esf families across the east midlands n.
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ESF Families across the East Midlands PowerPoint Presentation
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ESF Families across the East Midlands

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ESF Families across the East Midlands - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ESF Families across the East Midlands
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  1. ESF Familiesacross the East Midlands Kevin Thomas as at 4th Sept 2012

  2. Complex / Troubled Families Context ESF Support to Families with Complex issues- announcement 3 Jan 12 by Chris Grayling, Aimed Multi-Generational Worklessness / families/households with multiple/specialist issues and needs. Troublesome Families -announcement 15 Dec 11 by David Cameron/Eric Pickles Central Government payment by results. Aimed at 120,000 problem / priority families. Note: Some of the families will overlap into both Provisions

  3. Who are Working Links? • We are a leading Welfare to Work organisation and have been delivering since 2000 we have: • supported over 220,000 customers into work in UK • helped over 22,150 people in the East Midlands into sustainable work. • We were the first public, private, voluntary organisation in Great Britain. • We are a lead provider across a range of sectors including: Welfare to Work, Skills, Justice. • ESF Families teams have - Engaged with all 9 upper tier and some of 42 lower tier Local Authorities across the East Midlands

  4. Local Delivery Working Links – Deliver in all Local Authority areas • Our 8 Partner Organisations across the East Midlands • Nth Derbyshire an & Leicestershire; Acorn Training • Nottinghamshire; OTR • Derby City & Derbyshire; Pitman Training/Derby Business • Nottingham; The Meadows Trust , Bestwood Partnership & BEST • Northamptonshire; The Mallows Company • Lincolnshire; 3rd Sector Consortium with Boston Mayflower, ACIS, Birchwood Access & Trg

  5. Provision & Co Location • Key Worker model led that gives us a Flexible model to be able to meet where the families want us to – In the home, at the library, at the local coffee shop, community venue or Children's centre etc • One ESF Family Coordinator for the 12-18 months on provision • Working Links & its partners are embedded within Multi agency team locations & Children’s centres, etc. across the city & county LAs • We have 10 partners from the private and third sectors to deliver across the region, that are based in the heart of their communities. • We’ve built relationships with most agencies/ depts at a local level • Share assessments with LAs to reduce duplication wherever possible • We do not duplication of work already being undertaken

  6. Contract details Contract – 3 years Started Dec 2011 Participants can only be on provision 12 months Finish Dec 2014 + 6 months tracking Outcomes 80% of starts to achieve Progress Measures 22% ESF Sustained Jobs JCP only check eligibility of Qualifying person

  7. ESF Eligibility & Referrals Eligibility • Voluntary provision referred by or through Local Authorities • Individuals to be helped must be over 16 yrs • Family have a history of multi-generational worklessness or where No one in the Family is working. • Qualifying person to passport family/household must be on a Working age benefit but does not have to participate themselves. Referrals Dec 11 – June 14 • From any Local Authority (or their approved internal service agencies) Referrals from Sept 12 – Sept 13 • JCP outreach advisors to refer to Prime provider • Primes to self generate potential participants

  8. Performance - 31st August 2012

  9. Our support (Progress Measures) • Tailored action plan to include (at least) 3 achievable goals each individual can complete. • Goals will be focused over a variety of areas and include; social, family, skills and work related and will require a significant amount of activity in order to complete (typically 20 plus hours) • Support includes: • Debt advice and management, • Housing support, • Childcare or parenting classes Confidence and motivation; • Counselling; • Health & wellbeing support • Skills and qualifications including literacy, numeracy and digital; • Employability support including; Work experience or voluntary activities; • ESF Families teams will not duplicate any work currently being undertaken by other services but will fill any gaps and work holistically with other services • Delivered in a variety of ways, 1 to 1, in house training, Specialist support and added value with existing provision.

  10. ESF Delivery alongside other Contracts • Participants can only be on one type of DWPESF Provision at any one time. • The Qualifying Person does not have to participate on the ESF family support contract. • If the participant is on the following provision they canjoin ESF • If an ESF participant is mandated to Work Programme both providers can work with the client if there is a clear additional benefit. • Innovation fund • Flexible Support Fund support in certain limited circumstances • If the participant is on the following provision they cannot join ESF • ESF Participants can volunteer for Work Programme, but will be exited from ESF provision • Work Experience • Mandatory Work Activity (MWA) • Work Choice • Sector based Work Academies (sbwa)

  11. Delivery Contacts for Leicestershire

  12. Questions