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First Sergeant Responsibilities PowerPoint Presentation
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First Sergeant Responsibilities

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First Sergeant Responsibilities - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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First Sergeant Responsibilities. Overview. Source of Authority Supervisory Chain Roles and Responsibilities Additional Duties Resources Staff Duties You Are the Model. MP 1: Source of Authority. Extension of Commander ’ s Authority

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First Sergeant Responsibilities

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    1. First Sergeant Responsibilities

    2. Overview Source of Authority Supervisory Chain Roles and Responsibilities Additional Duties Resources Staff Duties You Are the Model

    3. MP 1: Source of Authority Extension of Commander’s Authority - First Sergeants derive our authority from the commander The first sergeant works directly for and derive their authority from the unit commander at home station, deployed commander when deployed, and serves as the commander’s critical link within the unit for all matters concerning enlisted members. (AFI 36-2113)

    4. MP 2: Supervisory Chain Reporting official AFI 36-2113, paragraph 10.3 First sergeant’s reporting official will be the unit commander or headquarters squadron section commander. The first sergeant will not be assigned to the unit section commander for rating purposes.

    5. MP 3: Roles & Responsibilities Primary Responsibility: - Provide and maintain mission ready force both at home station and in expeditionary environments AFI-2618 – At home station and in expeditionary environments, their primary responsibility is to build and maintain a mission-ready force to execute home station and expeditionary mission requirements.

    6. MP 3: Roles & Responsibilities Promotes health, morale, & welfare of enlisted personnel Examples: Annual Exams, Visit work center, visit Airmen in hospital/quarters Advises & assists the CC in maintaining discipline & standards Examples: Lead by example, Status of Discipline (SOD) meetings, Council Meetings

    7. MP 3: Roles & Responsibilities Assists CC with unit training & information programs Examples: Monitor sponsorship program, UDMs, CC Calls, staff meetings Supervise Care & Upkeep of Unit Dorm & Grounds Examples: Room Inspections, Tent Inspections Lets discus some other responsibilities?

    8. MP 3: Roles & Responsibilities ANG 75% of Air National Guard First Sergeant have a full time job. How does this effect the ability to respond 24/7? Only meet 2 days a month! Airman serving in different statuses – Technician, Active, Drill Status Guardsmen, Title 32 and Title 10.

    9. MP 3: Roles & Responsibilities AFRC AFRC members must be in status to conduct various operations and activities. How does this impact the first sergeant ability to perform? Wing has two UTAs a month, 2 days each! Airman serving in different statuses – Traditional Reservist, Air Reserve Technician, Individual Mobilization Augmentee, and Active Guard Reserve .

    10. MP 3: Roles & Responsibilities

    11. MP 3: Roles & Responsibilities High OPSTEMP What are the 2 things a 1st Sergeant will never say? I am finally caught up I’ve seen everything (CMSAF #5 Gaylor quote from Class 10-E)

    12. MP 4: Additional Duties AFI 36-2113, paragraph 10.1 “First Sergeants must not be assigned duties other than those contained in their specialty description in AFECD - Air Force Enlisted Classification Directorate.”

    13. MP 5: Resources Resources good to know Key Spouse – Mandated for AD (recommended for ARC) at Wing level; unit program encouraged Protocol - Not at every base, therefore it may be you Resiliency – Being able to adapt to ever changing nature of the military lifestyle is essential for both Airmen and their spouses. Resiliency can help manage stressful situations

    14. MP 5: Resources Most valuable resource = PEOPLE

    15. MP 5: Resources PEOPLE Includes FAMILY

    16. MP 5: Resources What are some of the common challenges and adversities our Airmen Face?

    17. MP 6: STAFF DUTIES Commander’s Support Staff Advise Assist Supervise Continuity book for additional duty First Sergeant

    18. MP 7: YOU ARE THE MODEL!! TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! Set the example Volunteer Be visible Accessible Approachable “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” - John C. Maxwell

    19. SUMMARY Source of Authority Supervisory Chain Duties Additional Duties Staff Duties You Are the Model

    20. First Sergeant Academy Our Job Is People, Everyone is our Business QUESTIONS? Integrity – Service – Excellence

    21. Financial Responsibility References: AFI 36-2906

    22. OVERVIEW Air Force Policy Commander’s Responsibilities UCMJ and Financial Responsibility Government Travel Card Program

    23. AIR FORCE POLICY Pay just financial obligations properly and timely… -AFI 36-2906

    24. COMMANDER’S RESPONSIBILITIES General Review ALL cases Response time Dependent support With and Without BAH Payments “In Kind”

    25. COMMANDER’S RESPONSIBILITIES Paternity Member Denies Member Confirms Civil debt non-payment DFAS response suspense Contest/Uncontested

    26. UCMJ AND FINANCES Article 123a – Making, drawing, or uttering check, draft, or order without sufficient funds Article 134 Paragraph 68 – Check, worthless, making and uttering-by dishonorably failing to maintain funds Paragraph 71 – Debt, dishonorably failing to pay

    27. USAF FIRST SERGEANT ACADEMY Government Travel Card Program (DoD FMR 7000.14-r, Volume 9, Chapter 3) Restricted/Standard/Mission Essential Agency Program Coordinator (APC) Responsibilities Non-Travel Activity Report Delinquency Reports

    28. SUMMARY Air Force Policy Commander’s Responsibility UCMJ/Financial Responsibility Government Travel Card

    29. First Sergeant Academy Our Job Is People, Everyone is our Business QUESTIONS? Integrity – Service – Excellence


    31. OVERVIEW Family Care Program First Sergeant Responsibilities Family Care Plan


    33. MP 2: First Sgt Responsibilities Certification Briefings

    34. MP 3: Family Care Plan AF Form 357 Copies of POA Continuation Sheet/Attachments

    35. SUMMARY Family Care Program First Sergeant Responsibilities Family Care Plan

    36. First Sergeant Academy Our Job Is People, Everyone is our Business QUESTIONS? Integrity – Service – Excellence

    37. Unaccompanied Housing Management Reference: AFI 32-6005

    38. Shirt, why do we have dorm inspections?

    39. The next set of slides are from the room of an airman whose father is a 1st Sergeant…

    40. OVERVIEW Responsibilities Dormitory Inspections Unaccompanied Housing Priorities Other Considerations

    41. MP1 RESPONSIBILITIES Installation CC Manages unaccompanied housing programs Establishes inspection criteria & ensures leadership conducts inspections Ensures all levels of leadership accomplish morale visits w/dormitory residents monthly Installation CCM Coordinates with first sergeants on health, safety, and morale issues affecting residents

    42. MP1 RESPONSIBILITIES Squadron Commander (may delegate responsibilities to first sergeant) Good order and discipline Establishes inspection program & performs inspections Establishes leadership visitation program Schedules bay orderlies Serves on the QIC