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Library Scavenger Hunt

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Library Scavenger Hunt - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Library Scavenger Hunt Online Databases Next ABC-CLIO  American History In the US Supreme Court case, Choate v. Trapp (1912), the eight thousand plaintiffs were members of which two Native American tribes? ABC-CLIO World Geography

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Library Scavenger Hunt

Online Databases


abc clio american history
ABC-CLIO  American History
  • In the US Supreme Court case, Choate v. Trapp (1912), the eight thousand plaintiffs were members of which two Native American tribes?
abc clio world geography
ABC-CLIO World Geography
  • What are the two official languages of The Republic of Djibouti?
  • Click on the CLIOVIEW Statistical Tool. Which has the greater population growth rate, Albania or Andorra?
abc clio modern world history
ABC-CLIO Modern World History
  • What is the title of the first chapter of the Little Red Book, Quotations from Chairman Mao Zedong?
contemporary literary criticism online
Contemporary Literary Criticism Online
  • In what year was John Steinbeck born?
  • Who wrote the book China Men?
  • Click on World Edition.
    • From the drop down menu select Oceania.
    • Then click on the Marshall Islands.
    • When was the flag of the Marshall Islands most recently adopted?
  • 2. Click the recipe collection on the top. How many recipes from the Marshall Islands do you find?
  • Click the Literary Reference Center. Click Advanced search and deselect everything but short stories. How many short stories BY Ernest Hemingway are there?
  • Go back and click NoveList. What are President Obama’s favorite books?
  • Go back and click Points of View. Click Media & Communications. Click Media Bias. Click the Periodicals tab. Who wrote the article: Women for President: Media Bias in Eight Campaigns?
Go back and click EBSCOhost Web. SelectMas Ultra –School Edition, the Health Source, and the Science Reference Center, then click continue. Click Full Text and type “stem cell research” (include the quotation marks) into the search window. How many articles do you get?


Click the Title List for the Newspaper Source. Click The Arab News. What is the latest issue available?


facts on file
Facts on File
  • What are the different subject categories?
  • How many records are there on Cell Structure and Function?
grolier multimedia encyclopedia online
Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia Online
  • Search Grolier Online for France. How many documents do you find?
  • Search for Martial Arts. Click on the Encyclopedia Americana (EA) article. Click Web Links (on the right). How many Websites do you get?
japan knowledge
Japan Knowledge
  • Type in Koizumi. How many hits do you get?
the japan source japan info links
The Japan SourceJapan Info Links
  • Go to Japan Info Links and find a Website on Kabuki featuring Ichimura Manjiro. Write down the URL on your answer sheet.
  • Go to the ASIJ Author section.In what year did Edwin Reischauer graduate from ASIJ?
  • Click on Access World News.
    • Click on The Middle East, then click Iran.
    • Scroll down and select the Teheran Times
    • Type Barack Obama in the search window and specify only hits in the Lead/First paragraph.
    • How many articles do you get?
opposing viewpoints
Opposing Viewpoints

Click on Bioethics. Then click the Viewpoints tab. How many articles do you get?

Click on the Magazine tab. How many magazine articles come up?

How many statistical tables come up when you click the Statistics tab?

oxford art online
Oxford Art Online
  • Giovanni Battista Cavalletto ran a workshop of considerable repute in which Italian city?
oxford english dictionary online
Oxford English Dictionary Online

1. What is the definition of the word “mivvy” and when was it first used?

oxford music online
Oxford Music Online
  • Where did George Gershwin begin his music career?
oxford reference online core collection
Oxford Reference Online: Core Collection
  • Click into Performing Arts. There is one reference book on Dance. What is it called?
  • Click into Biological Sciences. How many reference books are available?
teaching books net
Teaching Books.Net
  • Click into Book Readings. How many selections are read by William Faulkner?

Online Databases

Congratulations! You have finished the Quiz!


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