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Evaluating Web Sources

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Evaluating Web Sources - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Evaluating Web Sources
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  1. Evaluating Web Sources West Fargo School District

  2. Step 4Information Search Model Selecting and Evaluating Sources

  3. Question • How do I know if a site is a good site or not? West Fargo Public Schools

  4. Answer • I have to learnto evaluate. West Fargo Public Schools

  5. C A R S • Credibility • Accuracy • Reasonableness • Support • Harris, Robert. “Evaluating Internet Research Sources.” 17 November 1997. Online. Internet. 28 November 2001. Available WWW:http://www.virtualsalt.com/evalu8it.htm West Fargo Public Schools

  6. Credibility • Who is responsible? • Often difficult to determine • Any qualifications? • Usually found at beginning or end of site • Look for name of author & contact information • Look at “About us” or “Contact us” West Fargo Public Schools

  7. Look for Author’s Credentials • Look all over • Top, bottom, side bars, etc. • Look for a link for an “About us,” a “Biography” section, a “Philosophy” http://www.kathyschrock.com/ • If nothing is listed, truncate the URL West Fargo Public Schools

  8. Truncating the URL • Delete end characters of URL stopping at the first slash (/) • Leave the slash (/) • Example: • http://www.virtualsalt.com/evalu8it.htm • Check for credentials at each level • Continue with one slash (/) at a time until you get to the domain name (if you need to) West Fargo Public Schools

  9. What organization is represented? • Have you heard of this organization? • Check for a disclaimer How do weverify credibility? • E-mail Address-- not enough! • Need Postal address or • Telephone number • Check the home page (truncate the URL) West Fargo Public Schools

  10. Do I Stop Now? • Yes, if site is not credible • No, if site is credible • If credible, continue with evaluation West Fargo Public Schools

  11. 3 or more errors indicate a poor site Accuracy • Date? • Warning: Undated factual or statistical informationis no better than anonymous information. Don’t use it. • Revision date? • Errors? • Spelling • Grammar West Fargo Public Schools

  12. Reasonableness • Emotionalism • Purpose of the site • Inform, explain, persuade, promote, sell, share, facts, disclose, rant, entice, etc. • Bias • Is there bias in the site? Good or bad to use? • Advertising • Do ads coincide with document? • Is the advertiser a sponsor of the site? West Fargo Public Schools

  13. Support • Information in any other place? • Look at the domain http://www.west-fargo.k12.nd.us .k12 school .edu college and university .com commercial .net internet resource .org nonprofit organization .gov government West Fargo Public Schools

  14. Support • Who has linked to the site? • Use a search engine such as Google or AltaVista to see who has linked to the page • In the search box precede the URL with link: (no spaces) and press Enter • Ex: http://www.google.com/ West Fargo Public Schools

  15. Decision time!! • Do you or do you not use the site? NO, if you cannot verify the authors or sponsoring organization • Then you need to carefully decide considering all of the criteria C A R S West Fargo Public Schools

  16. C A R S • Credibility • Accuracy • Reasonableness • Support West Fargo Public Schools

  17. That is Power!! Few sources meet every criteria in the list, but if you use the list, you will be a better user of information. West Fargo Public Schools

  18. When to Use the Evaluation Sheets • When evaluating pages on the Internet • Let’s take a look at the Library Web Resources http://www.west-fargo.k12.nd.us/schools/middle/library/ West Fargo Public Schools

  19. Where Are the Forms • In the library • In the labs West Fargo Public Schools

  20. Practice Assignment • Everyone logon • Click Library Web Resources • Click Search Model • Scroll down to Step 4 • Choose 1 of the assignments West Fargo Public Schools

  21. Works Cited • Harris, Robert. “Evaluating Internet Research Sources.” 17 November 2001. Online. Internet. 07 June 1999. Available WWW: http://www. Virtualsalt.com/evalu8it.htm • Alexander, Jan and Tate, Marsha. “Checklist for an Advocacy Web Page.” 5 August 1996. Online. Internet. 23 April 1998. Available WWW: http://www. science. widener. edu/~withers/ advoc.htm. • Schrock, Kathy. “Critical Evaluation of a Web Site.” 1996. Online. Internet. 27 November 2001. Available WWW:http://www.kathyschrock.com/abceval/index.htm West Fargo Public Schools