hardin multijurisdictional comprehensive plans n.
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  1. HARDIN MULTIJURISDICTIONAL COMPREHENSIVE PLANS Hardin County, and Cities of Eldora, Iowa Falls, and Ackley

  2. Iowa “Smart” Planning • On April 26, 2010, the Iowa Smart Planning was signed into law. • The bill requires that 10 Iowa Smart Planning Principles be considered during deliberation of all appropriate planning, zoning, development, and resource management decisions. Guidelines for the development of local comprehensive planning include 13 essential elements. • Goal: comp plans to guide long-term recovery efforts and reduce existing or future development in disaster-risk areas. • R6PC was contracted to develop and write the plan. • Plans completed and adopted by county and the three cities in October and November, 2012.

  3. Iowa Smart Planning Grant • R6PC worked with Hardin County Alliance to apply for a grant to develop a “smart plan” for Hardin County and Cities of Ackley, Eldora, and Iowa Falls. •  Grant was funded with supplemental disaster CDBG funds through HUD and funneled through Rebuild Iowa Office and IDED. • Hardin County was awarded $61,250 to develop a plan. Hardin County and the three cities provided $61,250 in cash and in-kind to match. • End costs: Approximately $58,000 • Grant Funds = $29,000 • County and City Match, In-Kind = $11,400 • County and City Match, Cash = $17,800

  4. Grant Requirements • Plan must meaningfully integrate hazard mitigation. • Plan must address sustainability and energy conservation. • Plan must be collaborative and implementation focused. • Public participation is highly stressed as the key to a good plan.

  5. Benefits • Helps attract economic development, protect and preserve community resources, improve resiliency to disasters, and encourages a strong community identity for a more attractive, energy efficient, livable, healthy, and sustainable community. • Aids and encourages disaster planning • Guides zoning decisions • Provides justification and support for funding applications • Helps direct new development to improve the efficiency of the transportation system.

  6. Steering CommitteeFebruary 16, 2011 first steering committee meeting heldPLANNING COMMITTEE • Deb Crosser, Ex. Director, Eldora Economic Development • Chris Cummings, Business Interests • Pastor Dave Splett, Social/Faith Interests • Jim Johnson, Supervisor, Hardin County • Lance Granzow, Supervisor, Hardin County • Brian Lauterbach, Supervisor, Hardin County • Jolene Rush, Elderly Interests • Darwin Miller, County Administrator, ISU Extension, Agriculture Interests • Mike Nuss, City Manager, City of Ackley • Roxane Warnell, Hardin County Emergency Management • Gus Barker, Ackley State Bank • Bob Weber, Superintendent, AGWSR School • Jody Anderson, City Manager, City of Iowa Falls • Dr. John Robbins, Superintendent, Alden/Iowa Falls Schools • Ian Rigg, City Manager, City of Eldora • Greg Pfantz (faculty ), Eldora/NP Schools • Becky Cook (student), Eldora/NP Schools • Alyx Staples (student), Eldora/NP Schools • Cindy Litwiller, Ex. Director, Iowa Falls Area Dev. Corp. • Micah Cutler, Hardin County GIS • Daryl Albertson, County Engineer, Hardin County • Diana Thies, Ex. Director, Iowa Falls Main Street

  7. Public Participation --Marketing • Created website: www.planhardincounty.org and Facebook Fan Page • Froehlich Communications created a marketing plan for the initial phase of the planning process. • Objectives are to: 1) Generate interest/excitement about the HCCP; 2) Encourage residents to complete the survey online or through a print/mail back format; and 3) Drive attendance to the community asset-mapping meetings. • Developed Branding (logo/tagline/colors/look and feel for all materials). • “Fact Sheet”, posters, table tents, a-frame signs • Survey collection boxes with paper surveys, ink pens, and business reply envelopes. • Public opinion online survey posted on Survey Monkey for general population and distributed to Junior and Senior high school students. • Press releases. • Focus group/asset-mapping meetings in Ackley, Eldora, and Iowa Falls • Public meetings with City and County public officials and P&Z.

  8. General Population Survey Results • 579 general population surveys tallied (373 entered on line and 206 hard copies) • Most issues identified were: • New Commercial Development/Job Creation • Eliminate dilapidated structures, junk and blight • Improve or maintain existing medical services • Road and street improvements • Rehab/revitalize downtown (housing, storefronts, streetscapes, etc.)

  9. Student Survey Results • 375 youth surveys taken online. • 5 top things Hardin County juniors and seniors said they will look for in a place to settle are: • Job opportunities (93%) • Affordable Housing (85.5%) • Entertainment (83.3%) • Dining (72.3%) • Shopping (71.5%)

  10. Public Meetings • All public meetings were open to all Hardin County residents and well advertised. • Region 6 Planning staff presented a review of the process and a summary of the prior public survey results. • Participants were asked to identify and discuss concerns and ideas for action. • Discussion open to all topics, but focus was on the top issues identified in the community surveys.

  11. Eldora Asset-Mapping A public input meeting was held in Eldora on March 19, 2012.

  12. Iowa Falls Asset-Mapping A public input meeting was held in Iowa Falls on March 22, 2012.

  13. Ackley Asset-Mapping A public input meeting was held in Ackley on March 28, 2012.

  14. Outcomes • Plan chapters contain R6 Recommendations • Final Chapter = Action Plans and Timeline • Key Action Items Include: • Review and update existing Code of Ordinances • Downtown revitalization; investigate design standards for historic downtown • Conduct Housing Studies/Improve Housing Options • Blight and Junk Improvements • Master Plans for Trails, Drainage Districts, and Conservation • Airport Development and Preservation of Airspace • Periodic Hazard Mitigation Plan Updates