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My preatation on PC's

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  1. Personal Computers By Nicola

  2. THE BIRTH OF PERSONAL COMPUTER(PC) • A keyboard, video monitor and memory were attached to microprocessor and the - MICROCOMPUTER was born ! PCs(microcomputers) come in two different physical sizes: portable and desktop . The main characteristics of a PC are : its price is low and no computer operator between the user and the PC. When PC first appeared, they were capable of handling only 4, 8 or 16 bits of information at one time.

  3. PC’s were made possible by 2 technical innovations in the field of microelectronics the integrated circuit (IC), created 1959; and the microprocessor, that appeared in 1971 1971 1959

  4. Fads in Data Storage • With early computers they had big large screens and processors • They used magnetic tape recorders to store information or would use a floppy disk 1971 1980s 1928

  5. The beginning of The Microchip • The Altair 8800 was developed of a single processing microchip be came the easy way for easy to use and truly personal computers • The introduction of the Altair 8800 spawn a new industry based on the basic layout and internal design • Microsoft founded to supply a BASIC interpreter for systems • Soon it led to a wide variety of systems based on S-100 bus introduced with the Altair that improved performance , quality , and easy to use

  6. Trends in Data Storage • The internet was created 1990s • CDs and DVDs are very popular to store information such as music or movies • Also the huge trend of the MP3 and IPod

  7. The Fads and Trends now • Now personal computers are smaller, thinner,have smaller screens • And connect to the internet almost any where

  8. Computers have fast processing, Wi-Fi, play and store videos, music, pictures, and other information • Able to connect to the internet through iPods or phones • Also are rechargeable • Has a touch screen

  9. Pc and Gaming There’s also a lot of modern PC games and modern Gaming systems PC games like World of War Craft, Darksiders, and Star Wars the Old Republic Gaming systems like Xbox 360, PS, and Wii

  10. Computer Icons Hard Ware Soft Ware

  11. Computer Evolution

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