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Sit with your assigned group: PowerPoint Presentation
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Sit with your assigned group:

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Sit with your assigned group:
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Sit with your assigned group:

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  1. Sit with your assigned group: A: Sunny, Sara J, Meghan D, Ryan B: Sarah R, Lolade, KJ, Julie C: Arianna, Mazbura, Tim S, Holly D: Tim A, Jessie, Tiffany L, Tiffani B E: Amy F, Seema, Emily, Amanda S F: Corrine, Megan B, Autumn, Shane G: Molly, Kevin, Alexa, Manas

  2. Sit with your assigned group: A: Kirsten, Katie, Michelle, Caity B: Kainat, Becky, Brandon, Aqsa C: Taylor, Casey W, David, Nicole D: Christine, Marriam, Natasha, Mitchell E: Ben, Tammy, Alex C, Sydnee F: Anita, Gloria, Kristen, Kayla G: Kacie R, Ishaan, James, Emma H: Jamie, Danielle, Sahil, Alex F, Laura

  3. Period 2 A: Kevin M, Will P, Aidan, Kaeleigh B: Amanda P, Dina, Kevin W, Anton C: So, Gianna, John, Maria D: Fadil, Tori, Kara, Jodi E: Nick L, Logan, Nicole, Ryan C D: Myles, Cameron, Robbie, Tyler E: Javon, Joy, Alex K, Evan, Josh P

  4. Period 3 A: Alec, Amadi, Megan, Olivia B: Allison, Jack, Jessica, Austin C: Kelly, Amanda, Aniedi, Roman D: Agil, Natasha, Matthew A, Kelsey E: Phil, Duke, Tom, Ashley F: Jordan, Nick E, Taylor, Nick D G: Bobby, Kristy, Lea H; Alex F, Brad, Cierra

  5. Period 6 A: Ryan, Kiran, Amanda B: JJ, Kylie, Keanna C: Leah, Michelle, Trey C: Mike, Chris Leaf, Sasha D: DeaQuan, Mara, Taylor E: Chase, Paige, Emily F: Nick S, Steven, Alexandra G: John, Chris Loiselle, Allison H: Cassie, Nick H, Amanda

  6. 11.9.11 Drill: • What does the term “organic” mean? • What does the cycle of nature—birth, growth, death, and rebirth—mean to you? • What is an example of cycle in nature?

  7. What cycle is this?

  8. What cycle is this?

  9. What cycle is this?

  10. Is the life cycle, a cycle?

  11. SWBAT analyze a poem (“Thanatopsis”) to determine the theme and how this poem is a reflection of the American Romantic literary tradition. HW: TSL due tomorrow

  12. Reading Activity: • With your group, read the biography to learn about William Cullen Bryant. • Ms. McArdle will read the poem aloud. As she reads, think about the elements of Romanticism that we learned about. • When finished, work with your group on the poetry analysis questions. The questions will guide you in determining the poem’s theme. • After analyzing the poem, work as a group to determine the poem’s theme and identify the elements of Romanticism (assessment—did you meet today’s objective?). • Conclude by answering the evaluation questions.

  13. What does “Thanatopsis” mean? • Let’s break it down… • Thanatos—In Greek mythology, Thanatos was the living embodiment of death. Homer wrote about him in The Illiad. • Opsis—means “sight” in Greek. Also, think of the terms optician, optometrist, etc. What do these words mean? • So, “Thanatopsis” literally translates to “death sight.”