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  1. Computers And The Classroom Christina Zalokostas & Erica Mayer

  2. Although initially, computers are more expensive than books, an unlimited amount of knowledge and information is accessible from them. • They have become a necessary investment and are a great attribution to the classroom setting. • Educational websites are taking the place of books, and have made schools different today than they have been in the past • The internet not only provides quick results, but it is easy to navigate as well!

  3. Search Engines • Virtually anything can be typed into a search engine, with pages of results • There is no sufficient number of books that can compare to the amount that can be attained through a search engine • Links containing various educational resources, in addition to images, are available for students. • Any questions may be answered instantly • and are popular search engines

  4. Homework Help • Different websites are designed to help students with specific questions they may have pertaining to their homework • Math websites are most commonly used • is a useful source to those who are struggling in this subject • The problem is simply typed in, and it is explained/solved

  5. Study Guides • Study guides and discussion forums are offered on the internet on various academic subjects • There are also blogs, flashcards, and quizzes available for interactive learning • and are widely used resources • The information is given in a clear way that is easy to understand and obtain

  6. Online Dictionaries • Online dictionaries have become a popular alternative to actual book versions. • This is a much quicker and convenient way to look up the spelling and meanings of words. • On the same websites one can look up the synonyms, origins, antonyms, etc. of the same words. • Some popular websites are,

  7. Citation Machine • Websites have been created where information can simply be inserted, and a citation will be created to represent a source. • This is a very helpful resource for creating bibliographies for students. • One can create the correct citations for different formats of writing styles, as well as the in-text citation. • Popular websites for this are ,

  8. Conclusion In conclusion, technology has become extremely present in the school environment. New resources on the internet have made it easier for students to access information. Although technology is more costly initially, it has a popular element especially in education.