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The Way of the Warrior PowerPoint Presentation
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The Way of the Warrior

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The Way of the Warrior - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Way of the Warrior. By morphing old world values with high tech performance machines a band of warriors have emerged who are upping the ante in the Battle Arena.

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The Way of the Warrior

By morphing old world values with high tech performance machines a band of warriors have emerged who are upping the ante in the Battle Arena.

Battroborgs have evolved from bare knuckle brawlers to stealth weaponized warriors who are guided by the Battroborg Code of Engagement- Bushido.

Your only chance for victory is to infiltrate the band, learn their Code and master their moves.



  • Continue to build brand by expanding motion control pla
  • Bushido “The Way of the Warrior”
  • Three Warrior Principles
    • Train
    • Control
    • Master
  • Sensei guides you through motion control mastery

SRP- $34.99

(targeting lower)

LED illuminates on impact

Style 1- single blade

Custom armor

Katana handle w/sound


SRP- $34.99

(targeting lower)

Double blade action!

Style 2- double blade

Impact registered to chest w/LED

Katana handle w/sound


SRP- $34.99

(targeting lower)

Style 3- armor w/weapons

Choose your weapon

Customize your armor


Battroborg IR

  • Continue to build brand by expanding motion control pla
  • IR = lower cost
  • 2 or 4-channel “vs” battling
  • Maintain competitive advantage with price

SRP- $69.99

Battle Arena 1

2-tier battling


SRP- $69.99

Battle Arena 2


Build retailer confidence in the future

development and growth of motion

controlled RC as a sustainable platform.

Evolve motion control mastery through

a new level of weapon play.


Establish a Code of Engagement (The Bushido)

Build on our base of success

Deliver a competitive battling play experience


battling play

The core segment remains boys aged 6-12.

Introduce retention and acquisition campaigns to challenge past purchasers to evolve with the brand and late-comers to join the battle.


Two previously peaceful Battro clans have begun a war against each other, you must pick a side to battle and train for.


Train to be the Best

Master the Motion Control

Respect the Sensei

Never Give Up


Online Sensei - The Master of the Motion Control

Guides players through the evolution of battle play and enforces the code

  • Training Videos
  • Earned Content
  • Words of Wisdom
  • Warrior Name

Digital Comic Book

Reinforces the back story and provides sharable content



Jamie Rosenbaum


Leverage Battroborg fans’ social networks to tell the story of the evolution and encourage sharing through:

  • Contests
  • Product Giveaways
  • Recognition (Jr. Sensei)

Provide exclusive opportunities to our most notable media supporters.


Hands on battle play

  • Experiential programs (Six Flags or Young Samurai)
  • In-store demos
  • Organized play (kids tournaments, media competitions)

Online Gamification

  • Mobile App 2.0 (ninja style play)
  • Brackets / Tournaments
  • Leader boards