the best fancy coloured diamonds in toronto n.
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Fancy Coloured Diamonds PowerPoint Presentation
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Fancy Coloured Diamonds

Fancy Coloured Diamonds

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Fancy Coloured Diamonds

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  1. The Best Fancy Coloured Diamonds in Toronto

  2. Did you know most diamonds mined across the world feature a little brownish-yellow colour? This is exactly the reason why colour less or white diamonds are found to be more important - they are rare and produce utmost brilliance or fire. However, there are Fancy Coloured Diamonds reported to be the rarest and most useful in the world - high quality Colour Diamonds.

  3. All these highly stand out from the rest of the diamonds as they simply feature an unusually intense colour, starting from yellows, greens, blues, pinks to reds or even just a mesmerizing combination of different colours mixed together.

  4. Actually, the evaluation system applied to fancy Colour Diamonds is dependent on their colour and intensity other than the stone's clarity, carat or lower. If a diamond benefits high foundation intensity, it is more likely to skyrocket in benefit.

  5. As opposed to a large number of stones, largely marketed and sold by numbers every day, Fancy Coloured Diamonds is not a mass-market aecia product, they actually have more personality than that, all of them getting a unique miracle of nature. Why could it be so? The following is a bit of stats in your case.

  6. Of every 10,000 diamonds extracted from mines all over the world, only one is an all natural fancy coloured stone.

  7. The result is that most jewelers have never in everything seen a fancy Colour diamonds. For this reason that the world's most famous diamonds are high quality Colour Diamonds, which includes the Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond, the Trust Diamond and the Graff Pink the most expensive diamond sold by public sale.

  8. As you know , the formation of diamonds started out long before life come about on Earth , so the stone you include in your ring could be as many as three billion years old! But the cause of such a wide spectrum of colours for these sparkling stones, old as the world in it?

  9. Pink Red , and strong brown or champagne colours are generated by crystal lattice defects, which took place a lot of years ago. Yellow is a result of the presence of nitrogen in the diamond. Green is the result of prolonged subjection to natural radiation, which occurs hidden.

  10. Blue is the result of Boron, the element which also affects the conductivity of diamonds. Black diamonds are definitely not black, as they simply contain a great deal of dark inclusions, which make the diamond seem black. The moment a diamond has acquired its colour, it may not change over time. Today there is a selection of advanced solutions to enhance the colour of a diamond however handled diamonds are considerably less valuable then their natural fancy competitors.

  11. Fancy Coloured Diamonds

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