room clearing by crusty n.
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Room Clearing By Crusty PowerPoint Presentation
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Room Clearing By Crusty

Room Clearing By Crusty

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Room Clearing By Crusty

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  1. Room ClearingBy Crusty

  2. Urban Terrain

  3. 3 Principles of CQB Speed Surprise Violence of Action

  4. 3 Principles of CQB Speed: Is achieved through a well-designed plan and solid tactics to gain proximity to the Objective with an undetected approach, with the use of multiple entry points to flood the Target site.

  5. 3 Principles of CQB Surprise: The objective is to complete all offensive action before the party being engaged is able to react and set up a Defense. To gain this element of surprise, the entry teams use stealth movement and noise/light discipline to get as close to the targets as possible, hopefully putting themselves in a position to engage the enemy from the moment he becomes aware of them.

  6. 3 Principles of CQB Violence of action: Gaining and maintaining physical and psychological momentum is essential. Breaching doors, blasting holes in walls and coming through windows and the use of Vehicles to breach are used to create unexpected entry points. Dynamic Entry with the use of flashbangs and gunfire is complemented by the intimidating and aggressive actions of the assault team. Assaulters must maintain dominance over anyone still alive.

  7. Dominate Eliminate Control The Living Search Dead Search Room Search Living Communicate Exfiltrate 8 Fundamentals of CQB

  8. INITIATIVE BASED TACTICS (IBT) • In the use of IBT every Shooter has to be able to step up and be able to make a decisive decision on the move. • Head and Eyes up! • Move to your point of Domination. • Shoot on the Move, Fast & Accurate Shooting. • Shooters dominate the room from opposing corners, forcing the Enemy to shoot at separate targets. • Be Pro-active! not Reactive! • Close on lone Shooters and Danger areas • Maintain your sector of fire. • Remember the 1 meter Rule. • Must have the ability to perform IBT sub-consciously!!! Muscle Memory.

  9. Doors • If the Hinges can be seen this is the key Indicator that it is an outward opening door. If no hinges are present it’s an inward opening door or sliding door. • Depending on what side the Door Knob is on in relation to the stack, if the door knob is on the far side of the door from the stack, some of the shooters are going to have to move to other side of the door and stack accordingly.

  10. Stack Procedures

  11. Number One Man • The number one man must first identify what side of the hallway the door is on, then needs to Identify if the door is open or closed, once identified stacks accordingly. Once the number one man has stack up on the door he has to check for any kind of Booby Traps, then he has to Identify if door is locked or unlocked, If the Door is locked it’s time to call out “Breacher UP!!!” and get ready to detroy! • The one Man has the shot if the door opens. The number one man never takes his eye’s off the door incase someone form inside the room opens the door up. • Once the room has been processed the last man in the room is most likely going to be the first man to exit the room since he is closest to the door. Now he will be taking over as number one man and taking over the responsibility’s in calling the shots to the next Room.

  12. Number Two Man • As the number one man is covering down on the door the number two man is pulling security down on the long axis of the hallway also he is assessing the hallway for the next objective room and looking for any kind of obstacles that might impede the team. • If the number one man is unable to open the door or is not comfortable with opening the door the number two man may step around the number one man and check the door to see if it’s locked or not, prep a flashbang, open the door, throw the flashbang in the room wait for the flashbang to detonate then follow the number one man into the room.

  13. Number three man • Number Three man’s responsibility is the pull security to the flanks and overhead of the stack.

  14. Number Four Man • Number Four Man is or can be the Breacher. When “Breacher up” is called out the Number Four Man will breach the door.

  15. Number Five Man • The number five’s main area of responsibility is to the rear.

  16. Fatal Funnel

  17. Method of Entry • Number One Man running the Wall that he sees on an Inward opening Door.

  18. Method Of Entry • Number One man Running the Wall that he sees on an Outward opening Door.

  19. Method Of Entry • Number one man Button Hooking around a Corner that he cannot see.

  20. Room Clearing To rapidly and methodically seize control of a room, or series of rooms, and all of its inhabitants; both hostile and non hostile by eliminating the threat, dominating the room, and controlling the room and situation.