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Sales in a Harsh Environment PowerPoint Presentation
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Sales in a Harsh Environment

Sales in a Harsh Environment

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Sales in a Harsh Environment

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  1. Sales in a Harsh Environment • Sales Occupations • Factory Sales-To distribution-Salary plus commission-expenses-2-5% commission • Factory Sales- To OEM-Salary plus commission -expenses-2-5% commission • Distribution Sales- To end user-Usually straight commission-no expenses-Distributor mark-up 20-40% Salesman-25-40% of mark-up

  2. Manufacturers Representative-To end user or distribution-5 to 10 % commission- straight commission • Retail Sales- Usually an hourly wage and maybe a 2-10% commission

  3. Sales Dollars • Flexible Sales Dollar-Usually a total sales dollar that can be used towards all company related costs- (heat, light, rent, wages, insurance etc • Committed sales dollar-When 60-80% of the dollar is committed to the supplier-Only 20-40% can be used towards the heat, light, rent, wages, commissions, etc.

  4. Point of Purchase • Sales Person • Signage Display • McDonalds Talking Drive Thru • Hooters

  5. Sales Calls/ Presentations • Dress Code- equal or equivalent to the customer • Appointment Promptness-You can never be late for an appointment- If your going to be late, make the phone call. • Sales call reports- a pain, but a must-date, subject, quotes, etc. • Sales call regularity-establish a call frequency with the client.

  6. A sales call must teach a customer something that he/she doesn't already know. Do very little small talk, as they are busy in their own job. Remember, they are giving you a courtesy and showing their patience with you. • Never discuss your personal problems with your client. Keep away from company politics, personal problems at home, children, etc.

  7. Never ask personal questions of the client. You must keep the call strictly business. • Establish a sequence of calls within the customers organization. Always start with purchasing, then you can proceed to other departments such as engineering, shop management, inventory control, etc. You must announce to purchasing, you intentions to visit the supporting departments.

  8. Entertainment: Never offer any form of entertainment other than a simple lunch. Never involve alcohol. Always keep your car clean and presentable. Always go to the restaurant of their choice. The customer is familiar with the people and enjoys showing that someone is entertaining them again.

  9. Know your product/products as to create the atmosphere that you are a very knowledgeable person, and the conception is that you really know what you are talking about, and this person is really good. Everyone wants to do business with the most knowledgeable person. That's where the trust is built.

  10. Patience: Never hard sell a customer. You must keep a calm, cool and collected demeanor, Remember, you are there on purpose. Depending on the sales environment, sales have to be accomplished in a manner that makes the buyer happy about placing the order. If that is not the case, you will not get the order or the next order.

  11. Soft Sell • Retail for example • Penguins • Do you collect penguins? • How many do you have? • Do you have a special display?

  12. What Does it Take to get an Order • Quality: Nobody has never paid me for an item that wasn't perfect. A blemish, wrong dimension, wrong color, etc. • Service: Must show immediate response to service related situations. • Delivery: Must conform to customer needs or schedule. • Price: Doesn't have to be the cheapest, but has to be the best price available for all selling points that relate to the product.

  13. Statement: Without all of the above categories, an order can not function to everyone's satisfaction.

  14. Sales Strategies • Auto or Truck selection: First impressions • Ford Torus • Cadillac Escalade

  15. Neck Tie: Must be a Windsor Knot. It is the first visual impression as you approach a person. A lawyer knot is only acceptable if you are a lawyer or have a law affiliation. • Handshake: Must be impressive, firm and cordial. If it's unusual, it will be remembered and used to judge your personality.

  16. Minority or Female owned company: Not a good idea to use as a sales tool. It's equivalent to leaning into the customers face with a threat or a subtle demand for the business. I would think you are a better sales person than that. It is however acceptable for bidding on government or municipal work.

  17. Equal opportunity employer: I would much rather see this used as a sales tool and is appropriate to use on your quotations, invoicing and business cards. This creates a better image than using the minority business format.

  18. Quotations & Invoices • Quotations must have the full description of the product, in that there is no doubt in anyone's mind of what they expect to show up. • Every term of the order has to be spelled out. • Examples: Delivery date, terms of payment,shipping carrier, etc. • Invoices: Must mirror the quotation

  19. Note: In the case of automobiles, you'll note the description posted on the back window show all the add-on's. • Example: power steering, power brakes, air conditioning, etc.

  20. Sales services to expand on • Offer a stocking program to at least inventory the customers next release quantity This assures the customer that he need not worry about the availability of the next release. • This can lead to a blanket order for his quantity requirements requirements. • Place you in a better pricing position. • Virtually eliminates the competition.

  21. Who's Your Customer • Harley Davidson? • Harley's customer is really my customer • Harley collects the money from their customer • Harley pay's me using their customers money • Harley only acts as a bank

  22. Sales Demonstration • Set up a female sales person • Man and women for husband and wife home-owner • Sell the carport roof

  23. Closing • Remember to let the customer do most all the talking by asking them a lot of questions. • In most cases, the customer will talk themselves into giving you the order. You let them talk long enough. • Always ask for the order. Many orders are lost because the salesperson doesn't bother to ask for it. • Remember, you are there on purpose.

  24. My comments • Since hurricane Charlie • Since the insurance money • Since the building boom • We forgot how to sell