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Evaluating Sources

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Evaluating Sources - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Evaluating Sources
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  1. Evaluating Sources What is a “CREDIBLE” Source?

  2. Moving from IDEA to PROJECT

  3. cred ible [kred-uh-buh l] adjective • Capable of being believed; believable • Worthy of belief or confidence; trustworthy How Can I Tell if MY Source is “credible”?

  4. If it’s on-line, it must be true

  5. --Ben Franklin

  6. When Doing Research for ANY Project…“Be Like Ben” Question your Sources

  7. According to the Purdue OWL: • Credible Sources are written by authors respected in their fields of study. Responsible, credible authors will cite their sources. This is also a good way to find more sources for your own research. WHO is the Author?

  8. Recent sources are the “newest” research. As long as it’s legit, it’s better to go with the newest material available. *fine print disclaimer: When researching certain topics—like history– this is not always the case as some great, valid, credible research might be decades old on Ancient Rome and therefore, good to use. How RECENT is the source?

  9. Take into account the author’s purpose for presenting the information. Is the author presenting a neutral, objective viewpoint? Or is the information SLANTED one specific way? WHO is funding the research for the article? • A source written from a particular point of view could still be credible, but you should be careful that you also read information that would present the “other side” to be fair WHAT is the author’s purpose?

  10. Read. Then Question. Then Seek to Verify. “The World is Flat.” Yes it is. If you sail out into that ocean, you will fall off the face of the planet. Yes you will. Is the information accurate, verifiable?

  11. Be VERY careful when checking the credibility of WEBSITES How? It’s Easy…

  12. EasyBib has a “One-Stop Shop” for checking WebSite Credibility. Let’s Check It Out: • http://www.findingdulcinea.com/guides/Technology/Internet/Dulcineas-Guide-to-Searching-on-the-Web.pg_00.html# ( EasyBib Link) …