vision and values at bradley barton n.
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Vision and Values at Bradley Barton

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Vision and Values at Bradley Barton - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Vision and Values at Bradley Barton. Parent and Carer Views Autumn 2013. Dedicated, happy, friendly and caring staff Approachable staff Friendly and “homely” atmosphere Feels safe Walking distance Outdoor learning Passion for Gardening Learning through play.

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vision and values at bradley barton

Vision and Values at Bradley Barton

Parent and Carer Views

Autumn 2013

what do you love about bradley barton

Dedicated, happy, friendly and caring staff

  • Approachable staff
  • Friendly and “homely” atmosphere
  • Feels safe
  • Walking distance
  • Outdoor learning
  • Passion for Gardening
  • Learning through play
  • Before and after school clubs
  • Personalised Learning
  • Track children’s progress well
  • Wide range of sport
  • Value each child
  • Rural setting, outdoor space please do not build on them too much!
  • Closeness the children have with their peers
What do you love about Bradley Barton?
what makes our school unique

Outdoor classroom

  • Variety and diversity of teaching methods
  • Extra lengths the teachers have gone to aid individual pupils
  • Student centred learning
  • Very community based
  • Family support
  • Support of children with special needs
  • Easy to approach teachers
  • Feel looked after
  • Learning important environmental topics and the value of the world
  • Recycling schemes
  • Values of the school
  • Everything seems so child orientated
  • You know each child
What makes our school unique?
what are the most important skills to leave primary school with

An enthusiastic approach to learning and to always try your best

  • Reading, writing maths, logic and PE
  • Respect for themselves, peers and staff, social confidence and well mannered
  • Knowledge of everyday life
  • Self believe, self motivation, co-operation and team work including learning to share
  • Discipline and concentration
  • Work independently and problem solve
  • Ability to communicate (listening)/interact with elders and peers
  • Independence to follow passion through developed learning skills
  • Independence to access secondary schools
  • Open mind and adaptable
  • Knowing right from wrong, making good choices
  • Confident enough to engage in new independent friendships
  • Organisation of personal property
What are the most important skills to leave primary school with?
what do you believe children need to know when they leave primary school

The “joy/achievement” of learning at the start of long journey and being open to learning new skills and not afraid to take risks.

  • Understanding of and ready to accept the challenge of secondary school
  • Coping strategies for changes in major life events, ups and downs – “life can be a roller coaster”
  • Confidence, insight and determination
  • Help them excel in their best subjects
  • Build confidence and respect for others
  • That they are confident in all “classes” and levels of education
  • Pride in their work and learning and accepting of the need for routine
  • How to be a good citizen and contribute to the community
  • They are valued and have self worth
  • Internet and personal safety
  • How to ask for help
  • Knowledge of foreign languages
  • Concentrate and focus
  • As long as they try their best they can’t go wrong
What do you believe children need to know when they leave primary school?
what would you like bradley barton to do to prepare you your child for your their future

Keep on with what you are doing

  • Encourage, support and provide information
  • Encourage confidence
  • Keep them active and healthy
  • Support them in achieving their full potential
  • Provide opportunities to excite and stimulate
  • Make them good moral citizens with a love of learning and helping others
  • Concentration and focus
  • Healthy completion
  • Healthy eating
  • Prepare our children well for appropriate secondary schools
  • Organisational skills and self discipline
  • Carry on giving the excellent support and guidance
  • School routine
  • Personal responsibility
  • A module in year 6 in prep for senior school e.g. role play
  • Good work ethic
  • Good feedback on their own learning and strengths
What would you like Bradley Barton to do to prepare you/your child for your/their future?

Continue supporting pupils to be accepting of other peoples differences and values.

  • Compassion
  • Inclusion and participation across the school years and working collaboratively
  • Give them confidence and education to make their own choices and give clear opinions
  • Instil the basic work ethic
  • Assertiveness
  • Importance of recycling and how to manage money. Also basic first aid
  • Stand for no nonsense ie. Bullying and nastiness in the playground
  • Open door policy for children
  • Promote motivation and high aspirations
  • Apply sufficient discipline and boundaries to support resolving conflict/working with others
  • Give them opportunities to experience what is in their community
  • To help reach his full potential and not be affected by others that do not want to learn and achieve
  • Blind spot about “our” culture, especially family life
  • Junior Duke of Edinburgh primary level
How would you like Bradley Barton to prepare your child to make an effective contribution to society?
bradley barton is a good school how could we be outstanding

Better communications- late notice-website not updated regularly

  • Weekly newsletters detailing what children are learning so we can encourage
  • Have info about school ethos and how school “runs”
  • Communication books for parents to write comments/concerns
  • More one on one time with children and parents
  • Not to overcrowd the classrooms
  • Be inspiring
  • Support parents in understanding how pupils make progress through play in the Foundation Stage
  • Engage parents and children together in their opportunities and learning
  • Use more experiential learning, the environment and non academic facilities to support academic learning
  • More quality teaching more consistently across the school
  • More after school clubs in sports, languages and skills
  • Re-open the kitchen using vegetables grown at the school as part of the education
  • Better facilities e.g. gym
  • Better system for collecting children from foundation
  • Ensure reading books changed regularly
  • Sometimes too much time spent on underperformers
Bradley Barton is A good school. How could we be outstanding?