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Welcome. This presentation is to help you understand the role of a Welfare Society Station Rep (WSSR) within the NZ Firefighters Welfare Society. We hope that at the end of this presentation you will have a better understanding of a WSSR role.

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This presentation is to help you understand the role of a Welfare Society Station Rep (WSSR)within the NZ Firefighters Welfare Society.

We hope that at the end of this presentation you will have a better understanding of a WSSR role.

The WSSR is the first contact for members wanting information or help.

The New Zealand Firefighters Welfare Society

is here to look after its members and their families.

We are an organization run by Firefighters for Firefighters.

The WSSR is there to give support to members and their families in times of need.

“firefighters helping firefighters”

awhi atu awhi mai

Reimbursement of cost to a wssr
Reimbursement of cost to a WSSR

  • The NZ Firefighters Welfare Society ask Welfare Society Station Reps (WSSR) only for their time.

  • The Society will reimburse any cost incurred by a WSSR.

  • You will need to keep receipts, fill out a expenses claim form add receipts and send to office for reimbursement.

Appointment of a welfare society station rep wssr
Appointment of a Welfare Society Station Rep WSSR

  • A WSSR is appointed either by a Regional Rep or the Chairman of the Society or is chosen by members of that brigade to be their WSSR.

  • Once appointed the WSSR is the main contact between the Welfare Society office, Regional Reps and Welfare Society members.

  • The Society asks WSSR for their time ONLY.

  • Any cost accrued by the WSSR will be reimbursed by the Society. (Expense Claim Forms & Receipts)

Board policy 7 wssr responsibilities
Board Policy - 7 WSSR Responsibilities

  • Welfare Society Station Representatives

    a) should visit members, members spouses/partners and children within their District who are entitled to a visit, as laid down in the Welfare Society's Rules and Board policy.

    b) shall attend all meetings of the Fire District/Brigade and or station.

    c) should liaise with and report to their Regional Representative on all matters of concern.

Board policy 7 wssr responsibilities1
Board Policy - 7 WSSR Responsibilities

d) should liaise with the CFO/Area Managers and other parties in connection with the welfare of members of the Welfare Society.

  • assist in the promotion, education and development of the Welfare Society within their Fire District/Brigade or station.

    f) should ensure that all Welfare Society notices, newsletters, promotional material etc are displayed to be seen by all members and members of the Fire Service within their district.

    g) should ensure that all members and non-members within their district are aware of the available benefits.

Board policy 7 wssr responsibilities2
Board Policy - 7 WSSR Responsibilities

h) should ensure that all operations are carried out in accordance with the provisions of the second schedule as per the Rule book and Station Information Folder.

i) should endeavour to answer enquiries from members before requesting help from the office or their Regional Representative. (station folders should be referred to)

j) may call district meetings as required.

Promotion of the society
Promotion of the Society

  • A WSSR is expected to promote the benefits of belonging to the Welfare Society to their brigade members, and to look after the needs of Welfare Society members & families.

  • Some WSSR may be asked to become an Area WSSR.

  • The AWSSR will be asked to look after and help WSSR within an area, and help promote the Society at specific fire stations within a area.

Board policy area wssr
Board policyArea WSSR

3 Area Welfare Society Station Representative (AWSSR)

a) The Chairman and or a Regional Rep/Board member may appoint an area WSSR in areas that they think would profit from such an appointment.

b) The Area WSSR will have specific fire station/brigades assigned to them to look after and to help the WSSR at those stations or brigades.

c) The Area WSSR should arrange promotional visits to the assigned station or brigades at less once a year and as required.

d) The Area WSSR responsibilities, apart from the above, will be those as set down in board policy under WSSR responsibilities.


Welfare Society Station Reps look after the needs of members and their families, ensuring that members know of the benefits that the Society offers.

Firefighters are good at protecting their community.

The Welfare Society will help support you and your family in their times of need.

Who can apply for membership to the Society?

  • Membership is open to:

  • Members of Volunteer Brigades

  • Employees of the NZ Fire Service

  • Members of the Rural Firefighters

  • Airport Crash Fire Service Employees

  • Employees of the Society

  • Employees of the UFBA

  • Persons who have retired or left the NZ Fire Service. (you can remain a member of the Society as long as you pay your contributions)

Who can apply for membership to the Society?

  • Membership is open to:

  • A members Child, upon reaching the age of 19 years

  • Appointed Office Holders of the Society

  • Member of an Ambulance Service within NZ – Paid or Voluntary

  • Members and employees of theN.Z Firefighters Credit Union.

  • Employees of the Firefighters Union

  • Employees of EMQUAL

  • Any other person as approved by the Welfare Board

List of Benefits of Memberships

Available on our Website & in the station folder

Funeral Benefits – up to age 60 – Adult $3000 – Child $1000

Holiday/ Convalescent Homes - $65 a night

Gift Baskets –Sickness at home or in hospital

Discretionary loans and Grants – $500

Ambulance Assistance Benefit – $500 pa

Home Visit – from WSSR

In Hospital Visits – from WSSR

In Hospital TV rental – where available

List of Benefits of Memberships

Available on our Website & in the station folder

Corrective Lens Benefit – First pair $150 - $300 pa

Hearing Aid Benefit – $250 pa

Birth of Child Benefit - $50 per new born

Disaster Fund

Also Assistance with the following costs

Travel costs for out of town Medical Visits

30¢ per km - $100 per claim - $250 pa

Hospital Parking - $150 pa

Home Help - temporarily incapacitated - at $20 per day - $250 pa

Counselling - $150 pa

Adoption - up to $250 per claim - $500 pa

Healthcare 99

More information on Website & in the Station folder

(A Mutual Fund – This is NOT an insurance)

One of the main advantages of being a member of the Welfare Society means you can apply to Join Healthcare 99. there are two options:

Option A

Covers In and Out of Hospital costs

Option B

In Hospital costs only

The Board of the Society are the Trustee of the fund,

Aon is the Claim Manager.

Healthcare 99

More information on Website & Station folder

These rates are subject to change from time to time.

Contribution rates per person effective Oct 2011

Holiday/Convalescent Homes

Members of the Welfare Society have the opportunity to rent one of our Holiday homes for $65 per night,plus a refundable care deposit of $50.

The homes are used also for Convalescing for members & families.

They sleep up to 8 persons.

There are Five Holiday/Convalescent homes from which to choose.

Taupo, Kapiti, Nelson, 2 in Queenstown

The Firefighters Welfare has a reciprocal agreement with the NZ Army and the NZ Police Welfare.

It also has some agreements with some Holiday resorts in Australia.

Holiday convalescent homes taupo kapiti nelson queenstown
Holiday/Convalescent HomesTaupo - Kapiti - Nelson - Queenstown




Queenstown x2

The Welfare Society also offers

Optional Insurance Benefits

Members of the Welfare Society

have the choice of optional insurance benefits,

these include:

General Insurance

House, Contents, Car & Boat

Accident and Trauma Insurance

Life Insurance

Income Protection

(members must state that they are members of the NZ Firefighters Welfare Society)

Contact Aon Free Phone 0800 50 51 52

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who owns the Welfare Society?

A: Members own the Welfare Society.

Q: Who Can join the Society?

A: Anyone who has a close associationWith the Fire Service and is approved as a Member by the Board.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Only $3.00 per week.

Q: How do I pay?

A: Either Annually, monthly or fortnightly In advance by direct debit, cheque or through the Fire Service Pay roll.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much is the Funeral Benefit?

A: $3000 for the member or spouse, $1000 for each child.

Q: What happens when I turn 60, can I remain a member of the Welfare Society?

A: YES when you reach the age of 60 you onlypay ½ the contribution and the FuneralBenefit ceases.

Q: What happens if I decide to leave the Fire Service?

A: Once you become a member you can retain membership as long as you wish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who Owns Healthcare 99?

A: Its members, it is run as a Mutual Trust.

Fund – NOT an Insurance Scheme.

Q: What do I need to take with me when I use the holiday homes?

A: Food, Linen and toiletries.

Q: By paying $3.00 per week will my familyenjoy the benefits as outlined?

A: Yes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to be a member to join the optional schemes?

A: Yes.

Q: What happens when my children get older?

A: When your children reach 19, they can applyto become members themselves and get full member Benefits.

Q: If I die will my family be looked after?

A: Yes, your family will have 12 months freemembership from the date of the last payment received from you.They can then join themselves.

Website forms
Website & Forms

  • Most forms can be found on our website on www.firefighters.org.nz

  • Membership Application Form

  • Healthcare 99 Membership Application Form

  • Direct Debit Form

  • Expenses Claim Form – Office holders only

  • Members Welfare Society BA1 Claim Form

  • Healthcare 99 Members Claim form

Station information folder
Station Information Folder

  • You can view or down load the information folder from our Website.

  • You may wish to down load this folder and put it somewhere on your station or keep it somewhere for a quick reference.

  • The folder has most of the information that you should need for normal day to day activities, if you need further help contact the office on:

    Free Phone 0800 OK FIRE

For information

or to Download Forms



Or Contact the office

0800-65-6473 – 0800 OK FIRE

Contact Details

Office Hours 0900 hours to 1500 hours

Free Phone 0800 65 3473 – 0800 OK FIRE

Free Fax 0800 65 3475

Email [email protected]

Website www.firefighters.org.nz

Postal Private Bag 31999

Lower Hutt 5040

Physical 45 Percy Cameron Street

Level One

Avalon Towers

As you can see, there are a number of ways that you can get information or help about the Society.

The board of the society thanks you
The Board of the Society thanks you

  • for your patience during this presentation.

  • as you can see a WSSR is a very important person and the Board of the Society would like to thank you for putting yourself forward for this position.

    “firefighters helping firefighters”

    awhi atu awhi mai