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Tarzan The Jungle Warrior

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Tarzan The Jungle Warrior. Baby Tarzan

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Baby Tarzan

Tarzan is a boy who belongs to a royal British family in England. When he was a very small boy he went on a flight on a plane with his parents. As they were passing over a massive jungle the aircraft crashed. Tarzan’s parents died. Luckily Tarzan survived the crash but was then all alone in the jungle. A female ape called Kala raised him and fed him until he was big enough to survive in the jungle by himself. Tarzan lived with some apes and surprisingly they accepted him to their band.

d arnot

Once when Tarzan was a young, the ape Kala that he called “mother “ was telling him about a fight she had had with Kerchak the big silver back gorilla. She told him about how Kerchak had accidentally killed her newborn daughter. When she finished Tarzan flew into one of his tempers. He sprang at Kerchak and the giant ape bit his shoulder. Tarzan fell on the ground bleeding for some time. Later he went to bathe it in a stream. There he heard a gunshot and followed the noise until he came to a lioness circiling around a man. It was Sabor the lioness and she wasn’t new to Tarzan. Suddenly Tarzan roared a fierce roar and Sabor remembered the fight she and Tarzan had in the past and she retrieted.

Tarzan turned to the man and saw him staring at him opening and closing his mouth like a gold fish. Tarzan made friends with D’Arnot and in the following weeks he nursed himself and D’Arnot back to full health. Since D’Arnot was older than Tarzan it took him longer to recover. Tarzan showed D’Arnot all the parts of the jungle he knew and showed him to the apes. D’Arnot had thousands of questions for Tarzan, but the boy couldn’t answer. D’Arnot wanted to talk with the boy, so he taught the boy English. He wanted to teach him elegant French but from the things he found in the aircraft he knew the boy was English. Tarzan picked up English very quickly and soon was able to have more lengthy conversations with D’Arnot. Then one day D’Arnot decided to leave the jungle and go to his home in France. He promised Tarzan that he would come back.... But they never met again...He died in the jungle when he came back to find Tarzan.

Jane was a small girl who had to go to a camp in the jungle which was very disturbing for her and she didn’t like it. She had to go with her dad Archie who was the boss of the camp. In the camp there was Clark, Robbie and Mister David, too. Jane had shared in some adventures of Tarzan. In the end Jane fell in love with Tarzan and they married each other.