12th grade (Fall)

      • Final plans and implementation

Insight School of Wisconsin

Slide80 l.jpg

Student Services

  • Student Advocacy

    • Collaborate with families, students, teachers, and administration to best address student needs

Insight School of Wisconsin

Slide81 l.jpg

Student Services

Student Services Is Here to Serve All Students.

Insight School of Wisconsin

Slide82 l.jpg

Student Services



Insight School of Wisconsin

Slide83 l.jpg

Cassidy Bettendorf,

Academic CounselorInsight Schools of Wisconsin

463 E. State Rd 70

Grantsburg, WI 54840


[email protected]

Insight School of Wisconsin

Slide84 l.jpg


Insight School of Wisconsin