safe kids are no accident l.
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Safe Kids Are No Accident!

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Safe Kids Are No Accident! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Safe Kids Are No Accident!. Getting to and from school safely. . . . Pedestrian Safety Tips. Cross the street only at the corners and in marked crosswalks. This sign marks a crosswalk. This is how the streets are painted in a crosswalk. Here is another example of a painted crosswalk.

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Remember that sometimes drivers want to stop but the road may be slippery. That is why you must make sure the tires are not moving and the driver sees you before you step out in the street.

be especially careful in the winter when the roads may be slippery and the driver can t stop
Be especially careful in the winter when the roads may be slippery and the driver can’t stop.
Wear light colored clothing or a reflective device. This is very important as the days get darker in the winter time.

Brightly colored clothing and backpacks makes it easier for drivers to see you during the day time.At night, reflective material on clothing helps drivers see you better (stickers). Some coats and backpacks come with reflective material sewn on them.


When getting out of a car, get out on the grass side of the car. Do not go on the driver’s side which is the side of traffic flow.

You must walk your bike on school property not only for safety reasons but because it is a school rule.
this safety information is provided for you by
This safety information is provided for you by:

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