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East Midlands WARP

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East Midlands WARP
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  1. East Midlands WARP Ian Wilcox PSN Local Government Liaison 10 November, 2010

  2. PSN – A Network of Networks • A private internet for the Public Sector • Security assured • Service assured • Open technical standards • Shareable services • Co-ordinated commercial standards

  3. Headlines • Procurement exercises for interim network and telephony services, based on PSN standards, underway since early part of 2010 (GCF and MTCF frameworks). • PSN underwent the Major Programme Review Process in June/July – it was approved, but encouraged to accelerate the delivery of benefits. We go back to MPRG later this year to prove that can be done. • The Government CIO and SIRO mandated PSN, up to IL3, for all Central Departments, Non-departmental Public Bodies (NDPB), and agencies. • PSN Technical Standards baselined, Sept 2010 • Deed of Undertaking (effectively a contract for GCN suppliers) baselined 6 Oct 2010 • PSN Compliance Document set, consisting of a Compliance Strategy/Process document, the Code of Connection (for Customers), Code of Interconnection (for network suppliers) and Code of Practice (for suppliers of services sitting on the PSN) were signed off on 14 Oct 2010 • PSN negotiated more pragmatic, threat based, approach to ‘GSi’ Codes of Connection for Local Government to make immediate savings and ease eventual transition to PSN

  4. What’s Coming Next? • We go back to MPRG later this year to prove that savings can be achieved. • MTCF and GCF frameworks let – Q2 2011 • ‘Early Delivery’ projects underway – there are currently three phases mapped out • Hampshire & Kent deliveries will create initial ‘GCN’ and DNSP services by end 2010. • Connection to the Government Secure intranet (GSi), to allow parallel running during transition, by Q2 2011. • Other Customers and supplier connections introduced from Q2 2011. • PSNA operational, Q2 2011 • PSN Framework 1 (Networks) – delivered mid 2011 } • } Subject to policy review • PSN Framework 2 (Other Services) – late 2011 }

  5. PSN Messages • PSN is still happening, it is not dependent upon other components of the ICT strategy, it’s business case stands on it’s own merit. • The definition of ‘What is PSN’ now exists – and has been produced in collaboration between central and local public sectors and the private sector. • You cannot please all of the people all of the time, some compromise is required and some constraints must be imposed – but only where essential • Collaboration will continue – the PSN Authority (PSNA) has specifically designed routes for two-way communication with Suppliers and Consumers – and will listen • The programme remains flexible to change. PSN is designed to evolve, not be static, there is a vision in mind and we won’t get there straight away due to commercial and technical constraints, but we’ve started the journey • Transition has started, the journey will be different for everyone, but some aspects will be the same

  6. PSN – Key Components There are a number of key components of the PSN vision that come together to provide assurance of end-to-end service to all users Codes Rules by which Provider Services interact and Consumers connect GCN Common core interconnection network providing high levels of availability and performance that interconnect operators Service Management Standards and Processes to ensure interworking across services and end-to-end serviceability across suppliers Security Ensures that existing systems work together by maximising re-use of accredited systems and standards Governance Ensures adherence to common ways of working Innovative Marketplace Brings competitive pressures and a relatively easy means of replacing an under-performing supplier

  7. PSN - Key Documents • LG/CG Leaflet - Brief description of PSN with URLs • PSN Operating Model - Provides primary description of the PSN Operating Model. • PSN Transition Guide - Provides advice and guidance to Public Sector Organisations in planning their transition to PSN. • Procurement of PSN Services Guide - Guidance for organisations who wish to procure PSN Services. • PSN Commercial Guidelines - Provides guidance to assist in the development of effective contracts for PSN. • PSN Benefits Guide • - Assists to identify likely PSN benefits when constructing a business case. • PSN Code Templates • - Templates for completion by PSN Applicants who wish to become providers or consumers of PSN Services • PSN Compliance - Provides overview of PSN Compliance

  8. PSN Codes Code of Connection (CoCo) - Commitments that customers make to one another, and to the PSNA Code of Practice (CoP) - Commitments that PSN Service Providers make to the PSNA Code of Interconnection (CoICo) - Commitments that Direct Network Service Providers make to the PSNA Deed of Undertaking (DoU) - Commitments that GCN Service Providers make to the PSNA All codes contain Technical Interoperability, Service Management, Governance, Commercial and Information Assurance Conditions. Achieving Compliance

  9. The Infrastructure SIRO will provide, through the PSNA, an assessment of the risk profile for a service The Infrastructure SIRO will be responsible for approving a service to operate across the pan government infrastructure Individual SIROs remains responsible for the security of the information they ‘own’ – they need to assess the risk profile identified for any given service against their own business needs When using shared services each SIRO must assure themselves that appropriate care is taken over the security of their information. Where a service is managed outside of their control this will be achieved through contracts or MoUs Role of the SIRO

  10. PSN – Governance CIO Council PSNA Consultation & Escalation PSNGB Consultation & Escalation Compliance (Gov to Gov agreement) Compliance (Gov to Gov agreement) Communication A Trade Association representing the PSN supplier community GCNGB Contracting Authorities Customer Board Framework Authorities A governing body representing the GCN Service Providers Individual organisations which can use the Frameworks for PSN Services or procure PSN services through one-off contracts A user forum representing the views, concerns and wished of the Public Sector customers Individual bodies which have set up Frameworks for PSN Services

  11. PSN – Local and Regional Government is Leading the Way Dorset PSN ....and many more

  12. East Midlands Local Authorities working with the East Midlands Broadband Consortium are looking at the potential for collaborative working in the East Midlands. • End of contract for schools services and some corporate networks is imminent • Potential for sharing procurement effort – framework for the east Midlands • Aggregating schools and corporate requirements • Excellent response to survey – written commitment now being sought • Supplier and partner briefing being prepared for December • PSN compliance would be a requirement

  13. Kent Public Services Network The KPSN is delivered by Unisys through a contract let in May 2008. It was let to meet the needs of Pubic Services in Kent. It had 5 founder members including the Kent Connects Partnership and now has 11 fully signed up members. The contract will require migration to PSN compliance. • Services – WAN, Internet, Data Centre, Managed Security service, Aggregated GCSx connection, centralised Remote Access services • Current Status – 1100 sites connected, additional services planned, upgrades to core infrastructure planned, membership increasing • Signed up partners – County, Schools, Further & Higher Education, 6 Districts in their own right, Kent Fire, other districts, boroughs, Police and the Unitary via Kent Connects • In negotiation with – JaNET and the Local NHS • Governance – formal partnership agreement via an MOU, with decisions made on a majority basis with one partner one vote • Route to PSN compliance – change control using PSN compliance statements

  14. Hampshire Public Services Network The HPSN is delivered by Virgin through a framework contract let in June 2009. It was let to meet the needs of the HIOW public sector community. It has 16 founder members with others taking a watching brief. The contract requires migration to PSN compliance. • Services – WAN, LAN, Internet, Mail, CCTV, Data Centre • Current status – roll out and transition from previous contract • Signed up partners – County, 11 Districts, 3 Unitaries & Fire • In negotiation with Health and Police • Governance – formal partnership agreement. Decisions made by weighted voting with 75% veto • Route to PSN compliance – change control using PSN compliance statements

  15. Dorset Public Sector Network The DPSN Procurement Project aims to secure a framework agreement to provide a PSN compliantnetwork infrastructure and catalogue of services to public sector organisations within Dorset in the first instance, but must also be available to both the local private sector within Dorset plus other public sector organisations in the south west region. The project also has the support of the SW RIEP and SW RDA. • Competitive dialogue procurement underway: • OJEU published 30 Apr 10 • Contract award planned in Apr 11 • Signed up partners – County, 6 Districts, 2 Unitaries, Schools & PCT • In negotiation with – Fire, Police, Universities, other counties • Governance – formal partnership agreement in process, project governance within Dorset partnership programme governance (subject to further review) • Route to PSN compliance – solution must be PSN compliant from the beginning, fully engaged with PSN Transition Workstream

  16. Essex Public Services Network We currently have a shared network (Essextranet) in place over which a variety of services are being delivered as below. We recognise the need to develop an Essex PSN and are in the early stages of planning for deployment. We expect to work with familiar partners building on the long term success and strengths of the Essex OnLine Partnership (EOLP).  EOLP was founded in 1998 in response to the identification for the need of secure e-mail and shared services. • Services – EOLP services include WAN, Mail, GCSX aggregated connectivity with dual geographically diverse entry points, Data Centre, shared services, web based services, telephony network • Current Status – migrating our Essextranet to a new MPLS WAN – completion summer 2010 • Signed up partners – County, 12 Districts, 2 Unitaries, Police and Fire • Governance – building on the existing EOLP governance model which is through subscription with 1 member 1 vote • Route to PSN compliance – launch workshop in June 2010

  17. Wales PSBA The Welsh Public Sector Broadband Aggregation (PSBA) Network is delivered by Logicalis UK Ltd through a framework contract let in August 2007. It was let to meet the needs of the public sector organisations within Wales. It has 3 founder member sectors – Health, Higher and Further Education and the 22 Unitary Authorities. Many more organisations have since joined • Services – Connectivity, Data Centre, Security and out to procurement for Voice (base for a full UC&C capability). Carries Voice, Video, Data, GCSX, JANET, Internet, etc • Current status – BAU for many, over 2,000 sites connected. Many in negotiation. Part of Business Ministers ‘Adopt or Justify’ Policy • Signed up partners – 22 UA’s, all NHS Wales, all HE/FE, all F&RS, nearly all Police, Welsh Audit Office, CCW, WLB, etc • Governance – facilitated by WAG, developed and controlled by the Welsh public sector • Route to PSN compliance – to be the DSNP for Wales

  18. Yorkshire and Humberside • Funding has been obtained from the Yorkshire and Humber RIEP to develop the business case. Project Director appointed to lead the project. Workshops have been held across the region to brief Local Authorities and Health. • There is also strong interest across the Police and other Blue Light services. An initial Board meeting was held where it was agreed to focus upon the LAs, Health and Blue light services. Other Public sector and Third Sector would follow at a later date. Existing networks in North Yorkshire (NYNet) and South Yorkshire (Digital Region) offer strong platforms for developing a regional infrastructure. • Potential Services – Connectivity Services, Internet, Voice, Data Centre/hosting, Security, Email, Collaboration and other Cloud services • Governance – Initial Board established led by L:As to develop Business Case. • Route to PSN compliance – to be the DSNP for Y&H

  19. NYNet NYNet is a private company, wholly owned by North Yorkshire County Council, to provide network and services (e.g. Hosting) to the public sector and Broadband services to hard to serve parts of the County Services – Carrier class network connectivity, Data Centre and Hosting, Remote Access, Security and Broadband services serving Pubic Sector ad offering wholesale access to private service providers Current status – NYCC, Schools, all Districts in North Yorkshire, Health and Emergency Services and National Park Authorities. Aggregated nearly all connectivity onto shared NYnet platform Governance – Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for NYCC to develop networks and services in the County, Board controlled by Chief Executive and Senior Officers and Politicians of North Yorkshire County Council Route to PSN compliance – to become PSN compliant and potential DNSP for part or all of Yorkshire and Humber

  20. NetworkNI NetworkNI is a network in Northern Ireland delivered by EircomNI through a contract let in 2007. The network services all 12 Northern Ireland Civil Service (NICS) Departments along with a growing number of associated NI public sector organisations. • Services –.Fully managed MPLS WAN services, home working ADSL services, ADSL backup services, video services, IPT, application monitoring • Current status – 320 sites. • Signed up partners – NICS Departments, NI Prison Service, Probation Board NI, Education and Skills Authority, National Museums NI, a number of Local Councils • Services run at Confidential, Restricted and Protect levels • Governance – NetworkNI Steering Committee with an independent Chair and an associated Security and Technical Sub Committee • Route to PSN compliance – potential for Eircom to become a DNSP.

  21. Contact us at: psn@cabinet-office.x.gsi.gov.uk Visit us at: www.cabinetoffice.gov.uk/government-business/public-sector-network.aspx Or www.buyingsolutions.gov.uk/categories/ICT/psn Follow us on: www.twitter.com/psnjohn