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Evaluating Web Sources

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Evaluating Web Sources - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Evaluating Web Sources. Presenter: group four ( wendy , kristi , ali ). Why we use web sources?. Benefits: Convenience ! & wildly choices information is available to be accessed by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

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evaluating web sources

Evaluating Web Sources

Presenter: group four (wendy, kristi, ali)

why we use web sources
Why we use web sources?
  • Benefits: Convenience ! & wildly choices

information is available to be accessed by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

There is no need to carry a hard copy of information with you. (No heavy book) You can look at more than one page or source at the one time by having numerous windows.

    • Information is easy to find.
    • Easy to use the information to create your own resource.
why should we evaluate
Why should we evaluate?
  • Drawbacks: Uncertainty! & Inaccuracy!
    • It difficult for researchers to locate, especially if there are many similar sites.
    • Because the website is free for every to site information, and it is not “published” or authorized by a reputable source, the site may be inaccurate or unreliable.
    • A connection to the web is needed to access the information, which will be impossible if a computer and connection is not available.

Is there any evidence that the author of the Web information has some authority in the field about which she or he is providing information? What are the author's qualifications, credentials and connections to the subject? 


With what organization or institution is the author associated? Is there a link to the sponsoring organization, a contact number and/or address or e-mail contact? A link to an association does not necessarily mean that the organization approved the content. 


Does the author have publications in peer reviewed (scholarly and professional) publications, on the Web or in hard copy? (If an author does not have peer reviewed articles published, this does not mean that she or he does not have credible information, only that there has been no professional "test" of the author's authority on that subject.) 


Are there clues that the author/s are biased? For example, is he/she selling or promoting a product? Is the author taking a personal stand on a social/political issue or is the author being objective ? Bias is not necessarily "bad," but the connections should be clear. 


Is the Web information current? If there are a number of out-of-date links that do not work or old news, what does this say about the credibility of the information?

here are some types of web sites
Here are some types of Web sites: 
  • Personal Home Pages - maintained by individuals
  • Special interest sites - maintained by non-profit organizations or activists dealing with special issues, such as environmental concerns, legalization of marijuana, etc.
  • Professional sites - maintained by institutions/organizations, sometimes by individuals.

News and Journalistic sites (E-zines) - which include national, international news, online newspapers, magazines, and "homegrown" Web publications.

  • Commercial sites - Although many legitimate businesses have Websites, some are not legitimate.
p oor website male pregnancy
Poor website: male pregnancy
  • http://www.malepregnancy.com/
    • There is no contact information
    • No date
    • Poor design
    • Fake ads
questionable website wikipedia cyclopedia
Questionable websitewikipedia (cyclopedia)
  • http://www.malepregnancy.com/
    • Everyone can write and add in wikipedia
    • There is no one would review that others wrote and make sure that’s correct.
a trust website
A trust website
  • http://www.cnn.com/
  • http://catalog.lib.msu.edu/search/X
    • Date
    • Author’s name
    • Contact information
    • reviewer
w eb sources used
Web sources used
  • http://www.angelfire.com/mech/amh/advdisadv.htm