fractional parts of a whole l.
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Fractional Parts of a Whole

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Fractional Parts of a Whole - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fractional Parts of a Whole. By: . What part of this object is colored red? . What part of this object is colored green?. What parts of this figure are shaded red? . What part of this circle is colored yellow?. What part of this figure is NOT shaded green?.

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student directions
Student Directions
  • Add your name to the first slide.
  • Type in your answer at the bottom of slides 2-8
  • Answer question at the top of slide 9 by typing in the numbers of the answers.
  • Now, open Kid pix and answer the question your teacher has given you.
  • Mrs. Brown has a husband and two kids. She baked a cake that she wanted to divide equally for the four of them.  Show how many shapes she could bake her cake into, and tell how she would divide each cake into four equal parts. Tell what shapes you have made after you divide the cake. Then explain why you think this would work.

Your final product might look something like this.