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Progress Report

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Progress Report. Month: March. Collaboration With Mentor.

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Progress Report

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progress report

Progress Report

Month: March

collaboration with mentor
Collaboration With Mentor
  • This month my mentor reminded to me to do my rows for the month. I got like about 5 or 6 rows done. Which is more than what I have gotten done for the past 2 months. My mentor watched me do the rows and said that I was doing a good job. I should try to do more rows per month so that I can finish it up because she said its taking to long.
what i learned notes
What I Learned/ Notes
  • The craft of latch hooking or as it was first known rug hooking is ages old and started in the United States in the mid 1800’s although remnants of hooked work can be braced back to the Viking and Egyptian civilizations.
  • Like many crafts it was started out of sheer necessity and when the colonists reach North America they brought with them many skills including the making of hooked covers for their beds and rugs for their floors. The first rugs were made out of any scrap material that could be found, including worn clothing and old discarded wool blankets.
  • Later, people began selling hand-hooked rugs, and cottage industries eventually sprang up across the continent. By the 1940’s, rug hooking had become a well-established hobby in the United States and Canada.
  • Latch hooking is what most people think of when someone mentions rug hooking, but it is very different than the other methods of making rugs. Latch Hooking is a newer style of rug making than traditionally hooked rugs. It uses pre-cut yarn strips, one strip per knot, and forms an open, knotted pile on the surface of the rug.
my goal for next month
My Goal For Next Month
  • My goal for next month is for me to be able too get at least a few rows away from finishing the rug. Hopefully by next month I will be able to use the notes I have to start writing some paragraphs. I will use these paragraphs for my poster board. I really need to start finishing things up because I know the end of the year will come by soon.
my citation
My Citation

Noble, Sandi. "Magic Lady Crafts: A Brief History of Rug Making (latch Hooking)." Magic Lady Crafts: A Brief History of Rug Making (latch Hooking). N.p., 4 Apr. 2013. Web. 31 Mar. 2014.