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Module 9 Animals in danger. Unit 1 We need to protect animals. Help!. Warming-up. Guessing Game. Each group choose two. Group 1. Group 2. Group 3. Group 4. A. H. B. G. C. F. D. E. tiger’s cousin. lion. elephant. forest. Bear. brown. two pandas. wolves.

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Module 9

Animals in danger

Unit 1 We needto protect animals


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Guessing Game

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Each group choose two

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4









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tiger’s cousin


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Vocabulary and listening


1Complete the quiz with the words in the box.

1. I am orange and black .

2. I am the tiger’s cousin .

3. I am brown or black and I live in the forest.

4. I am very big and I live in the sea.

5. I am long and thin.

6. I am big and I have a very long nose.

7. I can walk a long way without drinking.







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From this short play we know that

many animals are in ______


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Listening one

  • Which animals are they talking about?

  • Pandas, tigers, lions, elephants

  • and bears.

  • 2.Which animals are in danger?

  • All of these animals are in danger.

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Why are the animals in danger

kill animals for



take away their land

make the water dirty

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take actions

not right

kill animals for money

stop the killing

tokill animals for money

It is not right ________________.

So we need ____________________.

to stop the killing

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take actions


take away the forests

or land

protect their living places

and build some reserves

to take away the forest or farms

It is wrong ______________________.

So we need _____________________.

to protect their living places

and build some reserves

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take actions

not good

make the water dirty

keep the water clean

protectour enviroment

to make the water dirty

It is not good ________________.

So we need ____________________.

to keep the water clean

and protect our enviroment

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Listening Two

Q:What animals do people kill?

What do they kill these animals for?

People kill whales and elephants for their money.

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Read by yourself and try to find the answer

  • Are they talking after they visited the zoo?

  • Has Sally ever seen the pandas before?

  • Why do some people kill whales or elephants?

  • What happens when the villages and farms

  • grow bigger?

  • 5.Who has made the water too dirty to drink?

Yes, they are.

No, she hasn’t.

Because they kill them for their meat.

Many animals have no place to live in.


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Extension1 (pair work)

Suppose you are one of the animals, you

have a talk with a person.

Sentences for your reference(参考句型):

I am so excited to see you.

It’s sad/unhappy to …

What on earth can we people do?

It’s wrong/awful to …

so we people need to…

You are a good… We animals are happy to

see that.

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B: Hello, Mr. Whale. I’m so

excited to see you. How are you?

W: I’m fine. But I am sad to live without

whale mum and dad.

B: What on earth can we people do?

W: I think it’s wrong to kill us for


B: I see. So we need to stop the killing.

I’ll try my best to protect you.

W: Thanks a lot. We’re happy to see that.

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Extension2 (group work)

make a poster(海报) --- protect the animal.

Draw a simple picture of an animal and write one or two sentences to advise the people to protect the animals in danger.

For example:

1.It is not right to kill animals.

We need to help the animals live in peace.

2. Help the animals, help our world.

3.Fur(皮、毛) is cruel(残忍的).


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when we all come together

we can do anything