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Welcome to the August edition of Hairs & Graces newsletter. Inside you will find the latest news about the salon and our stylists. It will also update you on the latest tips and trends to keep your hair looking and feeling beautiful. There are always new products being introduced to the salon so we can inform and educate our guests into maintaining their personal style at home.

Who needs to go aboard when you have weather like this. Has this hot spell made you think about having a restyle and chopping it all off? Call in for a personal consultation to discuss ideas and inspiration in what would be best to transform your look! Enjoy and relax in our friendly atmosphere and pamper yourself.

Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page to keep updated with the latest trends.

We are a unisex salon that offers a range of professional services and products. We have been here as a salon and a team whilst winning multiple awards along the way. We are a team of 9 which cover all aspects of hairdressing to give the best salon experience. Our passion for hairdressing enable us to give the best possible service and friendly atmosphere to our ever growing, exciting salon.


Phillipa is raising money for charities for children with Leukemia. This is a cause very close to her heart as her 2 year old godson has recently been diagnosed with this. She will be shaving her head to raise as much money as possible to help those in need. She is hoping to raise £750 so she would appreciate all donations big or small. If you wish to donate, please call in the salon to fill in the sponsorship form. Follow our weekly update of money raised so far on Hairs and Graces Facebook page. As a salon we are all joining together and planning a themed, fun-filled day to raise money for children with leukemia. We welcome any ideas on ways to raise money!

Phillipa and Darren have just been on their 6th 3-6-5 course in London. The course really inspired them into improving the salon and making our guests experience as enjoyable as possible. All that they learnt has been passed on to the rest of the stylists who are excited to put everything into action.

If you don’t already know 3-6-5 are a hairdressing organization that educate hairdressers in how to give the best possible experience for their guests. As a 3-6-5 hairdresser we listen to you and recognize your individuality  Your personal consultation will result in a style designed for you along with professional advice on maintaining that style at home.



I wasn’t sure how this weekend was going to apply to me but I felt so welcome by everyone. I now understand a little more about the Clynol colours and what girls can achieve if they put there mind to it. I feel that we as a hole salon team can go and be put up for many awards and we can win. The hole day was amazing, and at the awards night it kept me thinking on what we as a salon can do in the future.


Let me start by saying how nice it was to be part of such a lovely team of work colleagues.

We all had an amazing time on our Clynol weekend at Alton Towers. We arrived late morning, all excited. A glass of red went down a treat.

The Clynol team then put on an amazing show and presentation showing us all the new amazing colours we now have at our salon.

It was very inspirational. It was great to see other salons believe and enjoy working with Clynol as much as we do. We then all got glammed up and headed to what felt like the hairdressing Oscars.

The next morning it was team building.. Altogether we did fantastic as we came second place, we were all so pleased to bring our trophies home. Watch out next year!


I unfortunately couldn't make it to the Clynol business awards and I was gutted. I knew it would have been an amazing experience to learn lots of new things and be involved and inspired by some very talented hairdressers. However I was very flattered that the rest of the salon were that disappointed I couldn’t come that they made a cut out of my face to take with them. The pictures are fantastic and they looked like they had an amazing time it made my day to see my face still in all the pictures. This experience has made me feel extremely grateful that I work with the most amazing people who really care. There is no way I'm missing the next one!


Getting straight into it I had a fantastic time! I couldn’t fault anything of the whole weekend. On the Sunday we were very welcomed by the Clynol team, they then presented the re-launch of the Clynol products. Followed by a catwalk that presented the new range of colours. The models looked amazing and really inspired me to be more creative. We then had a gala dinner and awards ceremony and plenty of drinks! Feeling slightly tender the next morning we had team bonding. We came second place with a little help from the staff at Alton Towers. All I can say is watch out at the Clynol awards next year, we will be number 1!


The Clynol business and creative awards weekend was inspirational. It was amazing to watch the shows and I enjoyed seeing the models with the new colours, it was so much more amazing to see them in action. Seeing them on models made me feel excited to use them! I loved watching the awards but couldn’t help thinking ‘I wish that was me’ it has given me a lot of inspiration and determination to try and achieve something in which I consider to be phenomenal. I was very proud to have came second in the team building and so proud of the team hanging in there even though some didn’t feel up to it. Well done guys!



Accessorize your hair with flower head bands. It’s a perfect trend this summer and come in a wide range of colours to match any outfit!

Dip dye is one of the major colours in this year! But why not brighten it up with a crazier colour for the summer?! And if you don’t want to have it permanent we also do the hair chalks with a wide range of amazing colours to choose from!

The classic bun has made a massive come back! It’s a great style to keep all your hair away from your face in hot weather, you can wear it high, low or to the side. Wear it as messy or as sleek as you like.. It all works!

Similar to the bun, a plait can be worn many ways and always looks great! If you don’t fancy the traditional plait why not try an trendy fishtail plait very easy yet effective.


Don’t forget to take a look at our brand new window display in the salon! It will be at the back of the salon and will feature all the latest products and inspiration perfect for your hair! The theme will be changed regularly so keep checking the latest display. Our first theme will be summer which will include all the summer must-have products for your hair.

We have another salon competition on its way on Sunday 18th August! The competition will be for each stylist to create a complete look based on the theme ‘seasons’. The main focus is of course the hair, so it needs to be something unique and on trend with an Avant Garde twist. But to achieve a full look the make up and clothing needs to be considered. There will be photo’s taken so look out for the announcement of our winner and all the photo’s on our website, Facebook, Twitter and upcoming newsletters. It’s a fun-filled day and gives the stylists the opportunity to really let their creative side come out! They are all bursting with brilliant ideas and planning their look. Here is a photo of all our models and stylists last December. The theme was glam rock!


Special Offers

We love to give our guests special offers to thank them for their consistency and the pleasure of their company. Don’t miss out…

Find us on Facebook to keep up to date with the latest news, products, inspiration, offers and events.

Follow us on twitter @hairsandgraces3

Check out our website to find out even more about us.