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Parts of a Plant

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Parts of a Plant - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Parts of a Plant. By: Olivia Krause EDTC 602-Spring 2006. Plants are living things. They grow and change over time. Plants need 3 basic things to live. 1.Water. 2.Sunlight. 3. Air. Plants have 4 basic parts. Flowers Leaves Stems Roots. Plant Parts: Roots.

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Parts of a Plant

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parts of a plant

Parts of a Plant

By: Olivia Krause

EDTC 602-Spring 2006

plants have 4 basic parts
Plants have 4 basic parts.
  • Flowers
  • Leaves
  • Stems
  • Roots
plant parts roots
Plant Parts: Roots
  • Roots help hold the plant in place.
  • Roots take in water from the ground and bring it to the stems.
plant parts stem
Plant Parts: Stem
  • The stem holds a plant up.
  • A stem can be stiff or flexible.
  • Stems bring water and food to the leaves.

Some stems we eat are celery,

chives, and asparagus.

plant part leaves
Plant Part: Leaves
  • Leaves make food for the plant and provide shade for the stem.
plant parts flowers
Plant Parts: Flowers
  • Flowers make the seeds of a plant.
  • Flowers provide pollen to insects.
  • Some flowers help to make fruit

for the plant.

flowers can we eat these
Flowers: Can we eat these?
  • Some flowers are edible.

(Edible means we can eat them!)




Lemon Flower


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