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Sandia Mountains in Winter

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Sandia Mountains in Winter. Sustainable Design at SNL. Sandia National Laboratories. NM & CA Sites, about 6M GSF Multiprogram - primarily national defense and energy systems Energy Use index at end of FY99 622,730 BTU/SF/yr for “process” category 200,220 BTU/SF/yr for all others

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sandia national laboratories
Sandia National Laboratories
  • NM & CA Sites, about 6M GSF
  • Multiprogram - primarily national defense and energy systems
  • Energy Use index at end of FY99
    • 622,730 BTU/SF/yr for “process” category
    • 200,220 BTU/SF/yr for all others
  • Annual Electricity Consumption - NM site
    • 202,200 MWhrs in FY00, 85% of costs
what is sustainable design
What Is Sustainable Design?
  • Sustainability: The ability of a society or an ecosystem to function without diminishing the health and productivity of the natural systems which supply it.
  • Sustainable Design: Essentially, designing into the Facility’s construction and operation, radical resource productivity and pollution prevention, for life cycle cost savings.
  • Five Categories (per LEED): Sites, Water Efficiency, Energy and Atmosphere, Materials and Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality
sandia s commitment
Sandia’s Commitment

“ As Sandia’s environmental programs have evolved over 50 years, the Laboratories have worked toward integrating environmental protection into all of its activities. These program include environmental monitoring and renewal, state-of-the-art waste management programs, progressive pollution prevention efforts, energy and water conservation and sustainable design and construction”.

  • SNL President and Labs Director, Paul Robinson, 2002
sd process
SD Process
  • DOE-HQ Direction
  • Secretarial Direction
  • Sustainable designRoadmap
  • Regulatory Requirements

Performance Agreement

Performance Measures

DOE, Albuquerque Operations Office

SNL/NM Management

Contract Requirements

  • SNL/NM Staff
  • Pollution Prevention
  • Energy Manager
  • Water Conservation Officer
  • Project Management
  • SD Advocates (engineers, architects)

Corporate Goals and Objectives


Industry Best Practices

Innovative Technologies

LEED Rating


Identify Project Opportunities


Develop Project Goals and Objectives

Incorporate SD into Project

sd chronology at sandia
SD Chronology At Sandia
  • E2, P2, W2 working diligently, on their own
    • Water conservation initiative - W2 met P2
    • Quantifying energy and environmental benefits at PETL (Thermal Energy Storage) - E2 met P2
  • Green Conference Room, Bldg. 836
  • Design Criteria for JCEL - 1998 and 2000, Design Charrette and SD Report. Currently in Construction
  • Model Validation Testing Center – 1999, Design Charrette and SD Report– building complete
sd chronology at sandia1
SD Chronology At Sandia
  • SD Communique
  • Programming language, Design Charrette and SD reports for MESA, WETL and CINT
  • Greening of construction specifications and Design Manual
  • Programming language for SCF, TCR, SURF
  • GPP Buildings– Programming language and guidance
  • Sustainable Design Communiqué issued February 2001
    • All A/E firms doing design work for SNL
    • Stated our intent and near term objectives
  • Language added to contracts
    • Integrated Safety and Sustainable Design (August 2001)
    • Purchasing of recycled content materials (October 2002)
facilities guidance documents
Facilities Guidance Documents
  • Reviewed and revised the SNL Specifications
  • 101 Reviewed
    • Prioritized matrix established
  • Revisions made to 34 Specs
    • Two new Division 2 Specs
    • Primarily Divisions 7-9
  • Design Manual - substantial changes in Section 2
the process for line item projects
The Process for Line Item projects
  • Add appropriate language in project documents (CDR, DC, RFP).
  • Conduct Sustainable Design Charrette, using LEED as an ideas and evaluation tool.
  • Have sustainable design advocate on the review team.
  • Sustainable Design Report is a project deliverable.
  • Track progress during construction.
  • Submit for LEED Certification (if required).
sustainable design charrette
Sustainable Design Charrette
  • Derived from “en charrette”, meaning “on the cart” and originating in French college of architecture at turn of 20th Century
  • Workshop meant to encourage cross-fertilization of disciplines and stakeholders in brainstorming design solutions
  • Schedule at beginning of design; scope and duration matched to the project size.
the process for gpp buildings
The Process for GPP Buildings
  • Applies to New buildings, additions and major renovations greater than 10,000 SF
  • Minimum requirements as stated Section 1.2 of the typical D-B criteria
    • “Provide documentation of Sustainable Design for the Facility, organized according to the LEED rating categories.
  • Simplified guidance for SD reports
  • With improved knowledge of LEED, the A/E is encouraged to include documentation of research that exceeds minimum
  • Submit SD report at end of 60% design , 100% design and construction complete
case studies green conference room


25% of post-consumer reclaimed fiber; 75% of production waste is recycled; backing is 100% recycled.


High wear resistance; zero VOC adhesives during installation


30-40% savings


100% natural (organic, farmed, by-products composted).


Non-flammable; durable; noise reduction; diffuses reverberation; 100% recyclable


~50% savings

Ceiling Tiles

70% recycled material; high % of water recycling; reuses 90% of scrap.


100% recyclable; high acoustical performance; ~ 90% light reflectance; superior resistance to sagging



Case Studies – “Green” Conference Room
  • Seed funding from the P2 Program to demonstrate green products use
model validation testing center
Model Validation Testing Center
  • 20,000 ft.2 rehabilitated building
  • Upgrades ability to monitor, analyze and view remote testing
  • Performance-based, design-build contract
  • Program of Requirements included an SD section - part of contractor selection.
  • SD Charrette was part of design process - established the roadmap for SD
  • Whole building approach used during Schematic Design
  • SD Report submitttals and final SD report based on LEED template
model validation sd elements
Model Validation –SD Elements
  • Rehabilitate Building (70%), reuse equipment
  • Local, drought tolerant landscaping, water harvesting
  • Integrated Building Envelope
  • High performance, low-e glazing, thermally broken
  • TPO membrane roof (R30)– white color
  • Construction waste management plan; recycled 66% of all waste
  • IAQ management plan
  • 2 week building flush-out
  • LCA for HVAC system
  • Staged air cooled chillers
  • VFDs
  • On demand water heating
  • CO2 monitoring system in presentation room
  • Maximum daylighting
  • Comply with IESNA requirements
  • Low VOCs for paints, sealants, adhesives
  • Local and environmentally preferable materials. No CFCs or halons
  • Wood products from sustainable forests
chilled water tes system 2001 doe energy management achievement award
Chilled Water TES System –2001 DOE Energy Management Achievement Award

Chilled Water TES system meets all PETL cooling needs, shaving about 1.5 MW peak demand. Also a major impetus for dramatic improvements in existing operation.

sd recognition for snl
SD – Recognition for SNL
  • SNL Silver Presidential Quality Award – 1998
    • P2, E2, W2 Interaction
  • NM Green Zia Commitment Level award – 2000
  • DOE Pollution Prevention Awards
    • Green specs and Design Manual – 2002
    • Sustainable Design at Model Validation – 2003
    • Energy Nag Contest –2003
  • 2001 FEMP award – ChW Thermal Energy Storage
  • President’s Closing the Circle award winner – 2003
keys to success
Keys To Success
  • Partnerships and buy-in from SNL architects, contractor design team and project manager
  • Requirements in Programming document
  • SD advocates included on design team
  • Combined P2/ E2/W2 into sustainable design requirements
  • Work with contracted A/E firms for mutual benefit
sd requirements
SD Requirements
  • Executive Order 13101
  • Executive Order 13123
  • DOE Order 450.1
  • DOE Order 413.3
  • DOE Order 430.2A
  • SNL Design Manual, Construction Specifications and Programming Documents
sd resources short list
SD Resources – short list
  • Whole Building Design Guide
  • “HOK Guidebook to Sustainable Design” – Mendler & O’Dell, John Wiley & Sons, 2000
  • DOE Sustainable Building Technical Manual,
  • Design Guide for Energy Efficient Research Laboratories,
  • Environmental Building News