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Anti-Hangover™ Formula

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Anti-Hangover™ Formula. Herbal Supplement for Drinkers By Steven Witherly, Ph.D. Anti-Hangover Formula. By: Frank Hoogesteyn Huminal America Sold In Europe and Canada: Previously sold by Jamieson in Canada Millions sold Worldwide TPI has rights to sell extract in the USA.

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anti hangover formula

Anti-Hangover™ Formula

Herbal Supplement for Drinkers


Steven Witherly, Ph.D.

anti hangover formula1
Anti-Hangover Formula
  • By: Frank Hoogesteyn
    • Huminal America
  • Sold In Europe and Canada:
    • Previously sold by Jamieson in Canada
    • Millions sold Worldwide
  • TPI has rights to sell extract in the USA
hangover causes1
Hangover Causes:
  • Acetaldehyde oxidation products
  • Alcohol Inhibits ADH=dehydration=hangover
  • Blood glucose drop irritates neurons
  • Rebound neuronal excitability (GABA)
  • Decreased dopamine secretion
latest theory hangover
Latest Theory Hangover
  • Alcohol acts as an oxidant and promote the creation of inflammatory cytokines.
    • results support the suggestion that the dysregulated cytokine pathway (IL-10, IL-12, and IFN-γ) is associated with the symptoms of hangovers.Alcohol, Volume 31, Issue 3, Pages 167-170
    • Antihangover™ works by inhibiting the formation of the cytokines in the first place.
  • One must take the capsules before drinking or just at the beginning for best results.
anti hangover features
Anti-Hangover features
  • 100% Natural Chinese herbs specially grown and processed just for this one product
  • Used by thousands in Europe and Canada
  • Contains:
    • Perilla frutescens
      • Beefsteak plant
    • Agastache rugosa
      • Korean Mint
    • Taurine
      • Help stabilize membranes
clinical research
Clinical Research
  • Dr. Witherly has given to hundreds of subjects, with 80-90% effectiveness. Especially effective with red wine headache.
  • At a soccer party in Belgium, players reported 98% effectiveness
  • Dr. Neumann, Sunnybrook Institute, Canada, showed Antihangover™ reduced inflammatory cytokines in vitro.
new extract now available
New Extract Now Available
  • Spray Dried Concentrated Extract

Now available for capsule and liquid use.

  • Exclusive license still available in the USA
  • TPI has the licensing rights in USA
  • Highly Effective Hangover Prevention
  • Possible to use base and add additional herbs if needed (make you own unique formula)
  • Powdered extract can be used in Liquid applications (very little taste or smell)
  • Contact:
    • Or:
  • 661-296-2214

Dr. Steven Witherly

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Steven Witherly, Ph.D.