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Gemma Boetekees FSC Europe Director PowerPoint Presentation
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Gemma Boetekees FSC Europe Director

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Gemma Boetekees FSC Europe Director - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Gemma Boetekees FSC Europe Director Forest Stewardship Council Why was FSC created? Identify well managed forests and their products Provide the consumer with independent assurance of the sources of forest products Forest Stewardship Council FSC is:

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Presentation Transcript

Gemma Boetekees

FSC Europe Director


Forest Stewardship Council

Why was FSC created?

  • Identify well managed forests and their products
  • Provide the consumer with independent assurance of the sources of forest products

Forest Stewardship Council

FSC is:

  • Association of Voting Members, founded in 1993
  • 561 members
  • from 59 countries
  • organized in 3 chambers
    • economic,
    • environmental and
    • social
  • (February 2003)

Forest Stewardship Council

Mission Statement

  • FSC shall promote:
forest stewardship council principles and criteria
Compliance with laws and FSC Principles

Tenure and use rights and responsibilities

Indigenous peoples’ rights

Community relations and worker’s rights

Benefits from the forest

6. Environmental impact

7. Management plan

8. Monitoring and assessment

9. Maintenance of High Conservation Value forests

10. Plantations

Forest Stewardship CouncilPrinciples and Criteria

Forest Stewardship Council

How does FSC work?

  • Accreditation and monitoring of certification bodies, standards, National Initiatives
  • World wide standard of recognized and respected Principles and Criteria of good forest management and policies to accompany them
  • Communication and Marketing (incl. Trademark)
  • Capacity building

Forest Stewardship Council

FSC Europe Regional Office, Netherlands

FSC International Centre, Bonn, Germany

FSC Asia RO,

SE Asia

FSC America RO,

Oaxaca, Mexico

FSC Africa RO,

Central Africa

A global, flexible and decentralised network


FSC accredited certifiers

  • South African Bureau for Standards (SABS)
  • ICILA (Italy)
  • GFA Terra Systems Germany)
  • Silva Forest Foundation(Canada)
  • BM TRADA Certification United Kingdom)
  • Eurocertifor (France)
  • SQS (Switzerland)
  • Rainforest Alliance Smart Wood Program:United States
  • Scientific Certification Systems Forest Conservation Program (SCS):United States
  • SGS Forestry QUALIFOR Programme:United Kingdom
  • Soil Association Woodmark scheme:United Kingdom
  • Institut für Marktölogie (IMO):Switzerland
  • Skal:The Netherlands

FSC in the world

31 National Initiatives (February 2003)


Forest Management & Chain of Custody certificates

February 2003

2,871 CoC Certificates in 67 countries

10,000 FSC labelled products

Total certified area:


486 FM certificates in 55 countries


Forest Stewardship Council

San Francisco Int’l Airport, USA

1950 m2 certified cherry veneer on the International Terminal Great Wall


Forest Stewardship Council

In 204 houses in Arnhem, The Netherlands,

Window frames made from FSC labelled sapupira from Brazil


Forest Stewardship Council

FSC Benefits

Social Benefits:

  • Empowerment of all stakeholders through access, knowledge & voice
  • Preservation of indigenouspeoples’ rights
  • Worker safety & welfare
  • Contribution to alleviation of poverty
  • Sustainable communities

Environmental Benefits:

  • Conserves biodiversity
  • Protects threatened species & habitats
  • Maintains ecological integrity&functionality of the forest

Economic Benefits:

  • Market differentiation
  • Market access
  • Increased market share & reach
  • Enhanced profitability through elimination of wasteful practices
  • Access to new sources ofcapital, such as sociallyresponsible investment
forest stewardship council uk research on impacts of certification nov 2002
Forest Stewardship CouncilUK research on impacts of certification (Nov 2002)
  • Commercial enterprises: the market has been the main driver.
    • Earlier certifications: seeking to ‘get ahead of the market’.
    • More recent certifications: requests and preferences from buyers for certified timber.
  • Enterprises without a commercial imperative: driver is principle and demonstration (of good management)
  • Whilst most commercial enterprises would not certify without market pressure, wider benefits of being certified are recognised – better relationships, avoidance of conflict, better public and governmental profile, ease of grant applications.
forest stewardship council consumer research
Forest Stewardship CouncilConsumer research
  • UK (approx. 5% FSC timber in 2001)
    • ‘Gardening which?’ April 2001
      • 76% gardeners: only offer timber from good forest management
      • 13% recognises FSC logo; 75% of them knows what it stands for
  • Netherlands (approx 7% FSC timber in 2001)
    • WWF May 2002
      • 12% recognises FSC logo and can explain what it means
      • 44% recognises logo if FSC is mentioned
      • 13% looks for logo when buying timber
forest stewardship council why retailers demand certification
Forest Stewardship CouncilWhy retailers demand certification
  • B&Q’s Timber Buying Policy:

“To continue to build our customers’ trust that all our wood and paper products come either from proven, well managed forests or recycled material, thereby continuing to grow sales and build pride for our entire supply chain”

  • Intergamma:

“Intergamma is looking for a long lasting relationship with our customers. Independent and credible certification of timber fits in this policy. Intergamma has introduced a long-term policy to supply only FSC labelled timber to our customers”


Forest Stewardship Council

Adopted by forest product companies



Doors & window frames






forest stewardship council conclusion
Forest Stewardship CouncilConclusion
  • Socially-responsible business or sustainable business practice serves the interest of a company. It is hardly seen as a luxury; rather, it pays for itself.
  • The Forest Stewardship Council provides a marketing instrument for companies that wish to assure their clients of their long-term commitment to socially beneficial, environmentally appropriate and economically viable forest management.