Eating disorders
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Eating Disorders. Kimberley Clow [email protected] Outline. Beauty Facts Anorexia Nervosa Body Mass Index Bulimia Nervosa Other Factors Causes Culture Treatment Dying to Be Thin. Body Dissatisfaction. 1972. 1997. Facts.

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Eating disorders l.jpg

Eating Disorders

Kimberley Clow

[email protected]

Outline l.jpg

  • Beauty Facts

  • Anorexia Nervosa

  • Body Mass Index

  • Bulimia Nervosa

  • Other Factors

    • Causes

    • Culture

    • Treatment

  • Dying to Be Thin

Facts l.jpg

  • If shop mannequins were real women...

  • If Barbie were a real woman, she would...

  • 1 of 4 college women use unhealthy methods of weight control

  • After just 3 min spent looking at models in a fashion magazine...

  • 20 years ago, models weighed 8% less than the average woman

    • Today...

We misperceive l.jpg
We Misperceive

  • Women want to be thinner than what men actually find attractive

  • Men want to be more buff than women actually find attractive

Anorexia nervosa l.jpg
Anorexia Nervosa

  • Refusal to maintain body weight

  • Intense fear of fat

    • Despite being underweight

  • Distortions in perception of body weight

    • Tied into self-esteem

  • Amenorrhea

Anorexia is not attractive l.jpg
Anorexia is NOT Attractive

You shouldn’t see bones popping through your skin!

Still don t think they re thin l.jpg
Still Don’t Think They’re Thin

  • People with Anorexia Nervosa see themselves as fat even when they are deathly thin

Consequences l.jpg

  • Depleted Bones

  • Heart Problems

  • Endocrine Complications

  • Gastrointestinal Complications

  • Loss of Brain Mass

  • Decreased Immune System

  • Growth Impairment

  • Death

Other issues l.jpg
Other Issues

  • Related Factors

    • Childhood

    • Personality

    • Family

Bulimia nervosa l.jpg
Bulimia Nervosa

  • Frequent, recurrent cycles of

    • Episodes of binge eating

    • Dangerous measures to prevent weight gain

  • Self-evaluation unduly influenced by weight

Bulimia isn t attractive either l.jpg
Bulimia Isn’t Attractive Either


Who Wants to Kiss That Mouth?!

Consequences18 l.jpg

Sense of Powerlessness

Renal Complications

Gastrointestinal Complications

Electrolyte Abnormalities

Dental Problems

Laxative Abuse Complications



Other issues20 l.jpg
Other Issues

  • Related Factors

    • Personality

    • Family

    • Sexual Abuse

    • Drug Therapy

Causes of eating disorders l.jpg
Causes of Eating Disorders

  • Psychodynamic

  • Cognitive

  • Biological Factors

Cultural effects l.jpg
Cultural Effects

  • Eating Disorders are on the rise in other cultures as well.

  • As thinness gains more value in other cultures, eating disorders rise

Treatment l.jpg

Eating Disorder so bad they are hospitalized!

Dying to be thin l.jpg
Dying to Be Thin

  • 15% of anorexics die from the disorder

  • Most anorexics and bulimics suffer physical consequences for the rest of their lives

    • Osteoporosis

    • Gastro-intestinal problems

    • Stunted physical development

  • Eating disorders don’t make people happy

    • Even when people become thin, they don’t feel they are thin enough  cycle never ends

    • They still suffer from low self esteem

  • This is not the answer!!