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Welcome to room 110!. Mrs. Katie Rengers RengersKL@svsd.net. Class Behavioral Expectations. Student ownership/classroom rules Private behavior system, student check-in optional, monthly earnings Anti-Bullying Zone Continued implementation of Olweus Bullying Prevention Weekly meetings

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Welcome to room 110

Welcome to room 110!

Mrs. Katie RengersRengersKL@svsd.net

Class behavioral expectations
Class Behavioral Expectations

  • Student ownership/classroom rules

  • Private behavior system, student check-in optional, monthly earnings

  • Anti-Bullying Zone

    • Continued implementation of Olweus Bullying Prevention

    • Weekly meetings

    • Sprigeo-Online reporting-K-4 Parents only, can be anonymous or by name

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Absences early dismissals
Absences/Early dismissals

  • Email/contact school by 9:00 to request homework and inform whom the work should go home with (sibling and specify classroom, the office for you to pick up, etc.)

  • An excuse is required for each absence. (Brown sheets)

  • Extended absences-we will work together with you to make up work. Getting healthy is the most important thing.

  • Early dismissals-a written note is required for us to submit to the office-emails will not be accepted.

Assignments planner

  • District guideline-40 minutes/night

    • 20 minutes reading---100 minutes required at the beginning of each week-Super readers are Super heroes!

    • 20 minutes other (typically BAMand math)

  • Practice Multiplication Facts!!!

  • BAM-Book-A-Month-various genres at Lexile level (based on NWEA)

    • Organizer completed at home

  • Planner-to be signed by you and us daily-Homework also available on website


  • 4th grade=Thinking Grade

  • Grades= homework, projects, group work, writing papers, notebooks, participation

  • Reading, Language Arts, Spelling, Science, Social Studies, Mathematics

  • Continued online gradebook

  • Contact office ASAP if you do not have Internet access

  • 90-100=A

  • 80-89=B

  • 70-79=C

  • 60-69=D

  • 0-59=F

Other assessments responsibilities
Other assessments/ responsibilities

  • NWEA (3x/year)

  • PSSA (April 2015)

  • Compass Learning Odyssey (40 minutes/week)-username / password remains the same

  • Responsibility

    • Belongs to your child if they leave for purpose, band, speech, etc.

Lunches water bottles
Lunches/Water bottles

  • 5 choices per day

  • Money turned in by teacher to cafeteria in special envelope by 9:00

  • Birthday treats (non-edible) welcome~See class website

  • Allergy management protocol/procedures in place

  • Water bottles welcome-If ‘Sweat’, use sock, cloth, etc. Please make sure the water bottle also has a sealable lid

Star student
Star Student

  • Student of the Week

    • Completed information sheet

    • 4-5 pictures to display in room (will be returned)

    • “Show and tell”-please use your best judgment about valuable items

    • Book/poem to share with class

    • Summarize newspaper/Internet article/current event

Take home folder
Take Home folder

  • Please assist your child in cleaning out and keeping organized!

  • If you have a question if something is no longer needed, please write us a note

  • ***Milkweed-

Field trips
Field trips

  • Tentatively scheduled=Heinz History Museum (~April)

    • Cost TBD

Band strings

  • Extremely popular

  • One is optional for fourth grade; however, instructional time is missed.

  • Band---Contact Mrs. Kelly Levere levereke@svsd.net

  • Strings-Contact Ms. Holly Cline clinehm@svsd.net


  • Essential for maximum success

  • If using a telephone or email, please allow 24 hours for a response

  • Emailing is best

    • Subject line= ‘Parent Note’ (Spam filter)

  • If you would like a conference, please contact me in advance to schedule a time.

Joining the pto
Joining the PTO

  • Involved and make a difference in our school

  • Many volunteer opportunities

  • Minimal cost to join as a family

  • Seeking parent volunteers for the Haine Elementary Recycling Team-See me after presentation if interested

Donations volunteers
Donations / volunteers

  • Clorox Wipes

  • Tissues

  • Hand Sanitizer

  • Field Trip Volunteer

  • Homeroom Parent

  • Fall/Halloween Festival

  • Winter Festival

  • Valentine’s Celebration

  • Junior Achievement Volunteer

Thank you for your time
Thank you for your time!

  • Classroom website updated often

    • www.svsd.net


  • The lines of communication are always open!

  • RengersKL@svsd.net