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Bethlehem Catholic High School PowerPoint Presentation
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Bethlehem Catholic High School

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Bethlehem Catholic High School
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Bethlehem Catholic High School

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    1. Bethlehem Catholic High School

    3. Girls Uniform

    4. Seasonal Attire

    5. Skirt Length

    6. Girls Shoes Plain solid color dark brown or black shoes For safety reasons: High heels, wedges, clogs, platforms or backless shoes are not permitted. The following styles are not acceptable: ballerina/slipper- style flats, sneakers, sneaker style shoes (i.e. those with wide laces, canvas with rubber edges, Velcro straps, stripes, logos, brand names, etc.), slippers, moccasins or boots of any kind. Suggested styles: Shoes that tie (i.e. Oxford), Penny Loafers, a buckle shoe (i.e. Mary Jane or T-strap), or a boat shoe (i.e. Sperry topsider)

    7. Girls Shoes Acceptable Styles

    8. More Acceptable Styles

    9. Girls Shoes Unacceptable Styles

    10. Girls Shoes Unacceptable Styles

    11. Girls Shoes Unacceptable Styles

    14. Any handbag, filled and extended, which cannot fit into a shoebox that is no larger than 12x7x5 (womans size 10 shoebox) must be kept in the locker during school hours. Girls Handbags

    15. Girls Handbags

    16. Boys Uniform Uniform golf shirt required 1st and 4th quarters. Only the top button may be open. Uniform shirt with a necktie and school sweater required 2nd and 3rd quarters. All buttons must be closed and the tie worn securely at the collar. Only plain white undershirts are permitted. Uniform Flynn and OHara khaki slacks which must be worn at the waist. Plain black or dark brown dress belt. Plain white, brown or black socks. Low cut sport socks are not permitted.

    17. Seasonal Attire

    19. Boys Shoes Plain solid black or dark brown shoes. The following types of footwear are not acceptable: Sneakers, sneaker style shoes (i.e. those with wide laces, Velcro straps, canvas with rubber edges, stripes, logos, brand names, etc.) backless, slippers, moccasins, or boots of any kind. Suggested styles: Loafers, Boat shoes (i.e. Sperry topsider) Oxfords, or dress shoes.

    20. Boys Shoes Acceptable Styles

    21. Boys Shoes Acceptable Styles

    22. Boys Shoes Unacceptable Styles

    23. Boys Shoe Unacceptable Styles

    24. All Students Gym Uniforms Uniforms must be purchased from the school store. The uniform consists of the BECA logo t-shirt, sweat pants and/or shorts. These items are the same for both boys and girls.

    25. Gym Uniform (Mix n Match)

    26. Hair Regulations Extreme styles (i.e. Mohawks/faux hawks, spikes, mullets, cut or shaved lines, letters or patterns etc;) are not permitted. Non-traditional colors are not permitted. Boys hair: Length may not be longer than the bottom of the shirt collar Hair may not cover the eyebrows. Facial hair: Sideburns may not extend below the earlobes. Mustaches are not permitted. Face must be clean-shaven.

    27. Jewelry Inappropriate, excessive or oversized items are not permitted. Facial piercing jewelry (i.e. lips, eyebrows, noses, chins, temples, jaws, cheeks etc;) is not permitted. Clear studs and Band-aids/coverings are not permitted (including earlobes) Any visible tattoos must be covered.

    28. Earrings Boys: May not wear earrings during school hours. Girls: May not be larger than a quarter nor longer than 1".

    29. Dress Code Non-Conformance All dress code violations carry a 1 point infraction per day until corrected. An allotted time for correction without penalty of daily points may be granted by the disciplinarian only if it is determined that circumstances warrant an extension. Only a note written by a doctor or the schools sports trainer, with a specified time limit indicated, will exempt a student from a dress code violation.

    30. Summary