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Visual Art Licensure Talk PowerPoint Presentation
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Visual Art Licensure Talk

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Visual Art Licensure Talk
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Visual Art Licensure Talk

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  1. Visual Art Licensure Talk Oct 31st, 2013 11 a.m. 319 Art & Design

  2. COTE introduction • Oversee all things related to licensing • Past – Things like CBC, Bloodborne Pathogen training, etc. • Here today to talk about process of actually getting licensed. • Obtain license as soon as you can!!!! • Regardless of other plans (grad school, Peace Corp, etc). • Only protected against program changes for 1 year • Not protected at all against ISBE changes (Ex: C or better rule) • Other state certification will likely hinge on Illinois licensure first

  3. Applying for certification: • Log onto your student portal ( • Example: ed-blutarsky (Bluto) • Click on “Certification Application” • Will ask if your are registered for or previously done student teaching. If you must answer no, do not proceed. If yes, continue. • Click on “Click here to fill out your application request.”

  4. Email address-Recommend you use your most reliable-regular email account. (UIUC’s account will go away so don’t use it ) • Phone number • Degree period (or licensure period) • Major • License (Should pull in as Visual Arts-K-12) • Endorsements • Comments: Provide important information regarding endorsements such as pending transfer coursework, tests, etc.

  5. May choose as many as you wish to be considered for (but please have mercy as each audit takes time) • You will all be endorsed in Visual Arts (K-12). • To teach any other subject besides Art at the middle grade, you must complete the middle grade coursework and meet the content requirements for the endorsement. • Can add endorsements any time during career • Signature (must “sign” stating you understand) (check mark to the side) • Must click “Submit” • Once you submit you can’t go back. Contact us if you need to revise or add something.

  6. The next day, you should receive an email which says the COTE has received your application. • Can submit application even if you haven’t yet passed all tests (just need to be registered for student teaching). • I will complete an audit based on DARS report or graduate audit we completed earlier. • Problems? Will either contact you or records officer. If contacted, it’s important you respond.

  7. Nothing missing? Will put application in pending file until end of Spring term • Endorsements? Will send Endorsement email to address you put on form. Contact us if something is inaccurate or missing. • End of final semester processing. • EFE hours (at least 80). (Should check Student portal for accuracy) • Student Teaching Time Report • Be accurate and fairly descriptive. Only record we will have of your Student teaching (directions on student portal).

  8. Safety Training • Mandated reporter training • Approved portfolio • Departmental Recommendation • Should come automatically from Robin if you meet all responsibilities • Tests Visual Arts Assessment of Professional Teaching • Grades • Degree (must appear on transcripts!!!)

  9. Recommending you to ISBE • Assuming everything is complete, should occur late may to middle June. • We will contact you at the email at address you gave and provide a link where you need to go to claim and register your license. (You may need to create an account) • The email should provide a link and instructions • (Have a VISA or MASTERCARD ready for payment) • After you claim your license ISBE will send you a separate email with a link for registering your license. BE SURE TO DO THIS! • If you do not register it, after 6 months it will become “lapsed.”

  10. ISBE is no longer sending paper copies of license • Will either have to print screen or have administrator perform a “public search” • Any school district with your name and SSN can verify certification • TESTING (more information) • Two tests: • Visual Arts (145)-Must take/pass before student teaching (state law). • Assessment of Professional Teaching (K-12) (104)

  11. Testing (Continued) • Be sure you send test scores to Illinois • Be sure your SSN is accurate (errors may delay license). Can check your tests on your Student portal. • Keep test scores forever (or longer)- May need them later for other state certification or for grad school, etc.

  12. Odds and Ends • You will be issued a “Professional Educator License” endorsed in Visual Arts (K-12) • There will no longer be “types.” (You will not receive a “type 10” certificate • “initial” no longer has any meaning either

  13. Renewing your license. Important! The window for renewing is getting smaller-don’t let your license lapse. • Can renew online through ELIS (same site you claim your certificate on). • Certification in other states • Likely will require licensure in Illinois first • Other states may have program verification form. • Send form to COTE to fill out. • Contact information is on our website under “Links” in • Certification Map – Talks about reciprocity, etc • US Teacher Certification Offices (If you ask us about certification in other states, this is where we’ll likely refer you).

  14. “Highly Qualified” • A Federal No Child Left Behind definition • Will be “Highly Qualified” for art by virtue of your major and by passing the content test in Visual Arts • To teach other subjects, it’s generally advisable to be both endorsed and “highly qualified.” • Questions? Go to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on our website (

  15. Summary • Location: 505 E. Green Street, Suite 202 • Upstairs from PNC Bank and Coldstone Creamery • Website: • Email: • ( or • Pick one of us (Brenda or me. Not both). • Include UIN • Include previous dialogue. • Urgent matters? Don’t use email. • No appointments by email. Call office.